Facts, Assumptions, and Stories about Round-Bottom Bottles

Facts, Assumptions, and stories about round-bottom bottles: which ones stand up, which ones don’t?

Most of my “antique bottle and glass time” these days is devoted to FOHBC activities, including the Virtual Museum and the Antique Bottle & Glass Collector” magazine. Even though I have had an extended break from posting here, PRG is still a popular site, with many readers and researchers quoting PRG articles and including links to them. 

Ken Previtali’s (The Ginger Ale man) most recent article, Facts, assumptions and stories about round bottom bottles: which ones stand up and which don’t? was first published in the May–June 2022 issue of FOHBC’s magazine. This article needs to join his other work here on PRG and will also be added to The Ginger Ale Page. Ken Previtali’s articles for the FOHBC magazine have always appeared there for historical documentation.


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Early Georgia Sodas

19th century Georgia soda book to become treasured by collectors by Bill Baab

If there was such a degree as a doctorate in research, David Kyle Rakes would hold it. And, if such a degree in design existed, Ferdinand Meyer V would own it. The degrees may be mystical, but that pair has become a team and from that teamwork has evolved absolutely one of the best books sure to be treasured by collectors of Georgia’s 19th-century soda bottles. 

Early Georgia Sodas – the Bottles and Proprietors – Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Macon, Savannah, and Valdosta,” will become every collector’s “go-to” source of up-to-date historical information on John Ryan, Edward Sheehan, and many other bottlers of the soft drinks called sodas.

Rakes, a resident of Belleview in Central Florida, is a master researcher who has traced the history of each bottler from birth to marriage to death. Those backgrounds generally have not been readily known to collectors. Meyer and his wife, Elizabeth, live in Houston, Texas, and are FOHBC Board Members. 

Complementing the book’s text are enlarged color photos of each soda bottle, many taken by Mike Newman, of Martinez, Georgia, who has become an expert in the proper use of digital cameras. He also is a longtime collector of antique bottles. The book is available on 13 October 2021.

Contact David Kyle Rakes to order a copy, barakes123@gmail.com

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Bitters Bottles Supplement 2

NEW! Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. Hard Cover – 474 Pages

US $99.95 plus shipping $16.25 Expedited Shipping from Lakeport, California, U.S.

This monumental effort culminates a massive amount of work over many years. Carefully verified and cross-referenced with Bill Ham’s collected information and the Peachridge Glass database with 40,000 plus images and hundreds of files of obscure bitters. Lots of new bottles and information since 2004 when Bitters Bottle Supplement was published. Besides new and updated bottles and advertising, there are color plate sections on rare bitters, bitters facsimile banknotes, bitters postal covers, bitters almanacs, shell cards, and tokens. For ephemera, the great museum-destined archives of Dan Cowman, Joe Gourd, and Ben Swanson, among others, have been included. Additionally, the Index has been totally re-done to include all three books. Every documented bitters ever produced, and their makers have been indexed. This is a great tool! Thanks to Bill Ham, Joe Gourd, Ben Swanson, and Jeff Burkhardt for their contributions. Research, design, and book layout by Ferdinand Meyer V. Every bottle has a story!

Special Note: Archiving and indexing for Bitters Bottles Supplement 3 has commenced and is a digital effort with planned periodic PDF issuances upon request to all buyers of Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. Please send any new finds and information to Ferdinand Meyer V, fmeyer@fmgdesign.com

Address all book inquiries to:
Bill Ham, 4237 Hendricks Road, Lakeport, California 95453
cell: 707.367.8178, email: billham9@gmail.com
or Ferdinand Meyer V, fmeyer@fmgdesign.com
Books can be paid for through PayPal or check.

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Daily Dose | November & December 2019

November & December | 2019

See Daily Dose January – April 2019

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See Daily Dose September 2019

See Daily Dose October 2019

08 December 2019 | Sunday

Four different Hostetter’s Celebrated Stomach Bitters labels, ever so ‘slightly’ different. A super nice grouping.

25 November 2019 | Monday

Bitters Bottles Supplement 2 (BBs2) is progressing daily with a Bill Ham book signing event and sale scheduled for the Reno 2020 Antique Bottle Convention. Since March, I have been putting on average, 5 hours a day into the book. The Index is totally being redone. This is a great tool. I’m working through the alphabet and am on Letter O now. A massive amount of work that has to be verified and cross-referenced with my database on Peachridge Glass. Lots of new rare bottles and information since 2004 when Bitters Bottle Supplement was published. There will be Color Plate sections on extremely rare bitters squares, bitters facsimile currency and bitters almanacs. The great archives of Dan Cowman, Joe Gourd and Ben Swanson, among others, is being referenced. Thanks to Bill Ham, Joe Gourd, Ira Burney, Ben Swanson and Jeff Burkhardt for their contributions. Joe, in particular is doing some great proof reading work. Every bottle has a story!

08 November 2019 | Friday

Here is a set of Biberach Bitters that are label only. Both from Glass Works Auctions. Added the medium olive green color to the BBs2 listing.

B 93.5 L . . . Biberach Stomach Bitters, Heintzelmansches Biberacher
Magenbitters, prepared by Heintzelman’s Pharmacy, 2000 Ridge Ave.,
Philadelphia, Pa.
11 3/8
Round, Lady’s leg, Amber, Medium olive green, NSC, Applied ring mouth, Pontil scarred base
See B 93.5 in Bitters Bottles. Biberach misspelled Biberbach in Bitters Bottles

02 November 2019 | Saturday

Nice advertising cover from the Ben Swanson collection. Read: Who is I & L. M. Hellman of St. Louis, Missouri?

01 November  2019 | Friday

Some nice information on Edward P. Kimball who put out Kimball’s Jaundice Bitters at MONADNOCK MOMENTS NO. 84: KIMBALL’S MEDICINES.

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Daily Dose | October 2019

October | 2019

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31 October 2019 | Thursday

Bobby Hinely submits this early illustration showing a bottle labeled “Bitters.”

28 October 2019 | Monday

Ferdinand: Attached is a cover that I found to be a variety of one I sent before
(also attached).  This has A.M. which previous did not, and a different address. – Ben Swanson

27 October 2019 | Sunday

Since you are a bitters guy, I thought you’d get a kick out of this picture illustrating how many undamaged Doyles Hop Bitters I pulled out of this hole! Too bad he wasn’t fond of Indian Queen or Kellys Bitters! – Jack Klotz

24 October 2019 | Thursday

Outstanding Hostetter & Smith cover recently obtained by medical ephemera authority Ben Swanson. Read: Jacob & David Hostetter – Dr. J. Hostetter’s Celebrated Stomach Bitters

22 October 2019 | Tuesday

A nice Lewis Hess, Damiana Bitters trade card from Joe Gourd. Have not seen before. Reverse is blank. Read: Stage Actress Beauties – Looking at some Damiana Bitters Advertising Trade Cards Read: Early Damiana Bitters or is something wrong here?

11 October 2019 | Friday

Clever advertisement from the Quad City Times in Davenport, Iowa on July 18, 1879.

01 October 2019 | Tuesday

Dear Editor or Journalist –

Attached is a press release with accompanying images for Auction #67, a two-part online auction event planned for November 27th and January 24th, 2020, by American Bottle Auctions (www.americanbottle.com), based in Sacramento, Calif. Headlining the two sales will be the legendary Ken Fee collection of mostly Western bitters bottles, to include a 150-year-old blue Cassin’s Grape Brandy Bitters bottle so rare that for years many doubted its very existence. Many of the bottles in the Fee collection are outstanding examples that should bring a few hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars. Internet bidding is through www.americanbottle.com. If you need additional information about this auction, you may call Jeff Wichmann at 800-806-7722; or, you can email him at info@americanbottle.com.
Thanks, and best regards,
Ken Hall
Great Augusta National coverage in both magazines! Bottles and Extras is with the editor. 32-pages plus support articles on Augusta. Haven’t received AB&GC yet. Bill Baab wrote that feature article.
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Daily Dose | September 2019

September | 2019

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25 September 2019 | Friday

In from medical ephemera collector and authority Ben Swanson from Baltimore.

I have been trying to buy this billhead from a fellow collector for years.  The next time you see me you will notice that I now have a two prosthetic appendages as a result of having acquired it (one upper and one lower)

We’ll create a listing in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2 for this important piece.

Cameo of four-story Hoofland building, Dr. C. M. Jackson & Co. Proprietors. 418 Arch St. Philadelphia, 3 Doz. German Bitters $18, Philadelphia, August 11, 1859
Charles M. Evans manufactured Dr. Hoofland’s Celebrated German Bitters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Christolph Wilheim Hoofland invented the eponymous bitters in Germany in the 1840s and the product was introduced in America in 1850 by Charles M. Jackson. C.M. Jackson was among the many 19th-century distributors peddling bitters to a receptive U.S. market.
By 1863, the product was sold to Charles Evans and R. S. Jones. C. M. Evans was a clerk in Jackson’s firm, and by 1867, the business directories list Evans as the sole proprietor of Hoofland’s German Bitters. A decade later, the proprietors of Hoofland’s German Bitters were Johnston, Holloway & Company of Philadelphia. According to the Hoofland’s Almanacs, the product was “the happy result of intelligent research, coupled with the extensive practice of Dr. Christoph Wilhelm Hueflin (Hoofland) of Gena, Germany.

24 September 2019 | Tuesday

SPOTTED in Jeff Wichmann’s office with American Bottle Auctions in Sacramento. This Cassin’s will break $100k clams. Thanks to Dale Mlasko for tip. I clipped away the background of this low resolution image. I’m sure we’ll be seeing some more pictures.

21 September 2019 | Saturday

Cleaning the Y’s in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. This include’s Yamara Cordial Bitters and Youngblood’s Montana Bitters. The Yaupon Bitters cards are from Joe Gourd. The two Young’s Herb Bitters cards are from the collection of John Kemler.

Trade card
Y 1.5 YAUPON BITTERS, Humorous illustration “Her bright smile haunts me still. Reverse: Yaupon Bitters or Elixir of Life. The Great Remedy of the Age. No Family Should Be Without It. Sold and Prepared by John R. Ludlow, Norfolk, Va.
Malaria! “Yaupon Bitters,” The Daily Journal (New Bern, North Carolina), October 28, 1882.
John R. Ludlow was a druggist and was twice elected Mayor of Norfolk.

Trade cards
Y 9.6 YOUNG’S HERB BITTERS, Illustration Black Sailor and Jockey (2 cards), Reverse: Young’s Herb Bitters, For Dyspepsia. Yankee Porous Plasters, Kentish Liniment. These Medicines Are For Sale At The Wissahickon Drug Store, Terrace Street, Wissahickon, and the Highland Pharmacy Cor. Penn St. and Manayunk Ave., Raynorville.
Wissahickon is a neighborhood in Lower Northwest Philadelphia.

Joe Gourd spotted these playing cards on eBay. An unlisted bitters!

Playing Cards
B 50.3 BEENET CELEBRATED KIDNEY AND LIVER LAXATIVE BITTERS. Acts Gently Yet Promptly On the Bowels. H. Gehner Dist. Co.
H. Gehner Dist. Co., (Henry Gehner) Wines and Liquors, Wholesale, 801, 803 and 805 Market, Gould’s St. Louis, Missouri City Directory, 1895. In business from 1874-1918.

20 September 2019 | Friday

Well, TS Imelda bombed Houston after all yesterday. Dodged a bullet though. Finished up “W” listings yesterday working with Bill Ham and Joe Gourd on BBs2. The advertising mirror is from the Ben Swanson collection.

W 162.2 DR. WORDEN’S GENTIAN & SODA BITTERS, Portrait Dr. Worden, Dr. Worden’s Home Remedy Service Co. Established 1900, Fred H. Luther, Pres. No Deleterious Drugs Used In any Form. Dr. Worden’s Gentian & Soda Bitters. For all ailments pertaining to Stomach Troubles such as: Dyspepsia, Heart Burn, Gastritis, Ulcers of the Stomach…

W 162.3 DR. N. WORDEN’S TONIC BITTERS, A Sure Cure For Ague and Fever, Billiousness, Colds, &c. Large Bottles $1. Small Bottles 50 cents. Remember, This Is A Sure Cure. A. A. Luther, Sole Proprietor, Matteawan, N. Y.

Advertising Mirror
W 164.5 WUNDERLICH’S AROMATIQUE STOMACH BITTERS, Drink Wunderlich’s Aromatique Stomach Bitters, Wunderlich & Michel, Wholesale Liquor Dealers, New Albany, Ind. Glass cover over mauve paper with white printing.
Frederick Wunderlich and Louis Michel started their wholesale liquor business in 1873 in New Albany, Indiana.
From Biographical and Historical Souvenir for the Counties of Clark, Crawford, Harrison, Floyd, Jefferson, Jennings, Scott, and Washington, Indiana, 1889
FREDERICK WUNDERLICH, a native of Germany, was born October 30, 1830, and in 1848 came to the United States and located at Memphis, Tenn., remaining there one year. During this time he traveled through Tennessee and Mississippi, selling notions to the slaves. From Memphis he went to St. Louis, remaining there but a short time and coming thence to New Albany in 1850.
He remained in New Albany but a short time, going to Louisville, Ky., where, in 1852, he engaged in the manufacture of boots and shoes and clothing, continuing in the business until 1864, when he purchased a large shoe manufactory in New Albany, and carried on the business for two years.
In 1866 he engaged in the wholesale grocery ‘business, which he sold out in 1867, and entered the livestock trade, buying and shipping to New Orleans. In 1869 he entered the feed, grain and commission business, and in 1873 added the wholesale liquor business, in which he is still engaged, doing the largest business in his line done in New Albany. Mr. Wunderlich is a self-made man; he has built up his large business and a substantial fortune by his untiring energy, unswerving integrity and commercial aptitude.
He is a prominent Mason, which order he joined in Louisville in 1855, and has filled every position in the Blue Lodge, he is also a member of the Scottish Rite in Masonry, of the Knights of Honor and of the Ancient Order of Workmen. He is a member of the City Council of New Albany from the Second Ward. He was married at Louisville, Ky., in April, 1853, to Miss Matilda Molloy, a native of Ireland, who came to the United States in 1849. Two children, Mary and Christina, have blessed the union. Mary is the wife of Louis Michel, who was in business with Mr. Wunderlich. Louis Michel’s death occurred in February, 1889.

The next trade card is really cool, one of my favorites from Joe Gourd. This is a proposed revision for Kaiser Wilhelm Magen Bitters in BBs2. The W listing is incorrect. It should be a K listing to match K.5 KAISER WILHELM BITTERS CO. in Bitters Bottles.

Trade card
K 5 KAISER WILHELM MAGEN BITTERS, Humorous illustration of young children and chamber pots. Sanborn’s Laxative Bitters “Makes It Easy For You” Reverse: For The Stomach’s Sake Use The Famous Kaiser Wilhelm Magen Bitters, A Fine Tonic and Appetizer. Manufactured by The Kaiser Wilhelm Bitters Co. Inc. Sandusky, Ohio. See K 5 in Bitters Bottles.

19 September 2019 | Thursday

Out of the path of Imelda as it surprisingly moved east of us. Some parts of east Houston and Eastern Texas at 25″ plus rain.

Some updates in BBS2. Working in W’s. Wilbur’s Puget Sound Stomach Bitters billhead from Joe Gourd. I added the drug store bottle.

W 109.5 WILBUR’S PUGET SOUND STOMACH BITTERS, Lot Wilbur, Mfg. Pharmacist, Snohomish, Wash. Date Aug 22nd 1894, Doz. Wilbur’s Puget Sound Stomach Bitters 7.50
Wilbur Lot, Druggist, Snohomish, R L Polk and Co´s Puget Sound Directory, 1887

Written about Dr. D. B. Wiggins before. Read: Dr. D. B. Wiggins had a Tonic Bitters in Buffalo, New York

Trade card
W 108.7 DR. WIGGINS TONIC BITTERS, A Puzzle that will Puzzle you. Stars and buttons promotional game. Dr. Wiggins’ Family Medicines. Copyrighted Sept. 28, 1883 by C. C. Knowlton, Buffalo, N. Y. Reverse: Dr. Wiggin’s Worm Powder, Honey Cough Balsam, Rheumatic Drops, Tonic Bitters, Compound Sarsaparilla Syrup, Stomach and Liver Pills, Anti-Bilious Pills. Dr. D. B. Wiggins’, 50 E. Seneca St. Buffalo, N. Y.

A proposed change for Wild Cherry and Iron Bitters in BBs2. I’ve posted about this before. Wild Cherry and Iron Bitters – J.M. Abeles, Leavenworth, Kansas

W 113.5 WILD CHERRY AND IRON BITTERS, A Pleasant Medicinal Tonic and Nerve Stimulant, Cures Indigestion, Biliousness, Nervousness. General Debility Etc. Etc.
Prepared by J. M. Abeles, Druggist, Cor. 3d. & Cherokee Strs. Leavenworth, Kans. Label example from the St. Louis Label Works catalog. St. Louis, Missouri.
Joseph M. Abeles, drugs, 300 Cherokee, Leavenworth, Kansas City Directory, 1892

Here are three Webber’s Bitters listing. Two are related. Cards are from Joe Gourd sand Kit Barry. I found the advertisement.

Newspaper Advertisement
W 59 WEBBER’S STRENGTHENING BITTERS, Have you tried Webber’s Strengthening Bitters? Strengthens the Appetite, Strengthens the Nervous System, Strengthens the Old, Assists Digestion, and Invigorates the Whole System. J. T. Webber & Co. Proprietors, Springfield, Mass., New England Farmer (Boston, Massachusetts), May 10, 1873.
Trade card
W 59.4 WEBBER’S VEGETABLE BILIOUS BITTERS, Humorous black man illustration titled A “wag.” Compliments of Webber & Co. Reverse: Webber & Co. Manufacturing Druggists, A few of our specialties are as follows: Webber’s Vegetable Bilious Bitters. North Windham, Me. See s2W 59.5
Trade card
W 59.5 WEBBER’S VEGETABLE BITTERS, Color illustration of student with books titled Striving for Honors. Reverse: Webber’s Vegetable Bitters. A Great Appetizer. Webber’s Petroline. Unsurpassed as a Toilet Article. Prepared and for Sale by S. Meserve & Son, Bar Mills, Maine. See s2W 59.4

18 September 2019 | Wednesday

This next new listing for Bitters Bottles Supplement 2 reminds me of the thousands of lawsuits against opioid companies. Seems like our druggist friend, U. M. Weaver had quite a few side rackets. Here are two. Running a Gambling Den in the back of his drug store and selling heroin, cocaine, and morphine to addicts on the side… “Snow-Snuffers.” These cool trade cards are from Joe Gourd. 

Trade card
W 57.5 WEAVER’S STOMACH BITTERS, Handsome card set, ie. Illustrations of juggler, pushing baby carriage, fancy ladies. Every time you purchase drugs of U. M. Weaver, you get a Handsome Card. We will send the Full Set to any address, upon Receipt of 6 Cts. U. M. Weaver, Harrisburg, Pa. Reverse: Weaver’s Remedies. Toothache Drops. Liniment. Baby Drops. Cough Mixture. Ague Cure. Stomach Bitters. Peruvian Ointment.

17 September 2019 | Tuesday

Played it close to home today with tropical storm Imelda moving through the region. We’re on the dirty side. Expecting a lot of rain.

Just off a conference call with the Virtual Museum team. Now looking again at new listings in BBs2. These images are all from Joe Gourd. I’m providing the write-ups for Bill Ham review and approval. Also doing the research and adding extra information if needed. Some posted, some archived. This first one for Bitter Wine of Iron is tragic with the druggist Charles Warrington committing suicide. The title of the newspaper article pretty much sums it up.

American Journal of Pharmacy, Volume 74, 1902
OBITUARY. Mr. Chas. W. Warrington, an active member of this College, died suddenly on the morning of November 13, 1901, in the residence attached to his store, S. W. corner Seventeenth and Mt. Vernon Streets. Mr. Warrington was born near Moorestown, N. J., and came to Philadelphia in his youth to engage in the drug business. He graduated from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy in 1876, A short time afterward he formed a partnership with Henry Trimble, under the firm name of Trimble & Warrington, in the wholesale and retail drug business. When Professor Trimble relinquished his commercial interests in the drug business the firm became Warrington & Pennypacker, and continued as such until 1897, when the firm purchased the store at Seventeenth and Mt. Vernon Streets, and in the year following the partnership was dissolved, Mr. Warrington continuing the retail business at this location. He was elected a member of the College of Pharmacy in 1900. He was a member of the Society of Friends and a man of correct habits and quiet, unassuming demeanor. He is survived by a widow, a daughter, and two sons.
Trade card
B 12.65 BITTER WINE OF IRON, Illustration fantasy praying mantis people with flower heads on top of bee. Reverse: Warrington & Pennypacker, Manufacturers of Balsamic Cough Mixture for Coughs, Colds &c., Bitter Wine of Iron, An Excellent Tonic, gives appetite and strength.
Warrington & Pennypacker (Charles W. Warrington & Nathan Pennypacker), druggists, 501 Callowhill, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania City Directory, 1895

W 50.5 WARTON’S CURATIVE WINE BITTERS, Warton Co. Manufacturers of Warton’s Curative Wine Bitters, Buffalo, N. Y.

W 26.5 WANDA BITTERS, portly man with tray and glass of bitters. Ask the Bartender for… Wanda Bitters, Trade Mark. Good for the Stomach, Appetizer, Warms the Stomach, Mild Laxative. ¼ Wanda Bitters + ¾ Liquor.

16 September 2019 | Monday

A new listing in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2 for Very Fine Old Brandy Bitters. Example from Joe Gourd.

V 19.3 VERY FINE OLD BRANDY BITTERS, Trade Mark red lion in gold shield. Thomas P. Mallorie, Wine & Spirit Merchant. Leeds.
Thomas P. Mallorie & Co., Wine and Spirits Merchants, &c. Swan Street and Lands Lane, Leeds. Established 1812 by John Mallorie. Principal J. H. Lister, Harper’s Manual, 1920

Here is an interesting label in German from Joe Gourd. Initially filed under ‘V’ in the BBs2 draft, we’ll move to “E.”

E 26.7 EGYPTISCHES BITTERS, oder Baum des Lebens. (Egyptian Bitters or Tree of Life). In German. Patented 12 June 1866 for Peter Poncin. Dr. P. Poncin, St. Louis

A last listing of a new label from Joe Gourd for Van Duzen Holland Stomach Bitters .

V 6.5 VAN DUZEN HOLLAND STOMACH BITTERS, Illustration bearded man. Van Duzen Brand Holland Style Maag Stomach Bitters, Produced by Stark Distillery Co. at St. Louis, Mo. Importers
Stark Distillery Company. Est. 1847. O. G. Stark, President and Secretary, L. J. Stark, VP and Treasurer. (1910)

15 September 2019 | Sunday

This is an interesting one. A proposed change for D. R. V. G. Dyspepsia Remedy and Vitalizing Tonic Bitters in BBs2. We should be cataloging this under “D” and not “V,” as it appears in an earlier draft of the new book. I’m fairly certain D. R. V. G. means DRUG. A little word game play. I also believe it to be one product referenced, not two. Letterhead example is from Joe Gourd from the Kit Barry collection.

Up until 17th Century, the Romans didn’t have any need of using separate letters for V, U or W. They used them interchangeably and pronounced in a same way. Later on, Latin language added ‘Curved V’ as a letter U.  Old Universities, Monuments in U.S. still has ‘V’ instead of ‘U’ in their old buildings. For example, Carnegie Library of Syracuse University, New York (where the brand started). Here is an example on the Smithsonian’s’ American Museum of Natural History facade.

Also, look closely at the boxes on the horse cart. Two say DRUG with a curved U. One says DRVG with a pointed V.

It may be a double entendre with the person’s name, D.R.V. Goetchins. There was such a person, an inventor, who patented a head-rest. There are some tax records from 1866 in New York. I have not found any references for a “Dr. V. G. or Vitalizing Tonic Bitters” as a singular listing for “V.”

D 130 D. R. V. G. DYSPEPSIA REMEDY AND VITALIZING TONIC BITTERS, Illustration of their 4-story building. Established May 1, 1879. D. R. V. G. Manufact’ing Co., Proprietors and Manufacturers of the D. R. V. G. Dyspepsia Remedy and Vitalizing Tonic Bitters. Office and Laboratory at 63 West Water St., Syracuse, N. Y. March 10th, 1881.
The D. R. V. G. Manufacturing Company (F. K. Fuller, President), patent medicines, has removed to Boston. – Bradstreet’s, Volume 3, Bradstreet Company, 1881

Cleaning up Universal Bitters listings today. Some examples are from my archives. The Universal Bitter Wine label is from Joe Gourd. The embossed bottle is from my collection.

U11.1 UNIVERSAL BITTER WINE, Illustration of globe with banner wrap reading Universal. Directions: One to two tablespoonfuls before each meal. Universal Bitter Wine is a laxative tonic highly recommended for constipation… Manufactured by Universal Chemical Company, Chicago, Illinois, Formula Adopted May 14, 1920
U 11.2 // f // UNIVERSAL BITTERS // f // NK – PATENT //
10 ½ x 3 ¾ x 2 3/8 (7) 3/4
Rectangular, Amber, LTCR, Applied mouth, Extremely rare
N. Kieffer, New Orleans City Directory, 1868
References also to San Antonio, Texas
Found in New Orleans
Stock Offering Notice
U 11.3 UNIVERSAL BITTERS, Investors: Rare Opportunity to share in The Large Profits of one of the Most Promising Manufacturing Enterprises of the Twentieth Century. The Universal Bitters Company, A New York Corporation. 90 West Broadway, N. Y. Albert Goldman, Originator of Universal Butters, General Manager, New York Tribune, January 26, 1908.
Newspaper Notice
U 11.35 UNIVERSAL BITTERS CHEMICAL WORKS, Mr. Henry Scheriff, of St. Louis, sole proprietor of the Universal Bitters Chemical Works. Alton Evening Telegraph (Alton, Illinois) December 19, 1890

14 September 2019 | Saturday

Working to straighten out the listing’s for Uncle Sam’s Bitters. I’ve actually come across four brands that will be listed in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. Many bitters collectors are familiar with U 4, Uncle Sam’s Wild Cherry Bitters. We’ll update that one. The trade card was submitted by Joe Gourd from the Kit Barry collection.

Trade card
U 3.7 UNCLE SAM’S BITTERS, Color tinted photograph of woman with rose. For Your Health Drink Uncle Sam’s Bitters. Reverse blank. Probably Uncle Sam’s Wild Cherry Bitters, See s2U 4
Newspaper Advertisement
U 3.8 UNCLE SAM’S BITTERS, If your stomach is weak take “Uncle Sam’s” bitters. Jones Bros, proprietors. The Topeka Daily Capital (Topeka, Kansas), February 23, 1881
Jones Brothers Drug Store, 149 Kansas Avenue, Topeka, The Topeka State Journal (Topeka, Kansas), 01 March 1879
U 3.9 UNCLE SAM’S STOMACH BITTERS, Manufacturer: S. W. Selwa & Co., Detroit, Mich. Name of Medicine: Uncle Sam’s Stomach Bitters, Alcohol by Volume: 17.15 Per cent., Hearings Before the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, Sixty-sixth Congress, 1919
European Wine & Liquor Co. (Stanley W. Selwa and Michl Selwa) 580 Warren Avenue East, Detroit, Michigan City Directory 1915
Newspaper Advertisement
U 4 UNCLE SAM’S WILD CHERRY BITTERS, Uncle Sam’s Wild Cherry Bitters Co., 1954 N. Broadway, St. Louis, Mo., Westliche Post (St. Louis, Missouri), November 29, 1900. See s2U 3.7

Newspaper Advertisement
C 120.3 CHAMOMILE BITTERS, Alterative Tonic and Diuretic. Promotes Health & Longevity. Jones Bros, Sole Proprietors, Topeka, Kansas., Weekly Kansas State Journal, March 9, 1882. See s2U 3.8, Uncle Sam’s Bitters

13 September 2019 | Friday

More listings for BBs2. This first billhead is from Joe Gourd.

U 2.5 UNCLE JOHN’S HOMESTEAD BITTERS, To C.N. Prior, Dr. Manufacturer and Dealer in Drugs, Patent Medicines, Segars, &c. Proprietor of Dr. Prior’s Cough Balsam, Magical Pain Relief, Dysentery Syrup, Healing Salve, and Uncle John’s Homestead Bitters. 33 East 9th St. N.Y. crossed out and Paterson, N J overwritten. Feby 18th 1874.

E 24.7 EDWARD’S STOMACH, LIVER AND KIDNEY BITTERS, Trymore The Edward’s Latest Stomach, Liver and Kidney Bitters, The World Known Greatest Blood Purifier, Scientifically prepared…, Dose instructions…, Guaranteed under the Food and Drugs Act, Edward’s Chemical Works, 1082 Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, Ill.

Here is a label Joe Gourd submitted for BBs2. The spelled Bitters incorrectly along with a few other words!
10.3 UNION BITERS (Sic), All Should use the Root and Herbe (sic) Bitters. This compound contains no poisnous (sic) drugs and is put up in the best of Bourbon Whiskey. Prepared by J. A. Moore, Monroe, N. H. Price 25 cts.

Here is an unlisted piece submitted by Joe Gourd.

U 15.5 DR. URBAN’S HOP BITTERS, An Excellent Recuperant and Appetizer After Prolonged Sickness. It Relieves Nervousness and Hastens Digestion. One Wineglassful taken three times a day before Meals, will be a good Tonic for ordinary Family purposes. Milwaukee, Wis.

12 September 2019 | Thursday

More updates for Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. These are Joe Gourd pieces unless otherwise noted.

Trade card
T 62.5 TULARE LIVER BITTERS, Compliments of John J. Lasch, The Peoples’ Druggist. Tulare, Cal. If you want to be healthy and happy, take Tulare Liver Bitters, Tulare Lung and Throat Balsam, Contains No Morphine. Reverse blank.
The San Francisco and Pacific Druggist, Volume 10, 1904: Dr. John J. Lasch passed away at his home in Tulare, Cal., March 29, 1905. He was a native of Cork, Ireland, aged sixty-five years. Both parents were German, his father being the German consul at Cork at the time of his birth; therefore he always considered himself a native German instead of an Irishman. He had passed the last twenty years in California, the first four years of which were spent in San Francisco, and then he removed to Tulare, where he opened a drug-store and conducted a prosperous business up to within a short time of his death. He was a good chemist and had a good education; his parents being wealthy people, he availed himself of the advantages that were offered him. He was a master of five different languages. Besides many true friends, he leaves a wife and three children by a former wife, two of whom are married. His second marriage proved very happy, and he was a devoted husband.

Trade card
T 57.3 TROMER’S PRIVATE BITTERS, Stock winter scene painting. Reverse: Tromer’s Private Bitters. A High Class Bitter. Properties: Flavor, Tonic and Stomachic. Dose: 15 to 30 drops. Full Size Bottle, (9 ounces) $1.00, Half Size Bottle, 50 Cents. Can only be obtained from Wm. S. Tromer, M.D, Office and Laboratory, Canarsie, Kings County, N.Y.
Canarsie is a working- and middle-class residential and commercial neighborhood in the southeastern portion of the borough of Brooklyn, in New York City.

This next card was originally filed under ‘T’ to Tittle’s Bitters. I see no evidence that it was marketed this way. Now using a B heading.

Trade card
B 113.3 BITTERS FOR NERVOUS AND WEAKENED SYSTEMS, Small illustrations of hunting scenes, J. J. Tittle, Manufacturer of Liniments and Pills, 319 Reily St., Harrisburg, Pa.
Jacob J. Tittle, Huckster, Medicine – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, City Directory, 1882 – 1892

Change and additions for Triner’s American Elixir of Bitter Wine in BBs2. The letterhead is from joe Gourd along with the framed picture image. I added other support material.

T 53.9 JOSEPH TRINER’S AMERICAN ELIXIR OF BITTER WINE, Monogram TK with cluster of grapes, Established 1890, Joseph Triner, Manufacturing Chemist, 799 South Ashland Avenue, Chicago, Ill. Triner’s Angelica Bitter Tonic, Medicinal Stomach Bitters, Jan. 4, 1907. See page 539 in Bitters Bottles. See Triner’s Angelica Bitter Tonic.
T 53.9 TRAINER’S (Sic) AMERICAN ELIXIR OF BITTER WINE, Hurrah, the War Is Over! Illustration of labeled bottle and Gold Medals, San Francisco, 1915 and Grand Prix Panama, 1916, Joseph Triner Co., 1333-1343 Ashland Ave. Chicago, Ill, San Antonio Evening News (San Antonio, Texas), May 26, 1919.
See page 539 in Bitters Bottles. See Triner’s Angelica Bitter Tonic.
T 53.9 L … Triner’s American Elixir of Bitter Wine Tonic
10 x 3 (6 ¾)
Round, Amber, ABM
BAR p 113
Label: Monogram TK with cluster of grapes, Illustration gold medals. Trinerovo Horke Vino. Label on reverse.
Drug Catalog: 1901-2 JP&K Co.
See page 539 in Bitters Bottles. See Triner’s Angelica Bitter Tonic

From the same letterhead above. Triner’s Angelica Bitter Tonic. The image on the label face ‘stumped’ me until Marianne Dow asserted that it was Angelica root.

T 54.1 TRINER’S ANGELICA BITTER TONIC, Established 1890, Joseph Triner, Manufacturing Chemist, 799 South Ashland Avenue, Chicago, Ill. Joseph Triner’s American Elixir of Bitter Tonic, Jan. 4, 1907. See pages 65 and 539 in Bitters Bottles. See Triner’s American Elixir of Bitter Tonic.
T 54.1 ANGELICA ( au ) / BITTER TONIC // JOS. TRINER ( au ) / CHICAGO, ILL. //
9 1/8 x 4 ¼ x 2 ½
Rectangular, Amber, ABM
Label: Contents 1 Pint and 7 Fluid Ounces, A.Y.P. Exposition (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific) Seattle, Wash. 1909. None Genuine Without This Mark (angelica root illustration with JT monogram, medals) No. 37750 registered February 4, 1902, U. S. Patent Office. Contains 16% Alcohol By Volume. Prepared By Joseph Triner Company 1333-1343 So. Ashland Ave. Chicago. Reverse illustration medals and Joseph Triner. Merits and dose information. See pages 65 and 539 in Bitters Bottles. See Triner’s American Elixir of Bitter Tonic.

11 September 2019 | Wednesday

Some updates for Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. Thomson’s Spring Bitters card and Tonical Herb Bitters letterhead from Joe Gourd.

Trade card
T 21.5 THOMSON’S SPRING BITTERS, Illustration boy and girl with jump rope, Reverse: Try Thomson’s Spring Bitters, E. Thomson & Son, Pharmacists, Bank Block, Millbury, Mass.
From The Druggists’ Circular and Chemical Gazette, 1896
H. C. Thomson has sold his business at Millbury, which has for many years been conducted under the firm name of E. Thomson & Son, to G. Everett Palmer, of Auburndale. Mr. Palmer is a young man, a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, and has had about 15 years of practical experience as a druggist. The business will be continued at the present stand in the Bank block in Elm street, the store being one of the most finely appointed to be found anywhere outside of a large city. The business was established by Elijah Thomson, who was the pioneer druggist of Millbury. He began in a small way at his home in Grove street, and later became associated in business with N. H. Sears in a Small building in Main street. Mr. Thomson retired after some years, and the business has been continued upon the same site from that time to this by N. H. Sears. Mr. Thomson reentered the drug business in 1874, being associated with H. A. Aiken, under the firm name of Thomson & Aiken, the store being located in the Cunningham block, which was destroyed by fire in May, 1894. Mr. Aiken soon retired, and H. E. Thomson became associated with his father, and the present firm name of E. Thomson & Son was established. H. C. Thomson has been in charge of the store since the death of his father, but the condition of his health is such that he cannot give the business the attention required, and negotiations for the sale of the place have been in progress for some time.

T 43.7 TONICAL HERB BITTERS, Jacob Dudenhoefer Co., Importer of and Jobber in Wines and Liquors, Distiller of the Elmbrook Sour Mash & Rye. Hunting & Fishing Club Rye. Sole Manufacturer Tonical Herb Bitters, 339 – 341 First Avenue, Milwaukee, Jan. 27th 1914
6 1/2 inch
Pinched sided clear decanter with etched embossing

10 September 2019 | Tuesday

Pretty excited here. This extremely vertical label from Joe Gourd for Tokay Cordial Bitters has some very small print on the border. When enlarged, I read Strang Murray & Co., New York and see two bottles with the label. This looks to be the label for this super rare, pontiled Strang Murray Co. New York bottle. Updated Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. Lithography from Sarony, Major & Knapp, New York.

T 34.3 TOKAY CORDIAL BITTERS, Elongated vertical diamond shape, Hungarian man toasting. Entered According to Act of Congress A.D. 1859 by Strang Murray & Co. in the Clerk’s Office in the City and State of New York. Lith. of Sarony, Major & Knapp, 449 Broadway N York.
Copartnership – The undersigned having formed a Copartnership Strang, Murray & Co. Samuel A. Strang, Jacob B. Murray, Russell L. Wheeler, New York, Feb 1, 1854, New York Daily Times, 02 February 1854
1860 and 1861 Mississippi newspaper advertisements. Tokay is a sweet wine produced in the Tokaj wine region of Hungary and Slovakia.

08 September 2019 | Sunday

Catching up on some loose ends today. Knee deep in posting Augusta National Antique Bottle Show web and Facebook posts. This all is a lead-in for a 30-page feature article in the November December 2019 issue of Bottles and Extras.

Here are a few BBs2 listings I’ve squeezed in. The first was a bit of mystery. In Bitters Bottles Supplement, there is a listing for a Dr. Anker (spelled incorrectly) billhead on page 193. The billhead is surprinted A 55.7. There is no A 55.7. As it turns out, it was just missing. Here is the new listing.

A 55.7 THE DR ANCKER BITTER CO., Illustration of anchor. Manufacturers and Bottlers of Fine Cordials, Bitters Blended, Whiskies, Gins & Brandies. 230 – 232 E. Kinzie St. Chicago, Sept 25th, 1896. See supplement p193.

Here are a couple of new listings based on material from Joe Gourd. The Mayapple Bitters card is from the Kit Barry collection.

T 20.3 DR. THOMAS’ MAYAPPLE BITTERS, illustration fancy lady holding framed Dr. Thomas’ Mayapple Bitters sign. Guaranteed to cure Dyspepsia and Regulate the Liver. Printed in Frederick, Maryland.
Manufactured by Dr. S. F. Thomas & Co., Frederick, Md. – Public Weekly Opinion (Chambersburg, Pennsylvania), September 16, 1882

Trade card
T 20.5 THOMAS’ TONIC BITTERS, Illustration child in bed with kitten and bowl of milk. Reverse: Thomas’ Tonic Bitters, A Great Tonic and Appetizer. For the Digestive Organs, Stomach and Bowels. 75 Cents a Bottle. Manufactured only by T. H. Thomas, Druggist, Rock Island.
Thomas’ Tonic Bitters, T. H. Thomas, Proprietor, Rock Island, Ill., The Rock Island Argus (Rock Island, Illinois) August 7, 1888

This next image was submitted by Sam Fuller over on PRG Facebook.

M 51.35 DR. MAYNARD’S CELEBRATED RESTORATIVE BITTERS, West End Apothecary Store, N. G. Nichols, Apothecary, and Dealers in Toilet and Fancy Articles. Also only Manufacturer of Dr. Maynard’s Celebrated Restorative Bitters, Prepared from the original recipe of Dr. J. G. Maynard, of Edinburgh, Scotland. Cor. Congress & Grove Sts., (Chase’s New Brick Block.) Portland, Me.

Song Book
B 113.5 BLACK-DRAUGHT BITTERS, Lookout Mountain No. One Songster (illustration Lookout Mountain captioned Gathering Roots and Herbs at Lookout Mountain Tenn. For (logo) M.A. Thedford’s & Co. Original and Genuine Liver Medicine or Black-Drought. Established 1840, Price 24c, Manufactured by The Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chattanooga, Tenn. Inside: Black-Drought Bitters. Buy a quart of the best whisky you can get. Put in to it 25 cents worth of Black-Drought powders…
Established 1840. – The A. Q. Simmons Liver Medicine. M. A. Thedford & Co., Sole Proprietors, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Austin American Statesman (Austin, Texas), February 24, 1877
Thedford M A & Co. (Miles A. Thedford, Dr. Chas McKight & Wm G. Smith) manufacturers Simmons Liver Medicine opp Stanton House, Chattanooga, Tennessee City Directory, 1876
T 17.5 THEDFORD’S BLACK DRAUGHT BITTERS, Chattanooga Medicine Co., Mfg., Successors to: M.A. Thedford & Co., Chattanooga, Tenn. See s2B 113.5

07 September 2029 | Saturday

Working on 2019 Augusta posts. Three up so far at FOHBC.org. Here are a few listings for Bitters Bottles Supplement 2.

T 3.7 TARRANT’S BITTERS, Tarrant’s Seltzer – Aperient Bitters & Burdock Tonic.
Tarrant’s Effervescent Seltzer Aperient, Manufactured only by Tarrant & Co., 278 Greenwich Street, New York, Buffalo Morning Express and Illustrated Buffalo Express (Buffalo, New York), August 5, 1862. Variations of the product sold nationally through the 1930s.

06 September 2019 | Friday

Jim Hagenbuch currently has an unlisted miniature Dr. Forest’s Tonic Bitters in his End of Summer Potpourri Auction #133. Here is a new number for Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. Read: Dr. Forest’s Tonic Bitters – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

4 1/2 x 1 1/4
Square, Amber, LTCR, Tooled lip, 3 sp, Extremely rare
Harrisburg Directory (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) George and Harry Bacon listed as proprietors.
See sF 68.

Glass Works Auctions also has this unlisted Dr. George’s Restorative Bitters. Nice looking example.

G 17.3 L … Dr. George’s Restorative Bitters, For Dyspepsia, Loss of Appetite, Faintness and Sickness of the Stomach, Heart-burn… Prepared by W. C. George, M. D., Eclectic Physician, Milltown, Me. Price 62 ½ cents per bottle.
Round, Blue-green, LTC, Open pontil

C 197.5 L . . . Coltons Stomach Bitters, engraved in script on mounted lead plate set in embossed raised decorative oval.
Round, Dark olive-amber (black), ARM, Smooth base

05 September 2019 | Thursday

Here is a Swiss Bitters (Wing & Joel) folder submitted by a prominent collector. The bottles is listed as S 240 in Bitters Bottles.

S 240 SWISS BITTERS, Folding promotional piece. Wing & Joel, Family Druggists, Household Specialties Needed in Every Family, 207 Main St. Fitchburg, Mass. Inside: Swiss Bitters. An appetizer and tonic of the first quality. Price 50 Cts. a Bottle.
Wing & Joel (William C. Wing & D. Henry Joel) druggists, 207 Main, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, City Directory, 1886

This brand is slightly misrepresented and minimally listed in Bitters Bottles. “Stoughton’s” should be part of the name. Joe Gourd submitted this example from the Ron Schieber collection.

Trade card
S 208.7 STOUGHTON’S SPHINX BITTERS, Trade mark Sphinx image. Reverse: Stoughton’s Sphinx Bitters. A Cure For Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Diarrhea… Price 50 cts. and $1.00 per Bottle. Prepared by D. G. Stoughton & Co. Druggists and Seedsmen, 204 State Street, Cor. Front, Hartford, Conn. For Sale by all Druggists.

Here is a new Schoening’s Swedish Bitters broadside addition submitted by an ephemera collector. We have updated the newspaper advertisement and variant bottle too. The broadside is given S 57.2 as this is earlier and does not include “Peruvian Bark.”

Newspaper Advertisement
S 57 EUGENE SCHOENING’S CELEBRATED SWEDISH BITTERS OF PERUVIAN BARK, The Recipe for this Bitters was found among the papers of a Swedish physician, a single man, who lost his life, when 104 years old, by a fall from his horse. Eugene Schoening was a U.S. Army Surgeon. E. Schoening burnt into the glass of each bottle and marked with Deniel & Co., No. 465 North Third Street, Philadelphia. Sold 75 cents per bottle.
Juniata Sentinel (Mifflintown, Pennsylvania), August 27, 1873. See S 57 in Bitters Bottles.
6 ¾ x 2 ½ x 1 3/8 (4 ¼) 3/16
Rectangular, Aqua, LTC, Applied mouth, 4 sp, Rough pontil mark, Extremely rare
Embossing same as S 57 except does not have PHILADA embossed. See S 57 in Bitters Bottles.
S 57.2 EUGENE SCHOENING’S CELEBRATED SWEDISH BITTERS, Prepared by Himself, at his Laboratory of German and American Pharmacy, North East Corner of Fourth and Wharton Streets, Philadelphia. Directions… Price Per Bottle, 50 Cents. Six Bottles for $2.50. See S 57 in Bitters Bottles.

Here is an unlisted Schloer’s German Tonic Bitters (labeled bitters only) submitted by a collector. Looks to be from a past GWA auction. We are looking for bottle dimensions.

S 53.5 L … Schloer’s German Tonic Bitters
Schloer’s (spread-wing eagle on globe set on garland) German Tonic Bitters, A Sure Remedy for Dyspepsia and Indigestion, Manufactured Only By Chas. A. Schloer, Ph. G., Manufacturing Chemist, 6th and N. Streets, N.W. Washington, D.C.
Rectangular, Clear, Tooled lip

Here is an unlisted Stephanbitter cinderella stamp from Joe Gourd. I added the advertisement for support.

Cinderella Stamp
S 190.5 STEPHANBITTER, Illustration labeled lady’s leg bottle with red seal. Label reads, Stephanbitter, Von J. Bansi, Bielefeld, I. Bansi, Bielefeld. The liqueur factory of J. Bansi (1823 – 1960) was located in Bielefeld, a city in the Ostwestfalen-Lippe Region in the north-east of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

 04 September 2019 | Wednesday

More new listings for Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. Here first is an unlisted Stonsdorfer Bitter cinderella stamp grouping from Joe Gourd. I added a few other pieces found on the Internet. This require a few listings. They all get the same number.

S 206.3 STONSDORFER BITTER, vorzüglicher Gebirgskräuter- Liqueur. Einzige Fabrik des echten Stonsdorfer Bitter. Illustrations Stonsdorf and Cunnersdorf manufacturing concerns. W. Koerner & Co. Cunnersdorf Hirscgberg. früher in Stonsdorf.
In 1810, Christian Gottlieb Koerner came in the possession of a liqueur recipe and used it for the production of a herbal liqueur. The area around Stonsdorf was known for the production of herbal extracts. Koerner combined local traditions with his knowledge of liquor distillation, which he had previously acquired in Paris. Under Koerner’s son Wilhelm, a great business success set in. He moved the company in 1868 to neighboring Cunnersdorf, Germany and called the factory Stonsdorferei.
S 206.5 ECHT STONSDORFER BITTER, weltberühmter Gebirgskräuter- Likör, ausgezeichnet dursh Staats-Medaillen. Illustration Alleinige Factory des echten Stonsdorfer Bitter. W. Koerner & Co. Cunnersdorf i. Riesengebirge. früher in Stonsdorf. Gegründet 1810.
Cinderella Stamps
S 206.5 ECHT STONSDORFER BITTER, Nature series. Yodeler with life-size labeled bitters bottle. W. Koerner & Co. Cunnersdorf i/Rsgb.

Here is a new addition for BBs2 regarding Sturgess’ Bitters. The trade card is from Joe Gourd. I added the directory reference.

Trade card
S 216.7 STURGESS’ BITTERS, Illustration of young boy and girl strolling, J. Higson, Grocer, No. 1 Benefit St., Providence, R. I. Agent for Sturgess’ Bitters and Sturgess’ Cough Syrup. Reverse: Sturgess’ Bitters. The Great Blood Purifier, Unsurpassed as a Spring Medicine. Price $1.00 per bottle.
Sturgess’ Alterative and Tonic Bitters, Price $1.00 per Bottle. W. S. Sturgess, Central Falls, R. I., The Providence Directory (Providence, Rhode Island), 1889

An unlisted Straussburgers Stomach and Anheuser Bitters. Billhead is from Joe Gourd. I see no other references for Straussburger Stomach Bitters or Anheuser Bitters so we will list together, for now.

S 211.2 STRAUSSBURGERS STOMACH AND ANHEUSER BITTERS, Bought of Fred C. Hinman, Baking Powder, Cream Carter, Extracts, Etc. and Jobber in Coffees and Spices. Sole Agent for Straussburgers Stomach and Anheuser Bitters, 198 Seymour Avenue. Utica, N. Y., May 20, 1910

Here is a great currency piece from Ben Swanson for Sugar Bitters. Guyandotte is a historic neighborhood in the city of Huntington, West Virginia, that previously existed as a separate town before annexation was completed by the latter.

Facsimile Banknote
S 217.5 SUGAR BITTERS, 5 Dollar note, Ward’s Magic Relief, Is the most General Remedy in the World. Price 50 cts. Always to be had by ordering from F. Ward, Proprietor, Guyandotte, W. Va. Reverse: Sugar Bitters Is a Pure Vegetable Fluid Cathartic Which Renovates the Liver, Purifies the Circulation and cures Dyspepsia. Price 35 Cents.

03 September 2019 | Tuesday

Eight-week follow-up appointment today with my surgeon team at UT Physicians. March 13th was the accident. Walking pretty good now but it ain’t pretty. PT three times a week helps. I walk a mile and work out in the pool every day too. The dogs are happy to take walks again. So am I.

Updated the Dr. Stoever’s Bitters – Lancaster & Philadelphia post with this letterhead from Joe Gourd. This allows a new listing for Huey & Christ and another bitters they advertised.

S 199.1 DR. STOEVER’S TONIC HERB BITTERS, Huey & Christ, Wm. M. Huey, Amos H. Christ, Importers. Sole Proprietors of Bailey’s Pure Rye Whiskey and Dr. Stoever’s Tonic-Herb, German and Cocktail Bitters, 1207 Market St., Philadelphia, July 26, 1886. See S 198.5 and S 199 in Bitters Bottles Supplement. See s2S 199.2
S 199.2 DR. STOEVER’S GERMAN AND COCK-TAIL BITTERS, Huey & Christ, Wm. M. Huey, Amos H. Christ, Importers. Sole Proprietors of Bailey’s Pure Rye Whiskey and Dr. Stoever’s Tonic-Herb, German and Cocktail Bitters, 1207 Market St., Philadelphia, July 26, 1886. See S 198.5 and S 199 in Bitters Bottles Supplement. See s2S 199.1

S 11.5 ST. GEORGE SHERRY BITTERS, St. George Vineyard, Maltermoro., Fresno County. Office, 123 Market Street, San Francisco, Cal. St. George Sherry Bitters, $6 per doz. bottles., Pacific Medical Journal, 1897

S 166.5 SPORT-BITTER, Illustration rearing horse, red banner graphics and lion-crown crest, Distillerie Du Sport, Marque Déposée, Jean Letesson, Place Simon Gathoye et Rue Clément XIV 14-16-18, Andrimont-Verviers. A Belgian brand.

I’ve written before about Snyder’s Celebrated Bitter Cordial. In Bitters Bittles, Bill Ham and Carlyn Ring did not give a number to this bottle and the listing rests on page 508. In BBS2, we’ll give it a number and add a cool broadside from Joe Gourd.

9 5/8 x 2 3/4 (6 5/8) 1/4
Square, Amber, LTCR, Applied mouth, With and without metallic pontil mark, 3 sp
FRE 593, TMS 387
Public Ledger (Philadelphia) June 12, 1869, Cures everything. See page 508 in Bitters Bottles and s2S 136.5
S136.5 SNYDER’S CELEBRATED BITTER CORDIAL, No. 927 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Illustration Main Exhibition Building, 1776 International Exhibition, Philadelphia U. S. America, April 19th to October 19th 1776. Reverse primarily testimonials. Snyder’s Bitter Cordial is only $1.00 per bottle. For Sale by Druggists and at the Laboratory 927 Sansom St. Philadelphia. See page 508 in Bitters Bottles and s2S 136.5

02 September 2019 | Monday [Labor Day]

Hoping to complete “S” material today from Joe Gourd. The Shoe String Bitters really surprised me as it is from Texas. Read: Texas Bitters List

Trade card
S 100.7 SHOE STRING BITTERS, Illustration of children and seesaw. Use S.S.B. Reverse: Ten reasons why Shoe String Bitters is the best medicine in the world. Prepared by A. J. Long, M.D., Ferris, Texas

Trade card
S 129.5 SMITH’S TONIC BITTERS, Illustration of druggists mortar and pestles, tools and glass containers. J. Godfrey Smith, Dispensing Chemists, No. 147 Hollis Street, Halifax, N. S. Reverse: For Strengthening and Invigorating the System, use Smith’s Tonic Bitters.

S 119.5 SMITHNIGHT’S STOMACH BITTERS, Louis Smithnight, Druggist & Apothecary. Dealer in Wines and Liquors for Medicinal Purposes. Sole Proprietor of Smithnight’s Stomach Bitters or Krambambul, the great Tonic of the age and Smithnight’s Asthma Remedy, 135 Woodland Avenue. Cleveland, O. Dec 14, 1881

01 September 2019 | Sunday

OK, let’s pick up where we left off last month, or yesterday, with more new listings in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. Working closely daily with Bill Ham in California to get these listings correct and ready, goal being to have the book ready by Reno 2020.

Here is a bitters listing for Rosenheim’s Bitters. Some initially thought this bottle was from West Virginia. It was actually made in Baltimore. The letterhead is from Joe Gourd. I found the sign image online.

R 96 CELEBRATED ROSENHEIM STOMACH BITTERS, THE GREAT WESTERN REMEDY. Office of H. Rosenheim, Wholesale Dealer in Foreign and Domestic Liquors, Bourbon and Rye Whiskies, 375 W. Baltimore Street, Baltimore, Proprietor of the Celebrated Rosenheim Stomach Bitters The Great Western Remedy. January 10, 1880. See sR 96
Henry Rosenheim, liquors, 375 W. Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, City Directory, 1875
R 96 ROSENHEIM’S CELEBRATED STOMACH BITTERS, THE GREAT WESTERN REMEDY! For Sale Here. Illustration depicting Indians harvesting between two bottles of Rosenheim’s Bitters.

The card below for Dr. Sharp’s Bitters is from A. M. Dinsmore & Co. Andy Rapoza, one of our FOHBC board member wrote about hime befog in Bottles and Extras. Read: The Man Behind The Woman’s Face The story of a medicine peddler who traveled many roads except the one that lead to fame and fortune.

Trade card
S 94.5 DR. SHARP’S ENGLISH TONIC BITTERS, Illustration of Dr. Sharp. Sharps Balsam Cures Croup in One Minute, Cough in One Day. Reverse: Dr. Sharp’s English Tonic Bitters. Small Bottles 50 cts. Large Bottles One Dollar. A. M. Dinsmore & Co., Proprietors, Calais, Me.

Being a designer, I really enjoy looking at the time period typography and graphics on these old pieces. This next business card submitted by Joe Gourd is strong.

Business Card
S 91.5 SHAKER BLOOD BITTERS, J. F. Smith & Co., J. F. Smith, W. E. Smith, Proprietors of the Shaker Blood Bitters, Pascoag, R. I., Purely Vegetable, Will cure or help all Complaints arising from Impure Blood, giving Tone and Strength to the system debilitated by disease.

I have a bottle example for these next pieces from Joe Gourd (label) and Ben Swanson (cover).

Advertising Envelope
S 75.3 SCHROEDER’S WOODCOCK PEPSIN BITTERS, Illustration Woodcock in marsh. Cures Stomach Troubles. Return in 5 Days to John H. Schroeder, 201 and 203 N. Main St,. St. Louis, Mo. Postmarked St. Louis, October 3, 1901. See p587 in Bitters Bottles W 158 – 159.5 and s2S 75.6
S 75.6 SCHROEDER’S WOODCOCK PEPSIN COMPOUND BITTERS, Alcoholic Strength about Twenty-Five Per Cent by Volume. Put up by Silver Spring Distilling Co. St. Louis, Mo. Reverse label discusses medical properties and has dose information. See p587 in Bitters Bottles W 158 – 159.5 and s2S 75.3

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Looking at a Moffat Billhead

Looking at a Moffat Billhead

24 August 2019

Ben Swanson submitted this important illustrated billhead in the form of a stampless folded letter dated 1846 to Dr. William Washington Fritts of Carlisle, Kentucky from Dr. William Brinckerhoff Moffat proprietor of Phoenix Bitters. Hand written and signed.

Read More:

Jack Stecher and his John Moffat Phoenix Bitters

John Moffat Phoenix Bitters Support

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Daily Dose | August 2019

August | 2019

See Daily Dose January – April 2019

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31 August 2019 | Saturday

OK, let’s close out the month on this Labor Day weekend with the latest new additions to Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. The first here is a Schmidt’s China and Sarsaparilla Bitters trade card from Joe Gourd. Had to do some German translations here.

Trade card
S 56.5 SCHMIDT’S CHINA RINDE AND SARSAPARILLA BITTERS, Flowers and winter ice skating on pond. In German, Go to Schmidt’s Apothecary, Biveite Avenue and Pennsylvania Street. Reverse: Portrait of Schmidt brothers. In German, Schmidt’s China und Sarsaparilla Bitters. Schmidt Brothers, Biveite Avenue and Pennsylvania Street, Evansville, Indiana (in German).
Schmidt Brothers (Flor. Chas. and Flor. Joseph), Prescription Druggists. Dealers in Drugs, Medicines, Fancy and Toilet Articles; also Russian and Turkish Baths s e corner 2d av and Pennsylvania, Evansville, Indiana City Directory, 1888.

Here is a catalog from Joe Gourd that was briefly listed in Bitters Bottles. We’ll put it in BBs2 with more information.

S 42 DR. SAWYER’S MORNING, NOON AND EVENING BITTERS, Cover: Dr. A. P. Sawyer’s Remedies, Logos and typography for Dr. A.P. Sawyer’s Family Cure, Sun Rise Cough Balsam, Morning, Noon and Evening Bitters, Uterine Pastille, Eclipse Sarsaparilla, Soothing Syrup etc., Dr. A.P. Sawyer Med Co. Manufacturing Pharmacist’s, Chicago, Ills., Back Cover: Triangle set in wreath. Dr. A.P. Sawyer Medicine Co. Chicago, Quality, Accuracy. Trade Mark.
Drug Catalog: 1896-7 and 1902-2 JP&K Co. See S 42 in Bitters Bottles.

We’re finally going to give Saxlehner’s Hunyadi János Bitterquelle a number in BBs2.

Andreas Saxlehner, Budapest, London, New York
9 1/4 x 3 1/8 (6 1/4)
Round, Green, LTC,Common
Copyright 14,251 filed Nov. 12, 1886 for Janos
Copyright 14,252 filed for “Hunyadi” both in use since Nov. 15, 1863.
Bitterquelle means spring water containing magnesium sulphate.
Hunyadi Janos is a national hero oof Hungary 1385-1456

We will also list the Hunyadi bitter brands as we come across them. Here are two from Joe Gourd.

Trade Card
H 220.3 HUNYADI JÁNOS SAXLEHNERS NATÜRLICHES BITTERWASSER, Photograph Hotel St. Paul, Cöln Unter Fettenhennen No. 19. Reverse: Mild abführende Wirkung. Vorzüglich gegen Constipation, gestörte Verdauung, Congestionen, etc. (Mild laxative effect. Excellent against constipation and disturbed digestion) See s2S 39.5 and s2H 220.6
Postal Card
H 220.6 HUNYADI MATYAS BITTERWATER, Postmarked June 24, 1894, New York. Reverse: Ask for ”Hunyadi Matyas” The “Seal Brand.” Red seal Warranted Genuine by Eisner & Mendelson Co. Sole Agents, New York. The Hunyadi Matyas Water received the Highest Award at the World’s Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893.
Hunyadi Matyas was the King of Hungary (1443–6 to April 1490). See s2S 39.5 and s2H 220.3


Here is a trade card from Joe Gourd directly related to the well-known Brown’s Sarsaparilla and Tomato Bitters.

Trade card
S 36.5 SARSAPARILLA AND TOMATO BITTERS, Paintings of water fowl. Reverse: Sarsaparilla and Tomato Bitters (A Purely Vegetable Compound) Prepared by J. P. T. Percival, 35 School Street, Boston
In 1867, Capt. John P. T. Percival, on the death of Frederick Brown, who was at that time in the druggist business at the corner of Washington and State streets, bought out that business which included Brown’s Sarsaparilla and Tomato Bitters. See S 36 in Bitters Bitters.

Here is a trade card from Joe Gourd that was previously listed in Bitters Bottles under “C” as Celebrated Sangamo Stomach Bitters. The listing was sparse so we updated it in BBs2.

Trade card
S 25.5 CELEBRATED SANGAMO STOMACH BITTERS, These Celebrated Bitters, prepared from and old and popular formula, are invaluable to indigestion. Certain Preventative for Fever and Ague. Prepared only by the Sangamo Medicine Co., Springfield, Ill. Reverse: The Great National Puzzle. The forty-two squares represent our forty-two States. Try to solve this puzzle… Copyright 1890. Sold by all Druggist

Here is an interesting billhead from Joe Gourd that ties a father and son together.

S 28.5 SANBORN’S JAUNDICE BITTERS, Bought of E. P. Sanborn & Co. Proprietors of Sanborn’s Celebrated Croup Syrup, Wine Restorative, Jaundice Bitters, Patent Composition, Rheumatic Drops, Etc., South Berwick, Me., Feb 6th, 1885.
Dr. Caleb Sanborn (1814-1871), was a well-known Thomsonian botanic physician who practiced in South Berwick, Maine. His son Edward would sell his medicines. See sp212

30 August 2019 | Friday

Very nice art on this sheet music cover. E. T. Paull. Circa 1900. Dawn of the Century. March & Two Step. Listen

Here is reference to a Royal Windsor Bitters. I have never seen a bottle before. Would it not be too cool if it was royal or Windsor blue in glass color? This brand is attributed to Charles Lediard in New York around 1860. Read: Charles Lediard and his Liquor Products

29 August 2019 | Thursday

Been working on “R & S” unlisted bitters material from Joe Gourd. Here are a few of my favorites.

Trade card
S 17.5 SAINT PATRICK’S DRY BITTERS, Color illustration of Saint Patrick. Saint Patrick’s Salve. Marvelous! Try it. Use It. All Druggists have it, or it will be sent on receipt of 25 cents. E. P. Furlong, 92 Fulton St., New York, U.S.A. Reverse: Saint Patrick’s Salve. Directions in English, German and French. E. P. Furlong. General Manager for Saint Patrick’s Dry Bitters.
Edward P. Furlong, drugs, 92 Fulton, New York, New York, City Directory, 1883

Trade card
S 6.5 SAGINAW BITTERS, Illustration men on horse’s chasing ostriches. Reverse: Use Dixon’s Pectoral Syrup For Coughs and Colds. Canada Liniment, For Neuralgia and Rheumatism. And Saginaw Bitters, For Bilious Diseases. For Sale By Jay Smith, Druggist, Saginaw City, Mich.
Jay Smith & Son (Jay and Fletcher Smith), Wholesale and Retail Druggists, 417 Court, w s, tel 872, Saginaw, Michigan, City Directory, 1891

Here are some Joe Gourd trade cards that were originally draft filed under “S.” We’ve given it an “A” listing in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. I found some newspaper ads that support the Agaric Bitters name.

Trade cards
A 18.5 AGARIC BITTERS, Sachs-Prudens “A.T.8” or “Elixir” Agaric. The Great Tonic and Stimulant. Illustrations of lively dressed women. A set of 10 of these photos can be obtained six 2c. stamps by addressing Sachs-Pruden & Co. Dayton, O. Reverse: Agaric – Is a Great Tonic – and Bitters. Sold by Druggists, Hotels, Sample Rooms and Restaurants.

Trade card
R 131.2 RUSSELL’S TONIC HERB BITTERS, Illustration of a young girl at waterside with dog. Russell’s Tonic Herb Bitters and other medicines listed on reverse. All of the above for sale, Wholesale and Retail, by W. B. Russell, Druggist, Mt. Vernon, O.

Trade cards
R 127.9 RUSSELL’S ALTERNATIVE AND TONIC BITTERS, E. S. Russell, Druggist and Apothecary, 69 Main Street, Nashua, N.H. Reverse: For Sale By E. S. Russell, Proprietor and Manufacturer. Also Sole Proprietor and Manufacturer of Russell’s Alterative and Tonic Bitters.
Elias Smith Russell was an Apothecary and Druggist at various address locations in Nashua, New Hampshire from around 1845 until after the turn of the century.

28 August 2019 | Wednesday

Trying to straighten out the various brands associated with this base label.

A 26 L … All Laxative Stomach Bitters, Dunlavey Bros. Distributors, Olean, N. Y.
10 7/8 x 2 5/8 (8 3/4)
Square, Amber, LTC
The label was mass produced for different over-printed business names. Front label: Illustration man wearing pork-pie hat holding dose goblet in right hand. 1 Pt. – 3 Fl. Oz. Alcohol 20%, Laxative Stomach Bitters is Compounded with the Extracts of Roots & Herbs & Also Contains Cascara Segrada Recognized as one of the Best Known Laxatives, Reverse label red diamond: Laxative Stomach Bitters…, Neck seal. See A 26 in Bitters Bottles, s2P 43 and s2R 18
P 43 L … Pepper’s Laxative Stomach Bitters, Thomas Pepper’s Sons, Distributors, Ashland, Pa.
10 7/8 x 2 5/8 (8 3/4)
Square, Amber, LTC
The label was mass produced for different over-printed business names. Front label: Illustration man wearing pork-pie hat holding dose goblet in right hand. 1 Pt. – 3 Fl. Oz. Alcohol 21%, Laxative Stomach Bitters is Compounded with the Extracts of Roots & Herbs & Also Contains Cascara Segrada Recognized as one of the Best Known Laxatives, Reverse label red diamond: Laxative Stomach Bitters…, Neck seal. See P 43 in Bitters Bottles. See s2A 26 and s2R 18
R 18 L … Red Cross Laxative Stomach Bitters, Chas. Leuthner & Son, Peoria, Ill.
10 7/8 x 2 5/8 (8 3/4)
Square, Amber, LTC
The label was mass produced for different over-printed business names. Front label: Illustration man wearing pork-pie hat holding dose goblet in right hand. 1 Pt. – 3 Fl. Oz. Alcohol 20%, Laxative Stomach Bitters is Compounded with the Extracts of Roots & Herbs & Also Contains Cascara Segrada Recognized as one of the Best Known Laxatives, Reverse label red diamond: Laxative Stomach Bitters…, Neck seal. See R 18 in Bitters Bottles. See s2A 26 and s2P 43

Here is a variation of the Red Cross Laxative Bitters. Notice the slight differences with the label above and below.

R 18.1 L … Red Cross Laxative Bitters, C. C. Koska, East St. Louis, Ill.
10 ¾ x 2 ½ (8 1/2)
Square, Amber, LTC
Front label: Image red cross Trade Mark. Contains 10% Alcohol By Volume. Manufactured for and distributed by C.C. Koska. Is Compounded with Cascara Segrada which is Pronounced by The Medical Profession to be the Best and Most Effective Laxative Remedy in Use. None Genuine without facsimile Signature. See R 18 in Bitters Bottles. See s2R 18

27 August 2019 | Tuesday

The following unlisted bitters references have been submitted by Joe Gourd from the Kit Barry collection. They have been processed, written-up and forwarded to Bill Ham for confirmation and inclusion in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2.

Advertising Envelope and Letterhead
C 255.4 CUBAN STOMACH AND LIVER BITTERS, Envelope: Portrait of Dr. Harry W. St. Leon, Lecturer and Specialist. Postmarked May 2, 1894 Argyle, Wis. Letterhead: Cuban Medicine Company, St. Leon & Raycraft, Dr. H. W. St. Leon. Dr. Wm. Raycraft Proprietors. Main Office and Laboratory, Argyle, Wis. List of Remedies manufactured by the Cuban Medicine Company. Twelve Specific Remedies. Purely Vegetable and Perfectly Harmless. Sold by All Druggists.

F 6.2 FEKE’S DYSPEPSIA BITTERS, Bought of Caswell, Mack & Co. (Mack crossed out and Hazard handwritten over), Late Hazard & Caswell,) Family and Dispensing Chemists. Manufacturers of Feke’s Dyspepsia Bitters, Fifth Avenue, corner of 24th Street, New-York. 132 Thames Street, Newport, R. I., May 3, 1867

Business Card
F 49.7 FISKE’S ALTERATIVE BITTERS, Allen Fiske, Proprietor of Fiske’s Alterative Bitters, Anodyne Liniment, Universal Salve, Catarrh Snuff, Deahoarah Cordial, and Tape-Worm Extinguisher, New England House, Boston, Mass. Reverse: Allen Fiske, Proprietor of Fiske’s Family Medicines and Inventor and Proprietor of Fiske’s Ice and Water Filter.
Allen Fiske, botanic physician, 228 Pleasant, Boston, Massachusetts City Directory, 1889

J 45.5 JOHNSON’S HEALTH BITTERS, Bought of Johnson Brothers, Druggists and Pharmacists, and Dealers in Pure Drugs, Patent Medicines, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, &c. Proprietors of Johnson’s Health Bitters, Cor. Underwood and Tarrier Sts. Zanesville, O., April 20th 1882

Trade card
L 120.5 LONGWORTH’S CELEBRATED CATAWBA BITTERS, Humorous illustration of cock chasing cock tail. After a Cocktail. No. 178 State Street. Reverse: Geo. W. Pomroy, Sole Agent for Longworth’s Celebrated Catawba Bitters, which are made from the Pure Catawba Brandy. 178 State Street. Hartford, Conn.
Nicholas Longworth was an influential figure in the early history of American wine, producing sparkling Catawba wine from grapes grown in his Ohio River Valley vineyard on hills north of Cincinnati. He was also responsible for Catawba Wine Bitters, and the bottles embossed with the cluster of grapes. See s2C 85.

26 August 2019 | Monday

Working through more unlisted “R” bitters today in BBS2 with Bill Ham and Joe Gourd.

Store card
R 81.7 ROCKY MOUNTAIN BITTERS, Illustration of pack mule team on trail and native Indians harvesting set against mountains. Prepared by Professor A.B. Spinney.
R 81.7 DR. SPINNEY’S ROCKY MOUNTAIN BITTERS. The best Tonic Appetizer and alterative ever offered to the public, for sale by Druggists and Grocers generally. Barnes, Henry & Co., No. 515, St. Paul St., Montreal, Wholesale Agents for the Canadas., Almanac of British North America, 1866
Professor A. B. Spinney, Proprietor and Examining Physician, Electro Medical Institute, No. 131 Great St. James St. Montreal, Almanac of British North America, 1866

Trade cards
R 83 ROGER’S SPECIFIC BITTERS, Try Rogers’ Specific Bitters. If you are Miserable from Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Want of Appetite, Loss of Appetite &c. Manufactured by T. R. Rogers & Sons, Moundsville, W. Va., For sale by J. T. Rogers & Co. Waynesburg, Pa. See R 83 in Bitters Bottles.
T.R. Roger’s & Sons (T.R., T.B., and J.W.), druggists, 311 7th, Wheeling, West Virginia, City Directory, 1896

Folding Trade card
R 90.95 Rosador Bitters, (Risque Dancer) “Hully Gee” Inside: Rosador Bitters, It’s Delicious, Cures Stomach Kidney and Liver Troubles. Superior Tonic, Cathartic and Blood Purifier. At Druggists, Bars and Cafes. See s2M 6.4

25 August 2019 | Sunday

Working through unlisted “R” bitters today for BBS2. Actually written about Rees’ Orange Tonica before. All listings for Reed’s Bitters have also been updated to include Reed’s Aromatic Stomach Bitters and Reed’s Cocktail Bitters.

Trade card
R 29.3 REES’ ORANGE TONICA, The Best Bitters in the World. Illustration of round, lady’s leg bottle embossed Orange Tonica on shoulder. Label reading Rees’ Orange Tonica is Purely Vegetable. Neck label reading Caution, Only Genuine When Each Capsule Bears Our Signature, Risley & Co., Sole Proprietors and Manufacturers, New York. Risley & Co. 151 Chambers Street, New York. Presented By _, Reverse: 1882 Calendar and Interest Table.
This bitters was put out by Charles F. Risley & Co. in New York City. Charles was the son of nationally known druggist, Hubbell W. Risley.
Trade cards
R 10.5 BOTANIC BITTER BLOOD AND LIVER CURE, Illustration kittens and birds. Use L. W. Ranney’s Remedies, Botanic Bitter Blood and Liver Cure (Botanic Bitters.) Kidney Compound, Diarrhoea Cordial, Worm Syrup, Herb Liniment, Mandrake Pills, Sure Cough Cure. Sold by Dealers everywhere. Reverse blank
Dr. Lyman W. Ranney, physician and surgeon, office rear 72 Pittsburg, New Castle, Pennsylvania, City Directory, 1891
Dr. L W Ranney’s Sons (Cassius W. and R. Burt Ranney), mfrs Ranney’s celebrated remedies, office and laboratory rear 72 Pittsburg, New Castle, Pennsylvania, City Directory, 1891

A Roche’s Bitters reference from Joe Gourd.

Trade card
R 81.6 ROCHE’S JUNIATA VALLEY BITTERS, William F. Roche, Grad. Phila. Col. Pharm., 1867. “Valley” Pharmacy, Cor. John & Water Sts., McVeytown, Pa. Proprietor of Roche’s Tar Pectoral, for Coughs &c., Roche’s Liver Pills, Roche’s Horse and Cattle Powder, Roche’s Juniata Valley Bitters, Roche’s Emulsion Cod Liver Oil. Calendar – 1898. Reverse: Centennial Calendar

24 August 2019 | Saturday

Working again today with Bill Ham on unlisted bitters for Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. Here is reference for The American Bitters from Bobby Hinely. The bitters was made in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Newspaper Advertisement
A 45.3 THE AMERICAN BITTERS, The Great Southern Tonic, and the Most Palatable Stomachic Ever Used., Saunders’ Medicines. These Remedies are prepared only by Richard B. Saunders (Capt. Richard Benbury Saunders), Manufacturing Chemist, Chapel Hill, N. C., The Rome Weekly Courier (Rome, Georgia) May 08, 1868.

Richard Benbury Saunders was born in Raleigh, 12th April, 1834. He was taught first in the Raleigh Academy, under the charge of Mr. J. M. Lovejoy, and entered the freshman class in 1850. He graduated in 1854, and after a course in chemistry established himself at Chapel Hill as a druggist. On the 26th November, 1856, in Natchez, Miss., he married Mary Stanton, daughter of the late Girard Brandon, formerly governor of that State. In response to a call of the governor of North Carolina he volunteered as a member of the Orange Light Infantry, Capt. R. J. Ashe; was elected second lieutenant, and went with his company to Raleigh in 1861, when it became a part of the First Regiment of North Carolina Volunteers, Col. D. H. Hill commanding—known in latter days as the Bethel Regiment. He was at the battle of Bethel. Upon the recommendation of Col. C. C. Lee (who succeeded to the command of the regiment after the promotion of General Hill), he was commissioned captain and A. Q. M. of the regiment. He did not re-enter the service afterward; his brothers insisting that some member of the family should remain at home, and that his occupation, his health, and the fact of his having a wife and children, plainly pointed him out as the one to remain. He reluctantly assented. He is still living, actively engaged in the manufacture of fertilizers, for which his chemical education has especially fitted him. He has eleven living children. – Early Settlers of Alabama, Part 1, James Edmonds Saunders L. Graham & son, Limited, printers, 1899 

Here is an interesting trade card from Joe Gourd that actually references two unlisted bitters. It was initially thought that Royal and Imperial Bitters was the brand name.

Trade cards
R 108.5 ROYAL BITTERS, Fancy illustrations of birds and animals dressed as people. Ask For Us. Royal and Imperial Bitters, Don’t Look at My Back, G. Schlesinger & Co., Sole Agents, 51 Dey Street, New York City, Reverse: Royal Bitters, Delicious for Cocktails, Imperial Bitters, The Delight of Dyspeptics. Geo. Schlesinger & Co., Sole Agents, 51 Dey Street, New York City. See R 108.5 and S2 I XX.
George Schlesinger & Co., wines, 51 Dey, New York, New York, City Directory, 1882
Trade cards
I 2.7 IMPERIAL BITTERS, Fancy illustrations of birds and animals dressed as people. Ask For Us. Royal and Imperial Bitters, Don’t Look at My Back, G. Schlesinger & Co., Sole Agents, 51 Dey Street, New York City, Reverse: Royal Bitters, Delicious for Cocktails, Imperial Bitters, The Delight of Dyspeptics. Geo. Schlesinger & Co., Sole Agents, 51 Dey Street, New York City. See R 108.5 and s2 R 108.5.
George Schlesinger & Co., wines, 51 Dey, New York, New York, City Directory, 1882

22 August 2019 | Thursday

A neat Oxygenated Bitters label and listing for Dr. John’s Celebrated American Stomach Bitters. Both unlisted and related to other bitters as noted in the new BBs2 listings.

O 100.1 OXYGENATED BITTERS, The Celebrated Oxygenated Bitters, Caution None is Genuine Without This Signature, Reed, Bates & Austin. On both ends of decorative horizontal cameo frame. To prevent Counterfeits, the Genuine will invariably have this Label and Signature.
Reed, Bates & Austin were Wholesale Druggists located at No. 20 Merchants Row in Boston, Massachusetts in 1851. They were General Agents and the primary outlet for George B. Green’s Oxygenated Bitters. See s2O 100

Newspaper Advertisement
J 42.5 DR. JOHN’S AMERICAN BITTERS, Dr. John’s Celebrated American Stomach Bitters. – A good stomachic, one that could be relied on for its effective anti-biliary and anti-dyspeptic properties… They are put up in square bottles, with “Dr. John’s American Bitters” blown in the glass. Directions accompanying each bottle. Prepared and sold by Stoner, Williams & Co. Fulton Buildings, No. 9 West King-st., Lancaster, Pa. See J 43.5

21 August 2019 | Wednesday

Ken Previtali sent in this nice 5″ x 7″ handbill for Quaker Bitters.

20 August 2019 | Tuesday

Off to Baltimore today for business. Returning Friday. Look at this nice beer tray from Wielands.

19 August 2019 | Monday

Some nice material for BBs2. The Aerie Bitters reference is from Joe Gourd.

Trade card
A 13.5 AERIE BITTERS CO., Illustration eagle and globe. New Philadelphia, Ohio, Presented By _ Reverse: Illustration fancy woman toasting with poem.
Newspaper notice: Salesmen-Wanted to sell our bitters, etc.. to saloon trade; excellent proposition. Address Serie Bitters Co., New Philadelphia, O., The Pittsburgh Press, August 5, 1906.

A 44.5 AMER BITTERS, Trademark SBC (set in star), The Symbol of Quality, Be sure to get the S.B.C. – The Symbol of Quality – Brand Amer Bitters for character and quality. Star Bitters Co., San Francisco, U.S.A., New Contents 1 Pint 9 Ounces, signed Star Bitters Co.
Medicines Officially Classified as Liquors: S.B.C. essence of peppermint, extract of Jamaica ginger, ginger and brandy compound and wild cherry tonic, Star Bitters Company, Sacramento, Cal., National Association of Retail Druggists (U.S.) 1916

18 August 2019 | Sunday

More material for Bitters Bottle Supplement 2. Working through some great material. I must admit, I want to get as much as possible in this supplement and not be getting all this great material after it goes to the printer. There will be a BBs3, who am I kidding. The Quassia Amara Bitter Wood card and Queen’s Taste Bitters postal material is from Joe Gourd. The Mayer’s French Bitters ad was submitted by Bobby Hinely.

Trade card
Q 1.5 QUASSIA AMARA BITTER WOOD. The Greatest Tonic the World ever saw, Price, Large Size, $1.00. Small Size, 50 Cents. Munson & Co., Importing Druggists, High Holborn, London. Dr. G. G. Adams, Agent for U.S.
Quassia amara, also known as amargo, bitter-ash, bitter-wood, is used as insecticide, in traditional medicine and as an additive in the food industry.

Newspaper Advertisement
M 51.1 R. MAYER’S FRENCH BITTERS. This Article – the curative properties of which, – in the severest cases, (many of them in long standing)… known as the proprietor of so valuable of an article, R. Mayer. No. 6 Whitaker Street, Daily Morning News (Savannah, Georgia) October 21, 1854
New Wine and Liquor Store, No. 6 Whitaker Street. Having had an extensive experience in France as a manufacturer, and in America as importer and dealer… R. Mayer, Daily Morning News (Savannah, Georgia) January 5, 1853

Advertising Cover with Return Postal Mailer
Q 2.8 QUEEN’S TASTE BITTERS, Cover: Louisville Wine Company, 1110 West Main Street, Louisville, Ky., Postal Card: Louisville Wine Co., No. 1110 West Main St., Louisville, Ky. Reverse: (form) 188_, Name, P.O. and State, Shipping Point, __Cases Queen’s Taste Bitters @ $6.00 per doz. $ __, Freight or Express, Sign Here. See s2 H 132.1

17 August 2019 | Saturday

A couple more listings for Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. Thanks to Colin Savage for the Dr. Farrar’s Rattlesnake Bitters reference.

F 4.5 DR. FARRAR’S RATTLESNAKE BITTERS. Illustration coiled snake ready to strike rabbit labeled Hop Bitters. Dr. Farrar’s Rattlesnake Bitters Are Prepared only by The Standard M’f’g’ Co., Sole Proprietors of Dr. Farrar’s Formula. Depots – Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

O 51 OLD TIME ROOT AND HERB BITTERS, T. E. Peck, Chemist, Prop. Old Time Root and Herb Bitters, An Invaluable Family Remedy… Large Bottles, 25 Cents, Central Office at Radford Smith’s Dry Goods Store, Cor. Main St. and Fairfield Av., Bridgeport, Conn., Laboratory and Local Office, Stratford, Conn. Main St. 2d Bldg. north M.E. Church.
O 51 OLD TIME BITTERS, Bought of T. E. Peck (Thaddeus E. Peck), M’f’g’ Chemist. Specialties, Old Time Bitters, Bitter Beer Tonics, Iron Bitters… 1 Doz. Old Time Bitters $2.62, Bridgeport, Conn. April 1st 1892

16 August 2019 | Friday

I was able to get through most of Joe Gourd’s unlisted “P” material yesterday for BBs2. This first Golden Crown Bitters trade card was moved to a “G” listing as Pettit’s name did not occur before the bitters names as some of his other remedies.

Trade card
G 63.58 GOLDEN CROWN BITTERS, Comical illustration of boy closing eye. If you don’t open within 10 Days Buy a Box of Pettit’s Eye Salve, Price 25c, Howard Bros. Proprietors, Buffalo, N.Y. Reverse: Pettit’s Remedies! Golden Crown Bitters and nine other remedies listed. Manufactured by Howard Brothers, 916 Main St., Buffalo, N.Y.

We have worked on this next listing before as the image is on Peachridge Glass on a previous Daily Dose. Lou Holis sent in the original inquiry. This example is from Joe Gourd, so we will re-visit and finalize the listing.

P 35.3 PECKHAM’S CALISAYA TONIC BITTERS, Illustration Trade Mark bitters bottle rising from the sea. Established 1845, G. F. Peckham, Importer of Cognac Brandies, Wine, Gin, Etc. Agents for Choice Old Bourbon, Rye and Monongahela Whiskies, Sole Proprietors of Peckham’s Calisaya Tonic Bitters, Formerly Pendleton’s Tonic. Price per Case of One Dozen Bottles, $8.00, 412 Market Street, Between 4th and Broadway, St. Louis, Missouri.

Trade card
P 28.5 PASCO’S TONIC BITTERS, Pasco’s Flavoring Extracts, By superior Strength, Flavor & Low Price, are preferable to others. W. C. Pasco, South Vineland, N. J. Reverse: Pasco’s Tonic Bitters, Purely Vegetable. Pasco’s Tonic Bitters, are prepared at W. C. Pasco’s Laboratory, South Vineland, N. J.
William C. Pasco, Flavoring Extracts, 3d cor Montrose, Cumberland, New Jersey, City Directory, 1891

P 38.7 PENN’S BITTERS Bought of G. L. Penn & Son, Dealers in Drugs, Medicines, Groceries, And Fancy Goods. Proprietors of Penn’s Bitters, Penn’s Boquet Cologne… Edgefield C. H. S. C., Jan’y 1 1890
The Drug Store of George Leith Penn started before the Civil War. Eventually William Britton Penn joined his father and the concern was renamed G. L. Penn & Son.

15 August 2019 | Thursday

Hi Ferdinand, I’m not sure if this image would be any good to you, seen recently at a show in Stratford on Avon in the UK. See Show Pictures – Colin Savage

14 August 2019 | Wednesday

Finished up the ‘O’s’ from Joe Gourd yesterday for Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. Here are a few examples.

Label Art
O 93.3 OUR CHIEF TONIC BITTERS, Proof art. Illustration portrait of Indian Chief. Work attributed to George Schlegel Lithographing Co. (1849-1857), 138 & 140 Centre Street, New York City. The printing company was best known for its label designs for cigars and cigar boxes, and was owned and operated during its lifetime by four generations of German businessmen.

O 8.5 OGOLA BITTERS, Bought of Boyd Brothers (Bernard Boyd and John Boyd), Wholesale Grocers, 197 East Bay, Charlestown, S.C., 1 Case Ogola Bitters, $5.00, April 21, 1882

O 15.5 OLD ABE BITTERS, Trademark Monogram: Chr. Adt. Kupferberg & Co., Mainz. Monopole Bitters, H. Toser Co. Sour Mash, Old Abe Bitters, Herman Toser Co., 435 East Water Street, Milwaukee, Wis. Reverse: Sole Agents in the United States for Chr. Adt. Kupferberg, German Sect, Mainz, Germany. Postmarked March 9, 1894. See M 121

Trade card
O 98.3 OWL BITTERS, Illustration owl on branch. Use Owl Bitters “They’re All Right” Web’s Co-Operative Chemical Co., T. M. Lash, President, Sacramento, Cal. Reverse: Humorous, The American and Foreign Federation of “Butt-inskys” Membership Ticket All Seasons. Tito M. Lash was the namesake of Lash’s Bitters. Web’s Coöperative Chemical Co., Sacramento, was incorporated on January 30, 1904 with $2,000,000 in capital stock. See L 30.

13 August 2019 | Tuesday

A nice looking trade card (2) set for listing in BBs2. Found one online and Joe Gourd sent the other.

Trade cards
C 22 CALIFORNIA ROOT BITTERS, Portrait beautiful women, flowers and nature scenes. Set of four. Copyright by Major, Knapp & Co. 1885. Reverse: The Best Spring and Fall Medicine. California Root Tea. Worth a Ton of Drugs and made-up Medicines. California Root Tea. California Root Bitters, the liquid prepared from the “Tea,” in bottles at $1.00. None genuine without signature of C. R. Burrage. See C 22.

12 August 2019 | Monday

Back on the saddle again with Bitters Bottle Supplement 2. Author Bill Ham and I have been work really heavily since March or so with the intent of having this book ready by Reno 2020.

Yesterday while working on some cool Oregon grape Root Bitters from Dave Dube, I came across the origin of the brand.

Newspaper Advertisement
L 50.1 LAWIE’S GENUINE OREGON GRAPE ROOT BITTERS (As originally introduced in 1877) A Valuable Stimulating Tonic and Alterative – in large doses, Cathartic. Guaranteed Pure. Sole manufacturer: Alexander Lawie, Pharmacutist, Lead City, D. T. (Dakota Territory) – The Daily Deadwood Pioneer Times, June 12, 1879,
See O 77, s O 77.5, s2O 77. and s2 O 77.1

O 77 OREGON GRAPE ROOT BITTERS J. D. Eastman & Co., Sole Proprietors and Manufacturers of Oregon Grape Root Bitters, The Great Rocky Mountain Remedy, Druggists and Apothecaries, Dealers in Perfumes and Toilet Articles, Deer Lodge, Montana, March 16th 1886

O 77.1 OREGON GRAPE ROOT BITTERS J. H. Owings, Successor to J. D. Eastman & Co., Sole Manufacturers of Oregon Grape Root Bitters, The Great Rocky Mountain Remedy, Druggists and Apothecary, Dealers in Perfumes & Toilet Articles, Deer Lodge, Montana, April 18th 1887,
See s2 O 77

11 August 2019 | Sunday

Still working on incoming material from Greg Price. Here is a block letter (sans-serif) variant of a Beggs Dandelion Bitters. Read: The Beggs’ and their Dandelion Bitters

B 50.5 BEGGS / DANDELION / BITTERS // f // f // f //
7 ½ x 3 1/8 x 1 ½ (5 ¼) 1/2
Rectangular strap side flask, Amber, LTC, Tooled lip, Extremely rare
Embossing is block letters and runs shoulder to base
Similar to B 51 except block letters

Here is a framed picture for Wheatley’s Hop Bitters that will be listed in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. From Greg Price.

Framed Sign
W 81.5 WHEATLEY’S HOP BITTERS, Oval design. The Monarch of all Non-Intoxicating Beverages, Wheatley’s Fermented Hop Bitters Non-Intoxicant Sheffield, Registered Label Issued by Wheatley & Bates LTD
19 ½ x 23 ¼ with frame,
See W 81.5

One I have not seen before from Greg Price. Added to BBs2.

7 1/4 x 2 3/4 x 1 1/2
Oval with one flat panel, Clear, Tooled double ring lip, Extremely rare
See s2 B 199.5

Here is an interesting bottle submitted by Greg Price for BBs2.

B 112.2 W. N. WALTON / (gold bordered label under glass set in recessed area reading BITTERS) / PAT SEPT 23’ 1862 // c //
8 ½ x 2 ½
Round, Amber, Applied ring mouth
Possibly William N. Walton, Druggist’ Glassware, 30 Beekman, Goulding´s Business Directory of New York, 1872-73

10 August 2019 | Saturday

Some nice ‘cute’ trade cards submitted by Joe Gourd and Greg Price for inclusion into Bitters Bottles Supplement 2

Trade cards
S 122.5 SMITH’S CELEBRATED STOMACH BITTERS, Compliments of Smith’s Celebrated Stomach Bitters, Scranton, Pa. Illustrations: A little cock-horse (cockroach riding chick), The Ferryman (frog with mouse and umbrella) and kitten with paw on ink quill, reverse blank or Certificate from Washington, D.C. A certain cure for … Prepared and Manufactured by B. Smith, 230 Main Ave., Scranton, Pa.
Dr. Ben Smith has been a citizen of Scranton almost time out of mind and achieved fame and some measure of financial success by the proprietorship of a tonic known as Smith’s Bitters, The Times Tribune (Scranton), March 8, 1900
See S 122.5

Here is a Guayana Bitters bottle I have not seen before submitted by Greg Price for BBs2.

G 123.5 // s // GUAYANA // BITTERS
8 x 2 3/8
Round, Amber, Tooled Lip
Guayana Province (1585−1864) was a former province of Spanish Colonial Venezuela and independent Venezuela, in northern South America.

Here is a Trinidad Bitters bottle without a base embossing submitted by Greg Price for BBs2. I added the serving tray found at Pre-Pro.com

R 7.5 L … Ramsey’s Trinidad Aromatic Bitters
// s // P. A. RAMSEY // TRINIDAD
8 ¼ x 2 3/8
Round, LTCR, Green, Tooled lip
Typical examples are base embossed Ramsey’s Trinidad Bitters. See R 7 – R 9.
Peter Arthur Ramsey signature on trademark image. Durant and Company, a firm in Trinidad, British West Indies, initially put out this brand in May, 1887 and registered the trademark on May 8, 1888. The essential features of the trademark consisted of a box or packing case with two labeled bottles standing upright upon the cover, the words Ramsey’s Trinidad Aromatic Bitters on the side of the box.
Shot Glass
R 7 – R 9 RAMSEY’S TRINIDAD AROMATIC BITTERS, On inside bottom of shot glass, Peter Arthur Ramsey signature, box or packing case with two labeled bottles standing upright upon the cover, the words Ramsey’s Trinidad Aromatic Bitters on the side of the box. Two medals flanking bottles.
See R 7 – R 9 and s2 R 7.5

Another new listing in BBs2 from Greg Price.

Framed Porcelain Sign
W 17 WALLACE’S TONIC STOMACH BITTERS, Painting of peacock, flowers and fruit, Geo Powell & Co. Proprietors. Chicago
16 x 22 inches, without frame,
See W 17

09 August 2019 | Friday

Look at this nice labeled lady’s leg bitters. If I am not mistaken, this is New York glass, aka Bryant’s Stomach Bitters. This bottle submitted by Greg Price. Will be included in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2.

M 13.5 L . . . Malakof Russian Stomach Bitters, Russischer Magenbitter, Spitit of Malakof, Van Opstal & Co. St. Petersburg, pictures several men in fancy dress toasting the Malakof.
11 7/8 x 3 1/2
Lady’s leg shape, Olive green., Applied ring mouth
See M 131, Van Opstal & Co., Morning Dew Bitters, New York

03 August 2019 | Saturday

Always liked the embossed palm tree on the South Carolina Dispensary bottles. Found this example for sale at the Augusta National. The South Carolina Dispensary system was a state-run monopoly on liquor sales in South Carolina operating from 1893 to 1907 statewide and until 1916 in some counties.

02 August 2019 | Friday
More news coverage from ABC 6 in Augusta for the bottle convention. VIEW

My table mate Jerry Forbes from Big Sur, picked up this awesome Old Dr. J. Townsend during the opening moments of early admission at the Augusta National Antique Bottle Show.

o1 August 2019 | Thursday

First day of the 2019 FOHBC 50th Anniversary National Antique Bottle Convention in Augusta, Georgia. After a 4 hour FOHBC Board Meeting we headed out to the Mike & Julie Newman Open House. Two news crews were there. Watch Fox 54

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Daily Dose | July 2019

July | 2019

See Daily Dose January – April 2019

See Daily Dose May 2019

See Daily Dose June 2019

28 July 2019 | Sunday

Adding a dose glass reference to BBs2.

Dose glass
O 52.5 OLD VETERAN BITTERS CO / CHICAGO, Etched lettering on colorless glass, 2 ½ x 1 7/8 top x 1 5/16 base
The Old Veteran Bitters Co., Patent No. 85,610, Feb 27 – Commissioner of Patents Annual Report, 1913
Old Veteran’s Bitters Co., Chicago, Ill., Veteran Kidney and Liver Bitters, 20.41 alcohol by volume – Congressional Record, 1917
See sC 99.5 L . . . Celebrated Old Veteran Kidney and Stomach Bitters

28 July 2019 | Sunday

Starting into the “O” review of unlisted bitters for inclusion into Bitters bottles Supplement 2. Here first, is a business card from Joe Gourd for O’Leary’s 20th Century Stomach Bitters. Stomach does not appear in existing Bitters Bottles book listings for the bottles.

Business card
O 56.7 O’LEARY’S 20th CENTURY STOMACH BITTERS, Illustration of labeled bottle, The J. A. Leary Co., Wholesale Dealers in Wines and Cordials, No. 3 Orange Place, Newark, N. J., E. A. Bloxsom, President, A. Hecker, Secretary. Reverse: A Few of our own Specialties in Cordials – Liver and Kidney Bitters, Stomach Bitters, Per Case. See O 54, O 55, O 56.

27 July 2019 | Saturday

Trying to straighten out some very early Boston listings for Old Doctor William Abbott’s Bitters, Dr. Abbott’s Bitters, Abbott’s Bitters and C. A. Richards’ Abbott Bitters. Here is what we have so far for Bitters Bottles Supplement 2.

Read: An unlisted Dr. Abbott’s Bitters by C. A. Richards

A 3.4 L … Dr. Abbott’s Bitters, (Portrait Dr. Abbott in oval), For the Cure of Indigestion, C. A. Richards, Sole Proprietor, 89 State Street, Boston, signature C. A. Richards
11 ½ x 3
Round, Black green, DC, Applied mouth
Bottle found in Sacramento, California

Newspaper Advertisement
A 3.7 ABBOTT’S BITTERS, Or, Health Restorative, a superior Medicine where a good stomachic is required. Prepared by Smith & Abbott, Boston, The Camden Weekly Journal (South Carolina), January 2, 1855
See s2 A 3.4, s2 O 26.5

Newspaper Advertisement
A 3.8 DR. ABBOTT’S BITTERS, Botanic Store Established in 1815, Dr. Abbott’s Bitters, Dr. Elias Smith’s Cholera, Herbs, Powders, &c., wholesale and retail, By J. & B. F. Abbott, 140 Hanover-st., Boston, The Brattleboro Eagle (Vermont), April 29, 1850.
Predecessor to Old Doctor William Abbott’s Bitters and C. A. Richards’ Abbott Bitters. See s2 A 3.4, s2O 26.5
J. & B. F. Abbott (Benjamin), Botanic and Thomsonian Medicine, 140 Hanover, house do., The Boston Directory, Sampson & Murdock Company, 1848

Newspaper Advertisement
O 26.5 OLD DOCTOR WILLIAM ABBOTT’S BITTERS, The Great Race!! 5000 Bottles Sold in 30 Days!!, Old Dr. Wm. Abbott Ahead, Druggists and Grocers who wish for this article, will please address themselves to the Proprietor, C. A. Richards, 89 State Street, Boston, July 19, 1855, The Vermont Patriot and State Gazette, September 21, 1855
Predecessor to Dr. Abbott’s Bitters and C. A. Richards’ Abbott Bitters. See s2 A 3.4

26 July 2019 | Friday

Drakes Military Parade…

The Druggist HandBook of Private Formulas by John N. Nelson, Cleveland, Ohio, 1878 references a few bitters formulas. Look at the alcohol content!

Here is a booklet that references an unlisted bitters. Now added to BBs2.

M 51.1 MAXHAM’S HAPPY HOME BITTERS, Maxham’s Little Hand-Book of Useful Information. Trade Mark. Published by Ed. A. Maxham, Bethel, Vermont. Large notice on page within: Maxham’s Happy Home Bitters description and testimonials, Sold at 50 Cents per Bottle. Dec. 30, 1875. Back page: All orders and communications should be addressed to Ed. A. Maxham, Pharmacist, Bethel, Windsor County, Vermont. P.O. Box, 110.

Bill of Lading
I 27.5 IRON BITTERS, Received of M. W. Marshall, Manufacturers of and Dealer in Patent Medicines, No. 14 Oak Street, Fond du Lac, Wis., … doz. Iron Bitters, 8.00 …, June 8, 1888
M. W. Marshall, Patent Medicines, 14-16 Oak, res 9 Oak, Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, City Directory, 1897

25 July 2019 | Thursday

Hard to believe that this time next week we will be at Mike & Julie Newmans Open House. Wow, time is flying by. Squeezing in some Bitters Bottles Supplement 2 (BBs2) work each day.

These two gentleman seem pretty excited with being offered a beautiful bottle of National Stomach Bitters with two servings of their favorite drink. Unlisted trade card from Joe Gourd.

Trade card
N 11.5 NATIONAL STOMACH BITTERS, Illustration of two seated gentleman being served a tray with a bottle of National Stomach Bitters and two glasses by a beautiful woman. Drink National Stomach Bitters. I. Michelson & Bros., Cincinnati, O. Reverse blank.
I. Michelson & Bros. (Morris Michelson), Cincinnati, Ohio. 1896-1918

Odd reference to Nevada Valley Tonic Bitters.

Printers proof
N 19.5 NEVADA VALLEY TONIC BITTERS, Trade Mark. Incomplete printers proof as centered circle has no graphics.

Here is a trade card from Joe Gourd for an unlisted bitters. Working in ‘M’s” today.

Trade card
M 61.5 McMURTRY’S TONIC AND STRENGTHENING BITTERS Illustration young girl bathing a boy in a tub. Manufactured at Conneautville, Pa. 50 Cents a Bottle
William T. McMurtry was a druggist and physician in Conneautville, Pa. according to 1870 and 1880 United Stated Federal Census reports. He later practiced and died in Eugene, Oregon.

24 July 2019 | Wednesday

An aqua corn stands proud in the field.

An interesting label proof for National Stomach Bitters by Kurtz Medical Co. in Pittsburgh. What is interesting here, is that the label can now be matched up with the elusive embossed bottle and a trade card previously listed in the Bitters Bottles books. Card from Joe Gourd. Bottle from Glass Works Auctions.

Label Proof
N 11 NATIONAL STOMACH BITTERS, Illustration of perched eagle, An Alterative Anti-Bilious and Tonic Preparation, A Certain and Speedy Cure for all forms of Dyspepsia and Indigestion, Biliousness …, Directions – A small wine-glassful three times a day, before meals. Manufactured by Kurtz Medical Co., Sole Proprietors, Pittsburgh, PA.
Kurtz Medical Co., Bitters, 134 Water St., Room 15, 1890 Pittsburgh City Directory, See embossed bottle N 11, Trade card BBs.

23 July 2019 | Tuesday

Summertime is for corn.

Three of my Normandy Herb & Root Stomach Bitters paired with a Joe Gourd trade card that I have not seen before.

Here is an advertising piece for National Botanic Bitters I have not seen before from Joe Gourd.

N 10.5 NATIONAL BOTANIC BITTERS, Illustration showing a woman in fancy period dress and hat holding an umbrella. The Latest and Best Purifier, Tonic, Alterative and Digestive. Manufactured by the (looks to be printing error with missing copy)
Alex Horlick, George Horlick and William Carre organized the Horlick Medicine Co. with capital stock of $5,000, the object being to manufacture Carre’s National Botanic Bitters, Racine, Journal, January 30, 1889.

22 July 2019 |Monday

A couple of more “M’s” from Joe Gourd.

Packaging Print Advertisement
M 53.3 DR. McCRAITH’S TONIC CATHARTIC BITTERS, Dr. McCraith would respectfully offer this Medicine to his friends and the public, for the relief and cure of Dyspepsia, all kinds of Liver Complaints…, He has used it for many years with great success among his patients in Central New York. Prepared by Mrs. McCraith, under the Dr.’s supervision. It can be procured at No. 200 Genesee Street, Utica, N.Y. Also from F. M. Smith, Fort Plain, Price $1.00 per bottle. Directions with each bottle.
Patrick McCraith, M.D. office 200 Genesee, h same, Utica, New York, City Directory, 1863

M 51.7 McBRADY’S STIMULATING BITTERS, For Men, Women and Children, Builds Up Weak Tired Systems, Harmless but 100%Good, 12 Fluid Ounces, Only $1:00, Manufactured and Guaranteed By J. E. McBrady & Co., Manufacturers and Chemists, Chicago, Ill. Over 40 Years In Business.
John Emmett McBrady, pres. J. E. McBrady & Co.; mfrs. of toilet goods, since July 1, 1904, 1045 – 1049 W. Van Buren St., Chicago, The Book of Chicagoans: A Biographical Dictionary of Leading Living Men of the City of Chicago, A.N. Marquis, 1911

21 July 2019 | Sunday

Pretty cool broadside submitted by Joe Gourd for Brama-Taffel-Bitter from Copenhagen. Actually was able to find online, an image of a labeled bottle.

B 199.5 L … Brama-Taffel-Bitter, Mansfeld-Bullner & Lassen, Kiobenhavn (Copenhagen), 1871 Jubilæum 1896, illustration awards, medallions and crest.
Clear oval flask
B 199.5 BRAMA-TAFFEL-BITTER, Mansfeld-Bûllners, Sudhets-Taffel-Bitter. Pris pr. Flaska 1 Kr. 50 öre, illustration awards and medallions, text in Dutch, Dr. Hess, Berlin

Here are a few more as we finish the “M” material from Joe Gourd for Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. We’re going to file the Cinderella stamp under “R.”

Cinderella Stamp
R 29.6 REGENSBURGER MAGENBITTER, Illustration of labeled bottle in yellow cameo. Likörfabrik A. Hönigsberg & Sohn (son), Regensburg
Regensburg is a city in southeast Germany, at the confluence of the Danube, Naab and Regen rivers.

Trade card
M 161.5 MUSCLE-INE BITTERS Pictures a young woman’s back-of-head portrait. Find my Wife and my Mother-in-Law. Muscle-in Bitters. Reverse: Use Muscle-ine Bitters for all Complaints of the Stomach… Van Bokkelen, Lawson Co. Chicago. For Sale by all Druggists.

Trade card
M 133.3 MORNING GLORY WINE BITTERS, Illustration horse shoe, Good Luck, Frank E. Doremus, 119 to 123 Water St., Paterson, N.J. Reverse: Doremus’ List of Great Remedies. Dysentery & Cholera Drops, Hydrophobia Remedies, Morning Glory Wine Bitters… Pure Herbs For Medicinal Use, Also, Eradicator for cleaning Clothing.
Frank E. Doremus, Patent Medicine, 123 Water Street, Paterson, New Jersey, 1892, 1893 New Jersey Directory

20 July 2019 | Saturday

Working on some unlisted “M” material from Joe Gourd for Bitters Bottle Supplement 2. Here is a super booklet listing a Montserrat Lime-Juice Bitters. The term Limey is thought to have originated in the 1850s as lime-juicer, later shortened to “limey”, and originally used as a derogatory word for sailors in the British Royal Navy. Since the beginning of the 19th century it had been the practice of the Royal Navy to add lime juice to the sailors’ daily ration of grog. British ships full of Limes would leave the West Indies destined for shipping ports around world.

M 123.7 MONTSARRAT LIME-FRUIT BITTERS, Cover: The Island of Montserrat, Its History & Development, Chiefly as Regards to its Lime Tree Plantations with a short description of Lime Fruit Juice & its use as a Medicinal Agent & as a Beverage. Inside advertisement: Montserrat Lime-Fruit Bitters. Prepared with the Fruit of the Lime Tree grown on the Olveston Plantation of the Montserrat Company Limited, in the Island of Montsarrat, West Indies. Sole Consignees – Evans, Sons & Co., Liverpool, Evans, Lescher & Webb, London, H. Sugden Evans & Co., Montreal (Canada), and Rouse’s Point, New York
Newspaper Advertisement
M 123.7 MONTSARRAT LIME-FRUIT BITTERS made from Lime Fruit. Sole Consignees – Evans, Sons & Co., Liverpool, Special Agents – Evans, Lescher & Webb, London; and Crosse and Blackwell, London, The Freeman’s Journal (Dublin, Ireland), September 14, 1881

Here is a piece for Monarch Stomach Bitters which I’ve mentioned before. Read: Cincinnati Bitters Spotting A cross reference of directories.

M 119.4 MONARCH STOMACH BITTERS, Illustration Trade Mark Stags Head, Monarch Stomach Bitters, A Rapid and Permanent cure for Dispepsia, Indigestion, Liver Complaint, … Williams & Co., Sole Proprietors and Manufacturers, 295 Cutter Street., Cincinnati, Ohio, 1882
Williams, Brodie & Co., (Harry W., F. E. B. & Thos. J. Hawkins), Manufacturers Monarch Stomach Bitters, 295 Cutter, 1879 Williams Cincinnati Ohio Directory

Trade cards
M 117.5 MOHAWK STOMACH BITTERS, Is a remarkable Alterative and Tonic, a sure cure for all diseases of Stomach, Liver Kidneys and Skin…etc. 50cts, and $1 a bottle, All druggists, John Bagshaw, Agent, Riverhead, L.I., N.Y., Reverse blank

Trade card
M 77.9 MEXICAN CACTUS BITTERS, Try Mexican Cactus Bitters, “The Most Popular Remedy.” Reverse: Prof. Juan Rodriguez Celebrated Mexican Cactus Bitters. For Fifty Years past, these Bitters have been the popular Household Remedy of the Mexican people… Meyerfeld & Mitchell, 312 Front Street, S.F., Sole Agents for the United States.

Trade card
M 5.5 MADILL’S TONIC BITTERS, Illustration man making chicken shadow on wall, The Chicken, I want 20,000 people to come to my store and examine my stock and get prices. I manufacture Madill’s Tonic Bitters, the best in the world. Thomas Madill, Druggist, 303 Hamilton Street, Saginaw City, Mich.
Thomas H. Madill, Druggist, w s Hamilton bet Court and Franklin, bds Maria M Andrus, S C., Polk’s Saginaw Michigan City Directory, 1881

M 46.5 L … Masquelet’s Aromatic Stomach Bitters, One wineglassful taken three times a day before meals will be certain Cure for Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint and Every Species of Indigestion. Prepared by F. Masquelet & Bro. Chicago, Ill.
Frank and John Masquelet, Druggists, 3452 S. Halsted St., Chicago, 1886 Handy Business Directory of Chicago

Tag Card
M 6.5 MAGADORA BITTER TONIC, TM (Trade mark illustration plate, ribbon, grapes, bears head and roses), Use Magadora The Great Bitter Tonic, reverse blank

M 27.5 L . . . Mandrakoe Blood and Liver Bitters, For Dyspepsia, Sour Stomach, etc. to be taken immediately after meals. Directions. Adults, 1 to 2 teaspoonsfuls; for children under 12 years

Bill of Lading
M 104.5 DR. MITCHELL’S JAUNDICE BITTERS, Received of Geo. C. Goodwin at the hands of J. M. Carleton 6 Bottles Indian Vegetable and Sarsaparilla Bitters, at 50 cts. per Bottle, Papers Dr. Mitchell’s Jaundice Bitters, at 25 cts, per Paper, To sell on Commission of 33 1/3 per cent, or return when called for. Dated 1847. See BB I 25

19 July 2019 | Friday

This advertisement submitted by Joe Gourd contained two unlisted bitters! Daily Double!

Directory Advertisement, 1867
M 76.5 METROPOLITAN COCKTAIL BITTERS, Dr. D. S. Perry, Proprietor and Sole Manufacturer of Vegetable Tonic Bitters! and Metropolitan Cocktail Bitters; Wild Cherry and Raspberry Brandies… &c., Depot, 46 Bayard Street, Near Bowery, New York. See s2V 12.5
Directory Advertisement, 1867
V 12.5 VEGETABLE TONIC BITTERS, Dr. D. S. Perry, Proprietor and Sole Manufacturer of Vegetable Tonic Bitters! and Metropolitan Cocktail Bitters; Wild Cherry and Raspberry Brandies… &c., Depot, 46 Bayard Street, Near Bowery, New York. See s2M 76.5

18 July 2019 | Thursday

In 1891, The Cook & Bernheimer Co. published a catalog of all their imported fine goods under the brand “Maure Frères” and American brands using their trade mark “Gold Lion.” This included Dr. Reutlinger’s Krauter Bitters, Gaulois Bitters, Gold Lion Celery Bitters, Granada Bitters, Dr. Van Petersen’s Orange Bitters, Stoughton Bitters, Stomach Bitters and Boonekamp Bitters. These all were listed in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2 with the exception of Gold Lion Celery Bitters which had been previously listed.

B 147 L … Boonekamp Bitters, T. Eberfeld & Straubacher, Eindhoven, Province of North Brabant, Holland, label signed T. Eberfeld & Straubacher. From an 1891 Maure Frères Fine Liqueurs catalog. Illustration showing Boonekamp Bitters, Quarts and Pints. Lady’s leg, See s2G 122, M 49.5 and R 40.3
G 7.5 L … Gaulois Bitters, Amer Gaulois, Maure Frères, Bordeaux & New York, The finest French drinking bitters made. Illustration of award medallions on label.
1891 Maure Frères Fine Liqueurs catalog illustration showing Gaulois Bitters, Lady’s leg, Amber
See s2G 122 and R 40.3
G 86.7 L … Amargo de Granada, Granada Bitters, From an 1891 Maure Frères Fine Liqueurs catalog. Illustration showing Granada Bitters, Similar in flavor to Angostura. The best cocktail bitter extant. Packed in cases of one and two dozen each, See s2G 122, M 49.5 and R 40.3
M 49.5 L … Maure’s Aromatic Bitters, signed Maure Frères, Bordeaux & New York
1891 Maure Frères Fine Liqueurs catalog illustration showing Maure’s Aromatic Bitters
See s2G 122 and R 40.3. The Cook & Bernheimer Co. published a catalog of all their imported fine goods under the brand “Maure Freres” and American brands using their trade mark “Gold Lion.” This included Dr. Reutlinger’s Krauter Bitters, Gaulois Bitters, Gold Lion Celery Bitters, Granada Bitters, Dr. Van Petersen’s Orange Bitters, Stoughton Bitters, Stomach Bitters and Boonekamp Bitters.
R 40.3 L …. Dr. Reutlinger’s Krauter Bitter, Dagmersellen, signature Dr. Reutlinger, Crest and shield, illustration of cabin and seaside port with town, mountains and train.
Maure Freres Fine Liqueurs catalog illustration Krauter’s Bitters, Lady’s Leg, Amber
Dagmersellen is a municipality in the district of Willisau in the canton of Lucerne in Switzerland.
A Swiss bitters, See s2G 122
V 9.5 L . . . Doctor Van Petersen’s Orange Bitter, Petersen’s name in script. From an 1891 Maure Frères Fine Liqueurs catalog. Illustration showing Dr. Van Petersen’s Orange Bitter, Lady’s leg, A fine drinking Bitter: the very best article to use with Sherry. It is largely used in England. See s2G 122, M 49.5 and R 40.3

13 July 2019 | Saturday

Still working through Joe Gourd’s “K” unlisted bitters material for BBs2. Here are a few more.

K 22.3 L … Kelly’s Superior Aromatic Bitters, Registered Red Ribbon Brand Trade Mark, A specially prepared bitters containing Angostura Bark Cinnamon and other Tonic Herbs. Prepared and Bottled by The Kingston Liquor Stores Ltd. 92 Harbour St.

12 July 2019 | Friday

New listings for Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. Bitters previously unlisted. Examples from Joe Gourd.

Cinderella Stamp
K 86.5 KYSELAK FEINSTER MAGENBITTER, Illustration of mountain climber painting Kyselak Feinster Magenbitter on rock. Kyselak Fabrik (Factory) Hamburg. Barmbeckerstr. 28.
Josef Kyselak (9 March 1798 – 17 September 1831) was an Austrian civil servant, mountaineer and travel writer. He became famous for his habit to tag his name onto prominent places during his hikes across the Austrian Empire.

Business Card
K 58.5 KIOWA INDIAN FOREST BITTTERS, D. K. Wertman, Manufacturer of Pure Corn Malt Vinegar, Kiowa Indian Forest Bitters, Fancy Syrups, Cordials, &c., &c., Centralia, Columbia County, Penn., reverse blank
Daniel K. Wertman, Liquor Merchant, age 36, Centralia, Columbia, Pennsylvania, 1870 United States Federal Census

Trade cards
K 85.5 E. F. KUNKEL’S BITTER WINE OF IRON, Illustrations of playing children, Will effectually cure Liver Complaint, Jaundice, Dyspepsia… Price per Bottle $1.00 or 6 Bottles for $5.00. Advice at Office & Store, free, 259 N. Ninth Street, Philad’a Penna. Go and see the Doctor. See page 336 in Bitters Bottles.
Edward F. Kunkel, patent medicines, 259 N. 9th, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, City Directory, 1883

09 July 2019 | Tuesday

King B Bitters trade card from Joe Gourd.

Trade card
K 46.5 KING B BITTERS, Illustration of large bee on bald headed gentleman, King (bee) Bitters, reverse: For Bright Eyes, Fair Complexion and Good Digestion use King B Bitters

08 July 2019 | Monday

Some really cool material from Joe Gourd, indexed and prepped for Bitters Bottles Supplement 2.

Cinderella Stamps
B 43.5 BECHER BITTER, Gentleman with tray, glasses and a bottle of Becher Bitter, Original Becher Bitter, Seit 1807 bekannt!, Mein Retter 1840, ein schöner Traum 1880, 1900, Auch was für mich! 1913
Karlsbader Becherbitter is a herbal bitters often drunk as a digestive aid. It was invented by Josef Vitus Becher in 1807 in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic.
Advertising Post Card
B 43.5 BECHER BITTER, Illustrated black man instructing a monkey to jump down from the neck of a bottle of Original Becher Karlsbader Bitter, Becherbitter, Gegr. 1807

Trade cards
L 122.4 DR. LORINGS WILD CHERRY BITTERS, Classical paintings of women bathing or swimming nude, reverse: Ask for Kalamazoo Celery-Pepsin Bitters… Dr. Loring’s Wild Cherry Bitters Are a splendid stimulant and light tonic. Try them. Manufactured By The P. L. Abbey Co., Kalamazoo, Mich. See K 6 Kalamazoo Celery-Pepsin Bitters.
The P. L. Abbey Co., Kalamazoo, Mich., Kalamazoo Celery Nerve and Blood Tonic. Loring’s Liver Pills, Loring’s Cough Tablets., Annual Report, Volume 15, Proprietary Association 1897 – Patent medicines
Major Perley L. Abbey, proprietor, The P. L. Abbey Co. mnfg. pharmacists; celery preparations, 501 Walbridge, Kalamazoo, Michigan, City Directory, 1899

07 July 2019 | Sunday

Facsimile banknote now listed in BBs2. From Joe Gourd.

Facsimile Banknote
L 84.5 LEWIS’ VEGETABLE STOMACH BITTERS, Frank Lewis, Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Groceries, Notions, Stationery, Tobacco and Cigars. No. 9 Main St. Warsaw, N.Y. Manufacturer of Lewis’ Vegetable Stomach Bitters, the Best in the World. 3 D, Act of May 10, 1869. Reverse: This bill is good for Five Per Cent in payment for all Cash Purchases…January 1st, 1876

06 July 2019 | Saturday

Added this cool trade card in the form of a diecut fan in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. Piece from Joe Gourd. Related to Pawnee Long Life Bitters.

Advertising Fan
L 118.7 LONG LIFE BITTERS, Die-cut fan, front: two children playing game on wall, reverse: G. Rottanzi, Dealer in Pure California and Foreign Wines and Liquors. Manufacturer of Champagne Cider, Sarsaparilla Beer, Raspberry Champagne, and the Celebrated “Long Life Bitters” 1027 Market St. & 1012 Valencia St. San Francisco.
Charles Albert Burgess (C. A. Burgess & Co.) buys the business of Giesue Rottanzi in 1890, who produced Long Life Bitters and other patent medicines. Their new product was called Pawnee Long Life Bitters, See P 35

05 July 2019 | Friday

Three unlisted bitters gleaned from these two trade cards from Joe Gourd. New BBs2 listings.

Trade card
L 4.5 LAGONI’S CELEBRATED STOMACH BITTERS, front showing flag of Denmark, another of the United States flag. Reverse Price-List. Lagoni’s Celebrated Stomach Bitters and Lagoni’s Cough and Cold Cordial. The two best Family Medicines known. 1 Full size Bottle $1.00, 1 Half size Bottle 50 cents. Agents wanted on this medicine only. Peter Madsen Lagoni, Wholesale Liquor Dealer, 690 W. North Ave. Cor. Western Ave. Chicago, Ill.
L 4.8 LAGONI’S PURE AQUAVIT or OLD COUNTRY BITTERS, How to Retain Your Health. Each meal take a small glass. Peter Madsen Lagoni, 690 W. North Ave. Cor. Western Ave., History of Chicago and Souvenir of the Liquor Interest: The Nation’s Choice for the Great Columbian Exposition, 1893, Belgravia Publishing Company, 1891. Aquavit derives from the Latin aqua vitae, “water of life.”
Trade card
M 21.5 MALURT BITTERS, front showing flag of Denmark, another of the United States flag. Reverse Price-List. Malurt Bitters. Gallon 2 .75, Case 12 Full Quarts 9.00, Bottle 85. Peter Madsen Lagoni, Wholesale Liquor Dealer, 690 W. North Ave. Cor. Western Ave. Chicago, Ill. Malurt is Norwegian for Wormwood. See s2L 4.5 and s2L 4.8

Another unlisted bitters from Joe.

Business Card
L 28.5 DR. LA ROCHE’S CELEBRATED STOMACHIC BITTERS, Thompson and Warner, Importers and Wholesale Dealers in W. I. Goods, Wines, Liquors, Cordials, Cigars, Tobaccoes, &c., No. 13 India Street, opposite New Custom House,) J. Thompson, B. F. Warner, } Boston. Sole Agents for Dr. La Roche’s Celebrated Stomachic Bitters., Boston. Probably Dr. Rene La Roche, who was born in Philadelphia in 1795 and died in 1872.

04 July 2019 | Thursday

03 July 2019 | Wednesday

New additions from Joe Gourd to Bitters Bottles Supplement 2.

L 111  DR. LOEW’S CELEBRATED STOMACH BITTERS AND NERVE TONIC, The Loew & Sons Co., Growers of California Wines & Brandies. Importers & Wholesale Liquor Dealers. Sole Proprietors, Dr. Loew’s Celebrated Stomach Bitters and Nerve Tonic, Established 1873, John A. Loew, Pres’t, Dan Loew, Vice Pres’t, Chas H. Loew, Sec’y, 392, 394, 396 & 398 Erie St., Cleveland, O., Sept. 12, 1896
Post Cards
L 111  DR. LOEW’S STOMACH BITTERS, Our Mr. E. Bergman (fill in blank) will take pleasure in calling on you in a few days. The Loew & Sons Co., Cleveland, O. Sole Proprietors Dr. Loew’s Stomach Bitters, Feb 6, 1909. Reverse: Various scenic Cleveland color illustrations such as Central Viaduct (2 examples), Public Square, Gen. Moses Cleveland Monument, Spring Freshet – Rocky River and University Circle.

01 July 2019 | Monday

New addition to Bitters Bottles Supplement 2.

K 76.5 L … Kratos Wine Bitters, Kratos Means Strength, Kratos, a genuine tonic tempts the appetite, induces restful sleep, invigorates the body and strengthens the nerve. Half a Wine Glass Before Meals, and Upon Retiring, Approximately 25 Fluid Ounces. Rochester Distilling Co., Rochester, N. Y. Average Alcoholic Contents 18 Per Cent.
Rochester Distilling Co. was the successor to the Duffy Malt Whiskey Co., which began in 1842 as Walter B Duffy distilling enterprises. It was renamed the Rochester Distilling Co. in 1882, with Walter B. Duffy serving as President.
K 76.5 KRATOS WINE BITTERS will make the blood glow, Price $1.00, For sale only at F. M. Doyle & Company’s, 38 Hanover street, Boston, Mass., Boston Post, March 3, 1917

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Daily Dose | June 2019

June  | 2019

See Daily Dose January – April 2019

See Daily Dose May 2019

30 June 2019 | Sunday

Wonderful catalog and trade card with new listings for King’s Dandelion & Hop Bitters.

Price List and Catalogue
K 53.2 KING’S DANDELION & HOP BITTERS, Price, 50 Cents, Advertisement noted on page 13 in Weismann & Muellenbach’s Popular, Reasonable and Reliable Family Medicines, Perfumery and Toilet Articles. Established 1853, Wholesale & Retail Druggists & Manufacturing Chemists, No. 9 Bible House, Cor. Astor Place, 8th St. & 4th Ave., New York.
Billboard Envelope
K 53.2 KING’S DANDELION AND HOP BITTERS, Reverse: Will Relieve…It will Cure…It will Remove…The King of All Bitters. Price 50 cents. For Sale by all Dealers in Medicines. Front: Weismann & Muellenbach, The Champions of Low Prices, No. 9 Bible House, Cor. Astor Place, 4th Ave. and 8th St., New York.

This letterhead from Joe Gourd had three additions to Bitters Bottles Supplement 2.

J 1.7 JACK POT LAXATIVE BITTER TONIC, J. B. Scheuer Co. Originated 1829 at Deutsch Jassnik Moravia, Austria, Importers and Manufacturers of Neuropin Stomach Bitters, Jack Pot Laxative Bitter Tonic, Oro Kidney & Liver Tonic, Slavish Crown Medicated Bitter Wine, Extracts of Bitter Herbs… 22 W. Kinzie St. Chicago, Adolph Bondy,
N 18 NEUROPIN STOMACH BITTERS, J. B. Scheuer Co. Originated 1829 at Deutsch Jassnik Moravia, Austria, Importers and Manufacturers of Neuropin Stomach Bitters, Jack Pot Laxative Bitter Tonic, Oro Kidney & Liver Tonic, Slavish Crown Medicated Bitter Wine, Extracts of Bitter Herbs… 22 W. Kinzie St. Chicago, Adolph Bondy, Mgr., Oct. 27, 1915
S 116.5 SLAVISH CROWN MEDICATED BITTER WINE, J. B. Scheuer Co. Originated 1829 at Deutsch Jassnik Moravia, Austria, Importers and Manufacturers of Neuropin Stomach Bitters, Jack Pot Laxative Bitter Tonic, Oro Kidney & Liver Tonic, Slavish Crown Medicated Bitter Wine, Extracts of Bitter Herbs… 22 W. Kinzie St. Chicago, Adolph Bondy, Mgr., Oct. 27, 1915

Roses used to illustrate the fronts of the advertising trade cards for Halkett’s Health Bitters submitted by Joe Gourd. Now cataloged in BBs2.

Trade cards
H 7.5 HALKETT’S HEALTH BITTERS. (Rose illustrations) An Appetizer before meals; a digester after meals. Reverse: They are a table Cordial. If your dealer cannot supply you, drop a postal card to H. Halkett, 8 Beach St., New York.
Advertisement: Halkett’s Health Bitters, An exquisite appetizer and digester, The New York Times, 06 February, 1884

29 June 2019 | Saturday

Working my way through lots of material that has to be researched and catalogued in the forthcoming Bitters Bottles Supplement 2.

I 22.5  INDIAN ROOT BITTERS, Office of M. C. Strasburger, Wholesale and Retail Dealer on Liquors, Tobaccos Cigars and Manufacturer of Indian Root Bitters. Fredericksburg, Va., April 3, 1894

J 25.2  JAUNDICE BITTERS, Prepared by J. Daniell, Dedham, Ms. Late Agent for J. Wheaton, who has relinquished the business. In future no Box will be genuine unless the letters J. D. are stamped on the lid, and Directions signed J. Daniell. Price 37 ½ cts.
Middlebury Free Press (Middlebury, Vermont), March 7, 1832: Wheaton’s Well Known Jaundice Bitters, hereafter be offered with J. D. stamped on the lid, and directions signed by J. Daniell. Dedham, Mass. September 5, 1831.
See W 82 in Bitters Bottles

D 91.5  DOWS’ FAMILY BITTERS, Catalogue of Medicinal Plants and Proprietary Medicines Sold By A. W. Dows & Co., Apothecaries, 213 Central Street, Lowell, Mass., Page 8: Dows’ Family Bitters. A worthy Family Medicine and Perfectly Safe for Persons of Any Age or Condition. Price 75 Cents.
Amos W. (Wright) Dows, Apothecary – 1860 United States Federal Census
A. W. Dows & Co. (Amos W. & Azro M.), apothecaries and botanic druggists, 213 Central – Lowell, Massachusetts, City Directory, 1892

28 June 2019 | Friday

Working through some great material for Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. Here are a few.

H 7.3 HALLER’S AROMATIC LAXATIVE BITTERS, Samuel P. Haller. Wholesale Dealer in Pure Rye Whiskies. Specialties: Haller’s Aromatic Laxative Bitters, Haller’s Boonekamp Bitters, 1153 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa., Oct. 4, 1910
H 7.5 HALLER’S BOONEKAMP BITTERS, Samuel P. Haller. Wholesale Dealer in Pure Rye Whiskies. Specialties: Haller’s Aromatic Laxative Bitters, Haller’s Boonekamp Bitters, 1153 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa., Oct. 4, 1910

Advertising Envelope
F 64.7 DR. FONTAINE’S REVIVING BITTERS AND FEBRIFUGE, Large envelope, To be taken by every individual, as a sovereign Remedy for all Organic and Chronic Affections, and for Impurities of the Blood and Fluids. Price, – $1, Sold, Wholesale and Retail, at No. 11 Summer Street, Boston, Mass.
F 64.7 DR. FONTAINE’S REVIVING BITTERS AND FEBRIFUGE, The Linnaean Grotto; Kept by Dr. Fontaine’s Family, 11 Summer Street, Three Doors from Washington Street, Boston. Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1846, by A. de Fontaine in the clerks office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts.
15 -1/2″ x 10-1/4″
F 64.7 DR. FONTAINE’S REVIVING BITTERS AND FEBRIFUGE, The Book of Prudential Revelations: or The Golden Bible of Nature and Reason, and the Confidential Doctor at Home, A. de Fontaine author, 1845, (507 pages) Prospectus. Doctor Fontaine, well known in the Eastern States, and more especially in Connecticut, as a medical writer and a skillful physician, has, at great expense, prepared an original Medical work, which is now in press…

G 81 DR. GOULD’S BOTANIC BITTERS, Dr. S. N. Gould, Proprietor of Dr. Gould’s Good Samaritan’s Remedy, Botanic Bitters, Cough and Lung Balsam, Dr. Beach’s Pills, Hemlock and Cedar Plaster, &c., On Railroad Street, North of Depot., West Randolph, Vt. 188_
Newspaper notice: A Compliment. – Dr. S. N. Gould., of West Randolph, had a high compliment paid over in Ripton to the medicines he puts up., Argus and Patriot (Montpelier, Vermont), September 25, 1873

F 64.3 DR. H. F. FOLSOM WILD CHERRY BITTERS, Pain Expeller, Magic Antidote for Fever and Ague, Oxygenated Syrup, Spring Bitters, Stoughton Bitters, Worm Wood Cordial. Bought of Henry F. Folsom, No. 6 Coenties Slip, Corner Water St. New York, October 4th, 1864

27 June 2019 | Thursday

Nice letterhead from Louis Taussig & Co. San Francisco for Dr. Cooper’s Grand Prize Bitters. I pictured it along with my bottle. Noted as G 89 in Bitters Bottles where another similar letterhead is pictured on page 251.

26 June 2019 | Wednesday

Like this example! Attic found, embossed on two sides, GEO.C.HUBBEL & CO. Label partially reads “Hubbell & Co. Golden Bitters”. Bottle is 10 1/2” tall x 3 3/4” wide x 2 3/4” thick. Interior has some contents and crystalized contents coating. Cork is still sealed but worn away from age. – eBay

Read: Geo C Hubbel & Co – Unlisted Variant – Golden Bitters

25 June 2019 | Tuesday

Coffee in the lobby of my hotel, midtown Nashville adjacent to Vanderbilt University, one of our clients but not why I am here. Another client close-by.Anyway look at this outstanding black and gold label for Germania Bitters. It doesn’t get much better than this.

24 June 2019 | Monday

Off to Nashville for a few days on business. Hopefully my next to last trip with my wheelchair. Augusta next week. Anyway look at this cool card from Joe Gourd. Two bitters spotted and cataloged in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2.

Trade card
H 142.3 HOLLAND BITTERS, Elaborate and playful illustration of products including a box of Holland Bitters (possibly North’s Holland Bitters reference), A Happy New Year, 1884, Ohio Wine Co., Martin’s Ferry, Ohio
The Ohio Wine Company of Martin’s Ferry, Ohio was incorporated in 1885 with $75,000 in capital stock.
Trade card
S 101.5 SHOO FLY BITTERS, Elaborate and playful illustration of products including a box of Shoo Fly Bitters. A Happy New Year, 1884, Ohio Wine Co., Martin’s Ferry, Ohio
The Ohio Wine Company of Martin’s Ferry, Ohio was incorporated in 1885 with $75,000 in capital stock.

21 June 2019 | Friday

Hutchings Vegetable Dyspepsia Bitters – New York reference on the back flap of an envelope. Only 2 known. One in black and one damaged one in brown. Ben Swanson has both in his collection.

15 June 2019 | Saturday

Still working on ‘G’ listings added to Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. All from the Joe Gourd collection.

G 89.5 L … Grandfather’s Perfect Orange Bitters, Portrait, A Compound American Product. Established 1885. Guaranteed Under the Food and Drugs Act June 30 1906, Serial No. 18290

Read: Grandfather’s Perfect Orange Bitters

G 89.7 GRANDMA’S WILD CHERRY BITTERS, Indianapolis Cordial Co. Sole Manufacturers of Grandpa’s Celery and Pepsin Bitters and Grandma’s Wild Cherry Bitters, Oval illustrations of Grandpa and Grandma pouring their respective bitters. Trade Mark, Indianapolis, Sep 26 1900
G 89.9 GRANDPA’S CELERY AND PEPSIN BITTERS, Indianapolis Cordial Co. Sole Manufacturers of Grandpa’s Celery and Pepsin Bitters and Grandma’s Wild Cherry Bitters, Oval illustrations of Grandpa and Grandma pouring their respective bitters. Trade Mark, Indianapolis, Sep 26 1900

14 June 2019 | Friday

Some new ‘G’ listings added to Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. All from the Joe Gourd collection.

Trade card
G 42.3 Gilbey’s Orange Bitters, W. J. Van Schuyver & Co. Wholesale Wine and Liquor Dealers, 63 Front St., Portland, Oregon. Agents for Cyrus Noble Whiskies, W. A. Gilbey’s Orange Bitters etc.
Advertisement: The Gazette (Montreal, Quebec), April 17, 1919, Quality Liquor Store, Liqueurs, Gilbey’s Orange Bitters, $1.25 Per Bottle

G 43.5 DOCTOR GILMAN’S FIFTY CENT TONIC BITTERS, Laboratory of Gilman, Dorsey & Co., Depot for Doctor Gilman’s Home Remedies, Fifty Cent Tonic Bitters, Stimulant, Diuretic and Alterative, Columbia, Mo., March 19, 1873

G 45.5 GIPSY STOMACH BITTERS, Henry C. MacErlain, Broker and Wholesale Dealer in Straight Rye Whiskies. Proprietor of the Gipsy Stomach Bitters and the Wild Myrtle Bitters. Branch Office: N. W. Cor. Fourth and Dauphin Streets, Philadelphia, 187_
W 116.3 WILD MYRTLE BITTERS, Henry C. MacErlain, Broker and Wholesale Dealer in Straight Rye Whiskies. Proprietor of the Gipsy Stomach Bitters and the Wild Myrtle Bitters. Branch Office: N. W. Cor. Fourth and Dauphin Streets, Philadelphia, 187_

Trade cards
G 73.5 GOODWIN’S LA REE BITTERS, Blood Tonic, 130 Franklin St., Baltimore, Md. Front duotone illustrations of children. Reverse blank.
Newspaper Advertisement
G 73.5 GOODWIN’S LAREE BITTERS & BLOOD TONIC, Strictly a French Preparation, John H. Goodwin. Proprietor, No. 130 Franklin Street., Baltimore.
The Bristol News (Bristol, Va. & Tenn.) October 3, 1882 also The Democratic Advocate (Westminster, Maryland), April 1, 1882

Read: Goodwin’s Laree Bitters – Baltimore

13 June 2019 | Thursday

Cool trade cards from Joe Gourd. New reference in BBs2.

Trade card
G 8.3 GEE’S MANDRAKE BITTERS, Illustrated drummer boy with horn playing monkey. Gee’s Pharmacy, Emporium for the Celebrated Mandrake Bitters & Pills, Madison, N.J., reverse blank.
The Madison Eagle, July 23, 1897, Gee’s Mandrake Bitters are being received with the same favor that they met with twenty years ago. Charles B. Gee, Dispensing Druggist, Burnet Block

11 June 2019 | Tuesday

‘Red’ hot Baker’s Orange Grove Bitters on this Hot Texas day!

10 June 2019 | Monday

Dear Mr. Meyer,

I am the project historian for the San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site, located just west of Houston on I-10 near Sealy. Our village, the home of Stephen F. Austin, was burned in March 1836. The Texas Historical Commission has been excavating a number of sites as part of our development of a new museum.

I am analyzing archeological artifacts for a furnishings plan for several reconstructed log cabins at the site. I have found the Peachridge Glass website to be very helpful, and in fact was looking for a contact for Mark Vuono to ask a question about a glass fragment that appears to me to be from a scroll flask. When I noticed that you are a Houston-area neighbor I thought I would start with you.

My first question for Mr. Vuono (and for you as well) is if this fragment looks to your experienced eye to be from a scroll flask? If so, would the size of star varied among the sizes of flasks, and if so, is it possible to determine the size of this flask based only on the surviving piece?

I very much would appreciate any insight. Please feel free to comment or put me in touch with Mr. Vuono.

I have a number of glass items that I am trying to identify and find usable copies (preferably reproduction) to use in my furnishings for a “hands-on” exhibit.

Thank you for any insight or help.


[PRG] I was able to confirm that it was indeed a star fragment from an aqua scroll flask. A quick study looks like it might be from a Louisville Glass Works quart scroll.

Some additional Fernet Bitters pieces with new catalog numbers for BBS2. All from Joe Gourd. Fernet is an Italian type of amaro, a bitter, aromatic spirit. Fernet is made from a number of herbs and spices which vary according to the brand, but usually include myrrh, rhubarb, chamomile, cardamom, aloe, and especially saffron, with a base of grape distilled spirits.

C 88.6 L … Cee-Bee Fernet Style Bitters, Manufactured by The Cook & Bernheimer Co. New York, U.S.A. Guaranteed under the Pure Food & Drugs Act of June 30th 1906. Registered Guarantee No. 2643

F 15.5 L … Fernet – Bitters A Compound. Illustration of bottle with Fernet Bitters in script diagonally across the label. Logo monogram background pattern FB in circle with outer ring reading Fernet-Bitters. Superior to all other Fernets.

G 61.5 L … Gold Lion Fernet Style Bitters, Liqueur Quality, Manufactured by The Cook & Bernheimer Co. New York, U.S.A. Guaranteed under the Pure Food & Drugs Act of June 30th 1906. Registered Guarantee No. 2643. See s2C 88.6

09 June 2019 | Sunday

Three really cool pieces of Joe Gourd bitters ephemera written up today in Bitters Bottle Supplement 2.

Stock Certificate
G 97.5 Doctor Gray’s Great Eastern Bitters Manufacturing Co., Capital Stock $300,000. $10.00 Per Share. Illustration sidewinder paddle steamer sailing ship. Excerpt from the Carlisle Weekly Herald (Carlisle, Pennsylvania), June 7, 1877. Dr. Gray, the compounder of Gray’s Great Eastern Bitters, an alternative and tonic, resided in Philadelphia, in a little shop on the avenue, the front of which is placarded with posters and dodgers of all colors advertising the proprietor’s certain cure-all.

Diecut Poster or Sign
G 72.5 DR. GOOD’S AMERICAN STOMACH BITTERS, Beautiful young woman peering through floral lattice and curtain. The Great Tonic, Appetizer and Vitalizer. It Regulates the Liver and Kidneys and Preserves Life to a Sunshiny Old Age.

G 122 L … Dr. Gruessie – Adams. Krauter Bitter
// (motif monogram) HUA // c //
9 7/8 x 2 1/2 (5)
Round Amber,
Appenzell in der Schweiz. Crest and shield, illustrations of cabin and seaside port with town, mountains and train. Gruessie Adams Dr. M. in script on bottom. Appenzell is a historic canton in the northeast of Switzerland.

07 June 2019 | Friday

Back on the saddle trying to distinguish and update Saint Jacob’s Bitters (Cincinnati) and St. Joseph Bitters (St. Louis) historical posts and upcoming Bitters Bottles Supplement 2 listings. The S 13 Saint Jacob’s Bitters had the label, colors, and base information updated from BBs.

S 13 SAINT JACOB’S BITTER’S // f // f // f // // b // K Y G W CO // b // McC
L … Celebrated Saint Jacob’s Bitters, Saint Jacob’s Bitters Company, Cincinnati.
8 3/4 x 2 3/4 (6 1/2) 3/8
Square, Amber, Red amber, Yellow, LTC, Tooled lip and Applied mouth, Rare
BAR p100, TMS 359, WAT L114
Trade Mark December, 1882
Variant bottle known with an unmarked base.

The St. Jacob’s Bitters from St. Louis is only known from Joe Gourd trade cards.

Puzzle card
F 1.2 FALKE’S ST. JACOB’S BITTERS, Puzzle Card.- Find Bull, Two Deer, Camel, Chicken, Shrimp, Face, Monkey, Old Man Smoking Pipe, and a Bottle of St. Jacob’s Bitters. (over) Falke’s St. Jacob’s Bitters. A Sure Cure for Dyspepsia, Nervous Debility, and a Never Failing Appetizer and Blood Purifier. Manufactured by The Falke-Hall Medicine Co., St. Louis, Mo.
Trade cards
F 1.2 ST. JACOB’S BITTERS, Against Prohibition Series (reverse) The Falke Leads Them All (logo) J. Falke & Co. Manufactures of St. Jacob’s Bitters., Family Medicines, Laboratory, 418 Elm Street, St. Louis, Mo. J. Falke & Company dates the card from 1883 to 1888 when the company changed its name to The Falke-Hall Medicine Company.

05 June 2019 | Wednesday

Lot’s of tropical moisture and rain coming in off the gulf today. Up to 6″ rain predicted. Need to get these dogs out! Anyway, updated post and listings for Jockey Club House Bitters. This nice card is from Joe Gourd.

Also updated Imperial Crown Bitters. This is a really cool bitters as an example was found in Maine with a small paper hand-written druggist note dated July, 1870 attached to bottle.

10 x 3 (7 7/8) 3/8
Oversized Square, Amber, LTC, Applied mouth, 2 sp, Extremely rare.
The ‘S’ in ‘STARKS’ runs over the panel edge.
Example found in Maine with a small paper hand-written druggist note dated July, 1870 attached to bottle.
Newspaper Advertisement
I 4 IMPERIAL CROWN BITTERS, Use Imperial Crown Bitters, For Dyspepsia, For Liver Complaint, For Dysentery, For Debility, For All Disorders! Sold wholesale and retail by Harrison & Starks, Proprietors, Davenport, Iowa., The Rock Island Argus, February 10, 1870

Here are two more trade cards from Joe Gourd for Edwards’ Mandrake Bitters and Eagle Bitters that inspired new listings in BBs2.

Trade card
E 24.5 EDWARDS’ MANDRAKE BITTERS, Illustration child and cat on front, Reverse, Edwards’ Mandrake Bitters with Dandelion, Malt and Hops, For the Liver, Kidney, Nerves and Blood. 50 Cents per Bottle. 6 Bottles for $2.50. Edwards Chemical Co., Reading, For Sale by John B. Raser, Druggist, 154 & 156 N. 6th Street, Reading, Pa.
John B. Raser, druggist, 146 N. 6th, Reading, Pennsylvania, City Directory, 1877
Newspaper Advertisement
E 24.5 EDWARD’S MANDRAKE BITTERS, The world’s greatest renovator and health restoring tonic. A kidney, nerve and blood remedy that has proved its value for more than 50 years. 50c., or 6 Bottles for $2.50. Prepared by Wm. H. Raser, Sixth and Walnut Sts., Reading Times, May 11, 1907. Ads for the bitters continued up to 1939. William H. Raser was the son of Dr. John Bernard Raser.

Trade card
E 4.5 EAGLE BITTERS, (front portrait exotic woman) Compliments of Robert Atkinson & Co., St. Louis, Mo. (reverse price list) We offer the Home Manufacturing Co’s Celebrated Preparations. Home Stomach Bitters, qts., 1 doz. in case $6.00, pts. 2 doz. in case $6.50, Eagle Bitters, qts., 1 doz. in case $4.75. These goods require no U. S. Government license when sold as a medicine. See s2H 157

04 June 2019 | Tuesday

An interesting bright green, Loftus Peach Bitters (an English brand) sold over at Glass Works Auctions last night. Super strong embossing on these bottles.

Cleaning up the Lincoln Bitters listings in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. The first ad is important because the bitters was manufactured by Winkelmann Bitters Company in Fort Wayne in 1917. Robert Alfred Winkelmann was listed as a naturopath in 1918. The second advertisement shows the full Lincoln Bitters graphics campaign in 1920. The company name is now Lincoln Bitters Co.

Newspaper Advertisement
L 94 LINCOLN BITTERS, Reasons Why everybody should use Lincoln Bitters, the great and powerful Anti-Auto Toxin Remedy, The Unexcelled Spring Tonic, Lincoln Bitters is Manufactured by Winkelmann Bitters Company, Inc., 2703 Hoagland Ave., Fort Wayne, Indiana, The Fort Wayne News, April 5, 1917
Newspaper Advertisement
L 94 LINCOLN BITTERS, The Old and Famous Lincoln Bitters, Just Like Grandpa Used to Use Them, A Century Old Tonic and Herb Compound, Made in Fort Wayne by the Lincoln Bitters Co., The Indianapolis Star, December 14, 1920

Here is another reference to a Lincoln Stomach Bitters in 1862 that will now be listed in BBs2.

L 94.3 LINCOLN STOMACH BITTERS, Only sold at the store of W. Gerecke, on Pennsylvania avenue, between Four-and-a-half and Sixth streets, National Republican (Washington D.C.) April 13, 1861
William Gerecke, wines and liquors, 381 Pa ave., Washington, D.C., Washington, District of Columbia, City Directory, 1862

02 June 2019 | Sunday

Lot’s of folks headed to the Saratoga Bottle Show today. Here are revised listings for Dimmitt’s Bitters from Saint Louis. The billhead is from Joe Gourd.

D 75 DIMMITT’S ( au ) / 50 CTS BITTERS / SAINT LOUIS // (at base of panel) B.F.G. CO. //
6 ½ x 2 5/8 x 1 3/8 (4)
Flask – oval strap side, Amber, LTC, Applied mouth, Extremely rare
Marcellus Dimmitt, wholesale and retail dealer in drugs, patent medicines, chemical & c. established his business in Saint Louis 1864. The firm became M. Dimmitt & Bro. and then Dimmitt Hale & Co. (Robert S. Hale) from 1870 to 1874. See s2D 75.1
BAR p 155,UMB 559, WAT 108
D 75.1 DIMMITT’S TONIC BITTERS, R. S. Hale (Robert S. Hale), Importer & Dealer, Depot for Dimmitt’s Cough Balsam, Dimmitt’s Tonic Bitters, Ayer’s & Merrill’s Patent Medicines Etc., No. 51 Main Street, Granite Building, Helena, Montana, February 2, 1874. See D 75 Dimmitt’s 50 Cts Bitters from Saint Louis.

Another new listing for an unlisted De Lisser Bitters from the Joe Gourd collection.

Trade card
D 44.2 DE LISSER BITTERS (front) R. L. De Lisser, Manufacturing Chemist, No 23 Beekman Street, New York. 167 Washington Street, Chicago, Ill. (reverse) Price list for De Lisser’s Pure Concentrated Extract of Jamaica Ginger, Pure Angostura Bark Bitters, The Celebrated Old Knickerbocker Bitters, Fine Old Curacao Bitters, Empire Bitters and various syrups etc.
Richard L. Delisser, Chemist, 23 Beekman, New York. New York, City Directory, 1882

01 June 2019 | Saturday

Here is a new listing in BBs2 for a Davies Restorative Bitters billboard envelope that Joe Gourd submitted.

Advertising Envelope
D 26.1 DAVIES RESTORATIVE BITTERS (Billboard Envelope) Grundy & Brownfield Wool, Philadelphia. Reverse: J. H. Davies, Restorative Bitters, 1717 Market Street (Philadelphia, Pa.)
John H. Davies, Wholesale Liquor Dealer, 1717 Market, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 1870 United States Federal Census, Gopsill´s Philadelphia Business Directory, 1870

These two trade cards below for S. O. Dunbar started a chain reaction making us change the T 35 designation in Bitters Bottles to D 115.7. This also prompted the Peachridge Glass S.O. Dunbar & his Tomato (ya ya ya) Bitters post to be updated.

Trade card
D 115.5 S.O. DUNBAR LIFE BITTERS, S. O. Dunbar, Basement Post Office, Reverse: Manufacturer of Fluid Magnesia, Writing, Stencil & Dotting Ink, Swan’s Cherry Syrup, Shepard’s Condition Powder, Life Bitters. Taunton, Mass.
D 115.7 LIFE RENOVATING BITTERS, The Cheapest and Best Bitters to be had, Tomato, Sarsaparilla, Blackberry, Dandelion and Wild Cherry, Vegetable Compound Life Renovating Bitters. Prepared and sold by S. O. Dunbar, Taunton, Mass.
D 115.7 (Dunbar’s Life Bitters or Life Renovating Bitters) L … Tomato, Sarsaparilla, Blackberry, Dandelion and Wild Cherry, Vegetable Compound Life Renovating Bitters
S. O. DUNBAR / TAUNTON / MASS. // c //
7 1/4 x 3 1/4 (4 1/2)
Round, Aqua, LTC, Rough pontil mark
S. O. Dunbar, Sole Agent, Bank Row, Taunton, Mass.
S.O. Dunbar (Samuel Oliver Dunbar), apothecary and books, 9 and 10 Bank Row, Taunton. Taunton, Massachusetts, City Directory, 1859
BAR p40, UMB 519, WAT L45
Previously T 35 in Bitters Bottles

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