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19 August 2019 | Monday

Some nice material for BBs2. The Aerie Bitters reference is from Joe Gourd.

Trade card
A 13.5 AERIE BITTERS CO., Illustration eagle and globe. New Philadelphia, Ohio, Presented By _ Reverse: Illustration fancy woman toasting with poem.
Newspaper notice: Salesmen-Wanted to sell our bitters, etc.. to saloon trade; excellent proposition. Address Serie Bitters Co., New Philadelphia, O., The Pittsburgh Press, August 5, 1906.

A 44.5 AMER BITTERS, Trademark SBC (set in star), The Symbol of Quality, Be sure to get the S.B.C. – The Symbol of Quality – Brand Amer Bitters for character and quality. Star Bitters Co., San Francisco, U.S.A., New Contents 1 Pint 9 Ounces, signed Star Bitters Co.
Medicines Officially Classified as Liquors: S.B.C. essence of peppermint, extract of Jamaica ginger, ginger and brandy compound and wild cherry tonic, Star Bitters Company, Sacramento, Cal., National Association of Retail Druggists (U.S.) 1916

18 August 2019 | Sunday

More material for Bitters Bottle Supplement 2. Working through some great material. I must admit, I want to get as much as possible in this supplement and not be getting all this great material after it goes to the printer. There will be a BBs3, who am I kidding. The Quassia Amara Bitter Wood card and Queen’s Taste Bitters postal material is from Joe Gourd. The Mayer’s French Bitters ad was submitted by Bobby Hinely.

Trade card
Q 1.5 QUASSIA AMARA BITTER WOOD. The Greatest Tonic the World ever saw, Price, Large Size, $1.00. Small Size, 50 Cents. Munson & Co., Importing Druggists, High Holborn, London. Dr. G. G. Adams, Agent for U.S.
Quassia amara, also known as amargo, bitter-ash, bitter-wood, is used as insecticide, in traditional medicine and as an additive in the food industry.

Newspaper Advertisement
M 51.1 R. MAYER’S FRENCH BITTERS. This Article – the curative properties of which, – in the severest cases, (many of them in long standing)… known as the proprietor of so valuable of an article, R. Mayer. No. 6 Whitaker Street, Daily Morning News (Savannah, Georgia) October 21, 1854
New Wine and Liquor Store, No. 6 Whitaker Street. Having had an extensive experience in France as a manufacturer, and in America as importer and dealer… R. Mayer, Daily Morning News (Savannah, Georgia) January 5, 1853

Advertising Cover with Return Postal Mailer
Q 2.8 QUEEN’S TASTE BITTERS, Cover: Louisville Wine Company, 1110 West Main Street, Louisville, Ky., Postal Card: Louisville Wine Co., No. 1110 West Main St., Louisville, Ky. Reverse: (form) 188_, Name, P.O. and State, Shipping Point, __Cases Queen’s Taste Bitters @ $6.00 per doz. $ __, Freight or Express, Sign Here. See s2 H 132.1

17 August 2019 | Saturday

A couple more listings for Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. Thanks to Colin Savage for the Dr. Farrar’s Rattlesnake Bitters reference.

F 4.5 DR. FARRAR’S RATTLESNAKE BITTERS. Illustration coiled snake ready to strike rabbit labeled Hop Bitters. Dr. Farrar’s Rattlesnake Bitters Are Prepared only by The Standard M’f’g’ Co., Sole Proprietors of Dr. Farrar’s Formula. Depots – Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

O 51 OLD TIME ROOT AND HERB BITTERS, T. E. Peck, Chemist, Prop. Old Time Root and Herb Bitters, An Invaluable Family Remedy… Large Bottles, 25 Cents, Central Office at Radford Smith’s Dry Goods Store, Cor. Main St. and Fairfield Av., Bridgeport, Conn., Laboratory and Local Office, Stratford, Conn. Main St. 2d Bldg. north M.E. Church.
O 51 OLD TIME BITTERS, Bought of T. E. Peck (Thaddeus E. Peck), M’f’g’ Chemist. Specialties, Old Time Bitters, Bitter Beer Tonics, Iron Bitters… 1 Doz. Old Time Bitters $2.62, Bridgeport, Conn. April 1st 1892

16 August 2019 | Friday

I was able to get through most of Joe Gourd’s unlisted “P” material yesterday for BBs2. This first Golden Crown Bitters trade card was moved to a “G” listing as Pettit’s name did not occur before the bitters names as some of his other remedies.

Trade card
G 63.58 GOLDEN CROWN BITTERS, Comical illustration of boy closing eye. If you don’t open within 10 Days Buy a Box of Pettit’s Eye Salve, Price 25c, Howard Bros. Proprietors, Buffalo, N.Y. Reverse: Pettit’s Remedies! Golden Crown Bitters and nine other remedies listed. Manufactured by Howard Brothers, 916 Main St., Buffalo, N.Y.

We have worked on this next listing before as the image is on Peachridge Glass on a previous Daily Dose. Lou Holis sent in the original inquiry. This example is from Joe Gourd, so we will re-visit and finalize the listing.

P 35.3 PECKHAM’S CALISAYA TONIC BITTERS, Illustration Trade Mark bitters bottle rising from the sea. Established 1845, G. F. Peckham, Importer of Cognac Brandies, Wine, Gin, Etc. Agents for Choice Old Bourbon, Rye and Monongahela Whiskies, Sole Proprietors of Peckham’s Calisaya Tonic Bitters, Formerly Pendleton’s Tonic. Price per Case of One Dozen Bottles, $8.00, 412 Market Street, Between 4th and Broadway, St. Louis, Missouri.

Trade card
P 28.5 PASCO’S TONIC BITTERS, Pasco’s Flavoring Extracts, By superior Strength, Flavor & Low Price, are preferable to others. W. C. Pasco, South Vineland, N. J. Reverse: Pasco’s Tonic Bitters, Purely Vegetable. Pasco’s Tonic Bitters, are prepared at W. C. Pasco’s Laboratory, South Vineland, N. J.
William C. Pasco, Flavoring Extracts, 3d cor Montrose, Cumberland, New Jersey, City Directory, 1891

P 38.7 PENN’S BITTERS Bought of G. L. Penn & Son, Dealers in Drugs, Medicines, Groceries, And Fancy Goods. Proprietors of Penn’s Bitters, Penn’s Boquet Cologne… Edgefield C. H. S. C., Jan’y 1 1890
The Drug Store of George Leith Penn started before the Civil War. Eventually William Britton Penn joined his father and the concern was renamed G. L. Penn & Son.

15 August 2019 | Thursday

Hi Ferdinand, I’m not sure if this image would be any good to you, seen recently at a show in Stratford on Avon in the UK. See Show Pictures – Colin Savage

14 August 2019 | Wednesday

Finished up the ‘O’s’ from Joe Gourd yesterday for Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. Here are a few examples.

Label Art
O 93.3 OUR CHIEF TONIC BITTERS, Proof art. Illustration portrait of Indian Chief. Work attributed to George Schlegel Lithographing Co. (1849-1857), 138 & 140 Centre Street, New York City. The printing company was best known for its label designs for cigars and cigar boxes, and was owned and operated during its lifetime by four generations of German businessmen.

O 8.5 OGOLA BITTERS, Bought of Boyd Brothers (Bernard Boyd and John Boyd), Wholesale Grocers, 197 East Bay, Charlestown, S.C., 1 Case Ogola Bitters, $5.00, April 21, 1882

O 15.5 OLD ABE BITTERS, Trademark Monogram: Chr. Adt. Kupferberg & Co., Mainz. Monopole Bitters, H. Toser Co. Sour Mash, Old Abe Bitters, Herman Toser Co., 435 East Water Street, Milwaukee, Wis. Reverse: Sole Agents in the United States for Chr. Adt. Kupferberg, German Sect, Mainz, Germany. Postmarked March 9, 1894. See M 121

Trade card
O 98.3 OWL BITTERS, Illustration owl on branch. Use Owl Bitters “They’re All Right” Web’s Co-Operative Chemical Co., T. M. Lash, President, Sacramento, Cal. Reverse: Humorous, The American and Foreign Federation of “Butt-inskys” Membership Ticket All Seasons. Tito M. Lash was the namesake of Lash’s Bitters. Web’s Coöperative Chemical Co., Sacramento, was incorporated on January 30, 1904 with $2,000,000 in capital stock. See L 30.

13 August 2019 | Tuesday

A nice looking trade card (2) set for listing in BBs2. Found one online and Joe Gourd sent the other.

Trade cards
C 22 CALIFORNIA ROOT BITTERS, Portrait beautiful women, flowers and nature scenes. Set of four. Copyright by Major, Knapp & Co. 1885. Reverse: The Best Spring and Fall Medicine. California Root Tea. Worth a Ton of Drugs and made-up Medicines. California Root Tea. California Root Bitters, the liquid prepared from the “Tea,” in bottles at $1.00. None genuine without signature of C. R. Burrage. See C 22.

12 August 2019 | Monday

Back on the saddle again with Bitters Bottle Supplement 2. Author Bill Ham and I have been work really heavily since March or so with the intent of having this book ready by Reno 2020.

Yesterday while working on some cool Oregon grape Root Bitters from Dave Dube, I came across the origin of the brand.

Newspaper Advertisement
L 50.1 LAWIE’S GENUINE OREGON GRAPE ROOT BITTERS (As originally introduced in 1877) A Valuable Stimulating Tonic and Alterative – in large doses, Cathartic. Guaranteed Pure. Sole manufacturer: Alexander Lawie, Pharmacutist, Lead City, D. T. (Dakota Territory) – The Daily Deadwood Pioneer Times, June 12, 1879,
See O 77, s O 77.5, s2O 77. and s2 O 77.1

O 77 OREGON GRAPE ROOT BITTERS J. D. Eastman & Co., Sole Proprietors and Manufacturers of Oregon Grape Root Bitters, The Great Rocky Mountain Remedy, Druggists and Apothecaries, Dealers in Perfumes and Toilet Articles, Deer Lodge, Montana, March 16th 1886

O 77.1 OREGON GRAPE ROOT BITTERS J. H. Owings, Successor to J. D. Eastman & Co., Sole Manufacturers of Oregon Grape Root Bitters, The Great Rocky Mountain Remedy, Druggists and Apothecary, Dealers in Perfumes & Toilet Articles, Deer Lodge, Montana, April 18th 1887,
See s2 O 77

11 August 2019 | Sunday

Still working on incoming material from Greg Price. Here is a block letter (sans-serif) variant of a Beggs Dandelion Bitters. Read: The Beggs’ and their Dandelion Bitters

B 50.5 BEGGS / DANDELION / BITTERS // f // f // f //
7 ½ x 3 1/8 x 1 ½ (5 ¼) 1/2
Rectangular strap side flask, Amber, LTC, Tooled lip, Extremely rare
Embossing is block letters and runs shoulder to base
Similar to B 51 except block letters

Here is a framed picture for Wheatley’s Hop Bitters that will be listed in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. From Greg Price.

Framed Sign
W 81.5 WHEATLEY’S HOP BITTERS, Oval design. The Monarch of all Non-Intoxicating Beverages, Wheatley’s Fermented Hop Bitters Non-Intoxicant Sheffield, Registered Label Issued by Wheatley & Bates LTD
19 ½ x 23 ¼ with frame,
See W 81.5

One I have not seen before from Greg Price. Added to BBs2.

7 1/4 x 2 3/4 x 1 1/2
Oval with one flat panel, Clear, Tooled double ring lip, Extremely rare
See s2 B 199.5

Here is an interesting bottle submitted by Greg Price for BBs2.

B 112.2 W. N. WALTON / (gold bordered label under glass set in recessed area reading BITTERS) / PAT SEPT 23’ 1862 // c //
8 ½ x 2 ½
Round, Amber, Applied ring mouth
Possibly William N. Walton, Druggist’ Glassware, 30 Beekman, Goulding´s Business Directory of New York, 1872-73

10 August 2019 | Saturday

Some nice ‘cute’ trade cards submitted by Joe Gourd and Greg Price for inclusion into Bitters Bottles Supplement 2

Trade cards
S 122.5 SMITH’S CELEBRATED STOMACH BITTERS, Compliments of Smith’s Celebrated Stomach Bitters, Scranton, Pa. Illustrations: A little cock-horse (cockroach riding chick), The Ferryman (frog with mouse and umbrella) and kitten with paw on ink quill, reverse blank or Certificate from Washington, D.C. A certain cure for … Prepared and Manufactured by B. Smith, 230 Main Ave., Scranton, Pa.
Dr. Ben Smith has been a citizen of Scranton almost time out of mind and achieved fame and some measure of financial success by the proprietorship of a tonic known as Smith’s Bitters, The Times Tribune (Scranton), March 8, 1900
See S 122.5

Here is a Guayana Bitters bottle I have not seen before submitted by Greg Price for BBs2.

G 123.5 // s // GUAYANA // BITTERS
8 x 2 3/8
Round, Amber, Tooled Lip
Guayana Province (1585−1864) was a former province of Spanish Colonial Venezuela and independent Venezuela, in northern South America.

Here is a Trinidad Bitters bottle without a base embossing submitted by Greg Price for BBs2. I added the serving tray found at Pre-Pro.com

R 7.5 L … Ramsey’s Trinidad Aromatic Bitters
// s // P. A. RAMSEY // TRINIDAD
8 ¼ x 2 3/8
Round, LTCR, Green, Tooled lip
Typical examples are base embossed Ramsey’s Trinidad Bitters. See R 7 – R 9.
Peter Arthur Ramsey signature on trademark image. Durant and Company, a firm in Trinidad, British West Indies, initially put out this brand in May, 1887 and registered the trademark on May 8, 1888. The essential features of the trademark consisted of a box or packing case with two labeled bottles standing upright upon the cover, the words Ramsey’s Trinidad Aromatic Bitters on the side of the box.
Shot Glass
R 7 – R 9 RAMSEY’S TRINIDAD AROMATIC BITTERS, On inside bottom of shot glass, Peter Arthur Ramsey signature, box or packing case with two labeled bottles standing upright upon the cover, the words Ramsey’s Trinidad Aromatic Bitters on the side of the box. Two medals flanking bottles.
See R 7 – R 9 and s2 R 7.5

Another new listing in BBs2 from Greg Price.

Framed Porcelain Sign
W 17 WALLACE’S TONIC STOMACH BITTERS, Painting of peacock, flowers and fruit, Geo Powell & Co. Proprietors. Chicago
16 x 22 inches, without frame,
See W 17

09 August 2019 | Friday

Look at this nice labeled lady’s leg bitters. If I am not mistaken, this is New York glass, aka Bryant’s Stomach Bitters. This bottle submitted by Greg Price. Will be included in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2.

M 13.5 L . . . Malakof Russian Stomach Bitters, Russischer Magenbitter, Spitit of Malakof, Van Opstal & Co. St. Petersburg, pictures several men in fancy dress toasting the Malakof.
11 7/8 x 3 1/2
Lady’s leg shape, Olive green., Applied ring mouth
See M 131, Van Opstal & Co., Morning Dew Bitters, New York

03 August 2019 | Saturday

Always liked the embossed palm tree on the South Carolina Dispensary bottles. Found this example for sale at the Augusta National. The South Carolina Dispensary system was a state-run monopoly on liquor sales in South Carolina operating from 1893 to 1907 statewide and until 1916 in some counties.

02 August 2019 | Friday
More news coverage from ABC 6 in Augusta for the bottle convention. VIEW

My table mate Jerry Forbes from Big Sur, picked up this awesome Old Dr. J. Townsend during the opening moments of early admission at the Augusta National Antique Bottle Show.

o1 August 2019 | Thursday

First day of the 2019 FOHBC 50th Anniversary National Antique Bottle Convention in Augusta, Georgia. After a 4 hour FOHBC Board Meeting we headed out to the Mike & Julie Newman Open House. Two news crews were there. Watch Fox 54

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