Admittedly, we should have more pictures of some of the really neat people we have met along the way. It seems that we have been too focused on taking pictures of bottles! We’re going to fix that!

Jerry & Helen Forbes

Our Dear Friends Jerry & Helen Forbes

Alicia & Tom Booth

Alicia and Tom Booth - Our Great Houston Bottle Friends

Bitters Bottle Group in Pomona

Good Company: Meyer, Baugh, Keating, Siri, Ham & Friedrich

Connie & Bob Ferraro

Connie & Bob Ferraro

Jeff, Ferd & Dennis

Jeff Wichmann, myself and Dennis Fox at the Coco Palm Cuban Restaurant in Pomona

Jeff & Jeanine Burkhardt

Jeff & Jeanine Burkhardt in their Wisconsin Home

Sheila & John Feldmann of Amityville, New York

Sheila & John Feldmann of Amityville, New York

Jesse, Richard & John Ohio

Jesse Sailor, Richard Siri & John Pastor at FOHBC Ohio National

Holly & Jeff Noordsy (nature extremists)

Cathy and Bill Taylor

Pam Selenak & Bill Ham

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