Ferdinand Meyer V

PRGShootSQFerdinand Meyer VFOHBC President, is a native of Baltimore, Maryland and has a BFA in Fine Art and Graphic Design from the Kansas City Art Institute and School of Design. Ferdinand is also a principal of FMG Design (nationally recognized design firm). Ferdinand is a passionate collector of American Historical Glass specializing in bitters bottles, color runs and related classic figural bottles. Ferdinand also developed the Peachridge Glass web site. Ferdinand is married to Elizabeth Jane Meyer and lives in Houston, TX with their daughter and three wonderful grandchildren. The Meyer family is also very involved in Quarter Horses, Antiques and early United States Postage Stamps.


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  1. RCGLASS says:

    Hey Ferd & Elizabeth,

    I finally registered on your site and it’s awesome. I find myself going back and back again. It wa sgreat to see you this past fall at the Vuonos, Hecklers and then Keene. I will never forget the Baltimore show that year when we met, you wouldn’t shut up!! (hehe!!) Keep up the good work, it’s so important to have Peachridge as another viable forum. I plan on contributing some pictures, stories, information etc..very soon Bravo to you both!!

    Rick Ciralli

  2. jschwede says:

    I just registered on your wonderful website. I have found a number of Benicia bottles in San Francisco Bay over the years. I will try and send you some photos. Keep up the good work, excited to see future posts and updates!!


  3. bob-figurals says:

    Hi Ferd.,
    Moments ago I had the time to view your entire web site and I must comment that the glass hobbyist as well as all of us who are members of the Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors are fortunate to have you among our ranks. Your site provides a stage or a setting to inspire individuals to expand their interests in glass objects and become more dedicated to advancing our hobby. I am most grateful to know and call you a close friend.
    Bob Ferraro

  4. RobG says:

    Hi Ferdinand,

    I just registered for your site and wanted to thank you for providing such a great venue for all of us to share our passion for early bottles and glass. The photography is outstanding and I look forward to being able to contribute pictures of some interesting and rare bottles and glass.

    Rob Girouard

  5. dale says:

    To Ferdinand and Elizabeth, Barbara and I want to thank you for the article you have created for us concerning our glass and history interests. The passion you both put into your collecting and into your Peachridge Glass Site is much admired by our glass community ! Keep up the sensational work and happy glass hunting, kind regards, Dale and Barbara Santos.

  6. tennboundtoo says:

    I have a Dr Chandler’s Bitter Root bottle i’m interested in selling ,but i’m not sure where i can sell it.I’m hoping you can help me.I’ve had it so long i can’t remember where or when i got it.I’m sending you some pictures of it.I’ve seen these bottles posted as produced in Mass.,mine says on the bottom Wheaton ,NJ.It has the original cork and it is in Mint condition.

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