Julius Falke’s Manual for Barbers and Hair-Dressers


J. Falke’s Manual for Barbers, Hair-Dressers, Dyers and Druggists

Manufacturer’s of St. Jacob’s Bitters

10 December 2013 (R•060719)

Apple-Touch-IconAThanks to Joe Gourd for the Against Prohibition trade card post yesterday. On the reverse of one of the trade cards was some information on J. Falke & Co., listed as the manufacturers for St. Jacob’s Bitters. This bitters appears to be unlisted and f0r now, is being treated separately from the embossed Saint Jacob’s Bitters bottle from Cincinnati.

Here are some rather interesting and suggestive cards from Joe’s collection. The titles are precious. You do a double-take on this first example.

Here is a puzzle card from Joe’s collection. The reverse note’s that Falke’s St Jacob’s Bitters is manufactured by the Falke – Hall Medicine Co., St. Louis, Mo.

The new listing in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2 is as follows:

Puzzle card
F 1.2 FALKE’S ST. JACOB’S BITTERS, Puzzle Card.- Find Bull, Two Deer, Camel, Chicken, Shrimp, Face, Monkey, Old Man Smoking Pipe, and a Bottle of St. Jacob’s Bitters. (over) Falke’s St. Jacob’s Bitters. A Sure Cure for Dyspepsia, Nervous Debility, and a Never Failing Appetizer and Blood Purifier. Manufactured by The Falke-Hall Medicine Co., St. Louis, Mo.
Trade cards
F 1.2 ST. JACOB’S BITTERS, Against Prohibition Series (reverse) The Falke Leads Them All (logo) J. Falke & Co. Manufactures of St. Jacob’s Bitters., Family Medicines, Laboratory, 418 Elm Street, St. Louis, Mo. J. Falke & Company dates the card from 1883 to 1888 when the company changed its name to The Falke-Hall Medicine Company.

J. Falke’s Manual

I thought I would look up and confirm the connection and see what else I could find out about J. Falke & Co. Family Medicines in St. Louis, Missouri. Not only did I find the Julius Falke patent number for the bitters, I found this cool Manual for Barbers and Hair Dressers.


J. Falke’s Manual or Self-Instructor in the Art of Chemistry for Barbers, Hair Dressers, Dyers and Druggists Compiled from Original Discoveries

Published by Julius Falke – A. Ungar & Co., Printers, St. Louis, Mo., 1882

Read: Julius Falke’s Manual


Typical page spread – Julius Falke’s Manual for Barbers and Hair-Dressers

This is a “recipe” book providing ingredients and specific instructions in how to prepare hair dyes, skin ointments, etc.

Partial contents: Preface, General Introductory remarks about tonsorial art, Instructions for making Bay rum, Bay Rum Cologne, Gum of Benjamin (Lime Juice), Eau de Cologne, Florida Water, Face Powder, White, Face Powder Violet and Rose, Quick Depilatory (for removing hair), Rose Cold Cream, Cold Cream, Violet Cold Cream Imitation, Camphor Ice, Hair Invigorator or Hair Tonic, Ordinary Hair Tonic, Cream Capillara or Hair Tonic, Hair Invigorator, Sea Foam or Egg Shampoo, Sea Foam Tonic (Egg Shampoo), Pomatum, Bear’s Grease Pomatum, Pomade Philicome, Benzoinated Pomade, Lightening Hair Dye (Black), Remarks in regard to the Art of Dying, Hair Dye Black, Hair Dye Brown, Hair Oils – Hair Oil Philicome, Hair Oil, Ointment for Curing all Diseases of the Skin, Kah-Kan-Kee, Hair Restorative, Instructions About Barbershops, Looking Glasses, Looking Glass Brackets and Wash Stand, Instructions – Portable Wash Stand, Cup Case – Barber Poles, General Instructions, Cosmetic or Stick Pomatum, Eureka Safe Hair, Salbrina.


Fold-out map of St. Louis in the back of book. Measures 18″ wide x 8 /14″ tall “Map of the City of St. Louis showing the central portions of the city only. – Julius Falke’s Manual for Barbers and Hair-Dressers

There is a fold-out map of St. Louis in the back of book. Measures 18″ wide x 8 /14″ tall “Map of the City of St. Louis showing the central portions of the city only. R. P. Studley & Co., Publishers – 221 North Main St. Index to Numbers in red: Turner’s Hall (headquarters), Central, Concordia, West, Social, Nort, Carondelet, Fait Grounds, Schnaider’s Garden, Merchant’s Exchange, Masonic Hall, Union Depot, Court House. The map also shows: Street Car lines run to or near the Fair Grounds: Benton-Bellefontaine Line, Citizen’s Line, Cass Avenue & Fair Ground Line, Mound City Line, St. Louis Line, Union Line, Rate of Fare (5 cents, slips of five tickets good on an line, to be had from Conductors.

Select Date Listings for Julius Falke:

It would seem that St. Jacob’s Bitters dates from the 1883 patent date noted below. The top trade card represented within this post for St. Jacob’s Bitters says J. Falke & Company which dates the card from 1883 to 1888 when the company changed its name to The Falke-Hall Medicine Company. This period dates from 1888 to 1890. A second Falke’s St. Jacob’s Bitters trade card from Joe Gourd with The Falke-Hall Medicine Co. copy is pictured at the bottom of this post.

1841: Birth, Julius Falke
1881: Perfumery: J. FALKE, Manufacturer and Importer of Perfumery, Excelsior Pure Fruit, Flavoring Extracts, Carmine and Violet Inks, Olive Oil, & c., also Manufacturer of the Kah-Kas-Kee Hair Restorative and Eureka Safe Hair Dye, 505 Walnut Street, St. Louis, Mo., St. Louis Business Directory
1881: Falke & Co. (Julius Falke and Gustavus Heidel), perfumery, 505 walnut, St. Louis City Directory
1882: Julius Falke’s Manual for Barbers and Hair-Dressers (see above)
1883: Patent No. 3282, St. Jacob’s Bitters, Julius Falke, St. Louis, Missouri, June 12, 1883
1886: J. Falke & Co., pat. med., 628 S. B’way, St. Louis City Directory
1888: J. Falke & Co., druggists, specialities, 108 Walnut, St. Louis City Directory
1889: The Falke-Hall Medicine Co., Medicine, 108 Walnut st. – Official Manual of the State of Missouri, Secretary of the State also St. Louis City Directory
1989: Falke-Hall Medicine Co., 108 Walnut (Julius Falke, pres., Benjamin Falke, vice-pres., St. Louis City Directory
1989: Joseph Falke (son), lab, St. Louis City Directory
1890: Falke & Son Laboratory, St. Louis – Annual Report, Missouri. Labor and Industrial Inspection Dept.
1890: Falke-Hall Medicine Co., St. Louis- Annual Report, Missouri. Labor and Industrial Inspection Dept. 
1890: Falke-Hall Medicine Co., 108 Walnut, St. Louis City Directory
1890: Falke-Zahn Laboratory Co., 110 Walnut, St. Louis City Directory
1892: J. Falke & Son (Julius & Benjamin), specialities, 1312 Mississipi ave, r. 1312 Mississipi ave, City Directory for St. Louis, Missouri
1921: Death, Julius Falke

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