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13 July 2019 | Saturday

Still working through Joe Gourd’s “K” unlisted bitters material for BBs2. Here are a few more.

K 22.3 L … Kelly’s Superior Aromatic Bitters, Registered Red Ribbon Brand Trade Mark, A specially prepared bitters containing Angostura Bark Cinnamon and other Tonic Herbs. Prepared and Bottled by The Kingston Liquor Stores Ltd. 92 Harbour St.

12 July 2019 | Friday

New listings for Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. Bitters previously unlisted. Examples from Joe Gourd.

Cinderella Stamp
K 86.5 KYSELAK FEINSTER MAGENBITTER, Illustration of mountain climber painting Kyselak Feinster Magenbitter on rock. Kyselak Fabrik (Factory) Hamburg. Barmbeckerstr. 28.
Josef Kyselak (9 March 1798 – 17 September 1831) was an Austrian civil servant, mountaineer and travel writer. He became famous for his habit to tag his name onto prominent places during his hikes across the Austrian Empire.

Business Card
K 58.5 KIOWA INDIAN FOREST BITTTERS, D. K. Wertman, Manufacturer of Pure Corn Malt Vinegar, Kiowa Indian Forest Bitters, Fancy Syrups, Cordials, &c., &c., Centralia, Columbia County, Penn., reverse blank
Daniel K. Wertman, Liquor Merchant, age 36, Centralia, Columbia, Pennsylvania, 1870 United States Federal Census

Trade cards
K 85.5 E. F. KUNKEL’S BITTER WINE OF IRON, Illustrations of playing children, Will effectually cure Liver Complaint, Jaundice, Dyspepsia… Price per Bottle $1.00 or 6 Bottles for $5.00. Advice at Office & Store, free, 259 N. Ninth Street, Philad’a Penna. Go and see the Doctor. See page 336 in Bitters Bottles.
Edward F. Kunkel, patent medicines, 259 N. 9th, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, City Directory, 1883

09 July 2019 | Tuesday

King B Bitters trade card from Joe Gourd.

Trade card
K 46.5 KING B BITTERS, Illustration of large bee on bald headed gentleman, King (bee) Bitters, reverse: For Bright Eyes, Fair Complexion and Good Digestion use King B Bitters

08 July 2019 | Monday

Some really cool material from Joe Gourd, indexed and prepped for Bitters Bottles Supplement 2.

Cinderella Stamps
B 43.5 BECHER BITTER, Gentleman with tray, glasses and a bottle of Becher Bitter, Original Becher Bitter, Seit 1807 bekannt!, Mein Retter 1840, ein schöner Traum 1880, 1900, Auch was für mich! 1913
Karlsbader Becherbitter is a herbal bitters often drunk as a digestive aid. It was invented by Josef Vitus Becher in 1807 in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic.
Advertising Post Card
B 43.5 BECHER BITTER, Illustrated black man instructing a monkey to jump down from the neck of a bottle of Original Becher Karlsbader Bitter, Becherbitter, Gegr. 1807

Trade cards
L 122.4 DR. LORINGS WILD CHERRY BITTERS, Classical paintings of women bathing or swimming nude, reverse: Ask for Kalamazoo Celery-Pepsin Bitters… Dr. Loring’s Wild Cherry Bitters Are a splendid stimulant and light tonic. Try them. Manufactured By The P. L. Abbey Co., Kalamazoo, Mich. See K 6 Kalamazoo Celery-Pepsin Bitters.
The P. L. Abbey Co., Kalamazoo, Mich., Kalamazoo Celery Nerve and Blood Tonic. Loring’s Liver Pills, Loring’s Cough Tablets., Annual Report, Volume 15, Proprietary Association 1897 – Patent medicines
Major Perley L. Abbey, proprietor, The P. L. Abbey Co. mnfg. pharmacists; celery preparations, 501 Walbridge, Kalamazoo, Michigan, City Directory, 1899

07 July 2019 | Sunday

Facsimile banknote now listed in BBs2. From Joe Gourd.

Facsimile Banknote
L 84.5 LEWIS’ VEGETABLE STOMACH BITTERS, Frank Lewis, Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Groceries, Notions, Stationery, Tobacco and Cigars. No. 9 Main St. Warsaw, N.Y. Manufacturer of Lewis’ Vegetable Stomach Bitters, the Best in the World. 3 D, Act of May 10, 1869. Reverse: This bill is good for Five Per Cent in payment for all Cash Purchases…January 1st, 1876

06 July 2019 | Saturday

Added this cool trade card in the form of a diecut fan in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. Piece from Joe Gourd. Related to Pawnee Long Life Bitters.

Advertising Fan
L 118.7 LONG LIFE BITTERS, Die-cut fan, front: two children playing game on wall, reverse: G. Rottanzi, Dealer in Pure California and Foreign Wines and Liquors. Manufacturer of Champagne Cider, Sarsaparilla Beer, Raspberry Champagne, and the Celebrated “Long Life Bitters” 1027 Market St. & 1012 Valencia St. San Francisco.
Charles Albert Burgess (C. A. Burgess & Co.) buys the business of Giesue Rottanzi in 1890, who produced Long Life Bitters and other patent medicines. Their new product was called Pawnee Long Life Bitters, See P 35

05 July 2019 | Friday

Three unlisted bitters gleaned from these two trade cards from Joe Gourd. New BBs2 listings.

Trade card
L 4.5 LAGONI’S CELEBRATED STOMACH BITTERS, front showing flag of Denmark, another of the United States flag. Reverse Price-List. Lagoni’s Celebrated Stomach Bitters and Lagoni’s Cough and Cold Cordial. The two best Family Medicines known. 1 Full size Bottle $1.00, 1 Half size Bottle 50 cents. Agents wanted on this medicine only. Peter Madsen Lagoni, Wholesale Liquor Dealer, 690 W. North Ave. Cor. Western Ave. Chicago, Ill.
L 4.8 LAGONI’S PURE AQUAVIT or OLD COUNTRY BITTERS, How to Retain Your Health. Each meal take a small glass. Peter Madsen Lagoni, 690 W. North Ave. Cor. Western Ave., History of Chicago and Souvenir of the Liquor Interest: The Nation’s Choice for the Great Columbian Exposition, 1893, Belgravia Publishing Company, 1891. Aquavit derives from the Latin aqua vitae, “water of life.”
Trade card
M 21.5 MALURT BITTERS, front showing flag of Denmark, another of the United States flag. Reverse Price-List. Malurt Bitters. Gallon 2 .75, Case 12 Full Quarts 9.00, Bottle 85. Peter Madsen Lagoni, Wholesale Liquor Dealer, 690 W. North Ave. Cor. Western Ave. Chicago, Ill. Malurt is Norwegian for Wormwood. See s2L 4.5 and s2L 4.8

Another unlisted bitters from Joe.

Business Card
L 28.5 DR. LA ROCHE’S CELEBRATED STOMACHIC BITTERS, Thompson and Warner, Importers and Wholesale Dealers in W. I. Goods, Wines, Liquors, Cordials, Cigars, Tobaccoes, &c., No. 13 India Street, opposite New Custom House,) J. Thompson, B. F. Warner, } Boston. Sole Agents for Dr. La Roche’s Celebrated Stomachic Bitters., Boston. Probably Dr. Rene La Roche, who was born in Philadelphia in 1795 and died in 1872.

04 July 2019 | Thursday

03 July 2019 | Wednesday

New additions from Joe Gourd to Bitters Bottles Supplement 2.

L 111  DR. LOEW’S CELEBRATED STOMACH BITTERS AND NERVE TONIC, The Loew & Sons Co., Growers of California Wines & Brandies. Importers & Wholesale Liquor Dealers. Sole Proprietors, Dr. Loew’s Celebrated Stomach Bitters and Nerve Tonic, Established 1873, John A. Loew, Pres’t, Dan Loew, Vice Pres’t, Chas H. Loew, Sec’y, 392, 394, 396 & 398 Erie St., Cleveland, O., Sept. 12, 1896
Post Cards
L 111  DR. LOEW’S STOMACH BITTERS, Our Mr. E. Bergman (fill in blank) will take pleasure in calling on you in a few days. The Loew & Sons Co., Cleveland, O. Sole Proprietors Dr. Loew’s Stomach Bitters, Feb 6, 1909. Reverse: Various scenic Cleveland color illustrations such as Central Viaduct (2 examples), Public Square, Gen. Moses Cleveland Monument, Spring Freshet – Rocky River and University Circle.

01 July 2019 | Monday

New addition to Bitters Bottles Supplement 2.

K 76.5 L … Kratos Wine Bitters, Kratos Means Strength, Kratos, a genuine tonic tempts the appetite, induces restful sleep, invigorates the body and strengthens the nerve. Half a Wine Glass Before Meals, and Upon Retiring, Approximately 25 Fluid Ounces. Rochester Distilling Co., Rochester, N. Y. Average Alcoholic Contents 18 Per Cent.
Rochester Distilling Co. was the successor to the Duffy Malt Whiskey Co., which began in 1842 as Walter B Duffy distilling enterprises. It was renamed the Rochester Distilling Co. in 1882, with Walter B. Duffy serving as President.
K 76.5 KRATOS WINE BITTERS will make the blood glow, Price $1.00, For sale only at F. M. Doyle & Company’s, 38 Hanover street, Boston, Mass., Boston Post, March 3, 1917

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