Here are some pictures that I have been collecting for the Virtual Museum project. This is just a starting point. I am trying to make sure the photography is somewhat consistent. That means a KILLER bottle picture against a white background.

Purple Masonic Flask – Fuss Collection

Cobalt Blue Fish Bitters – Fuss Collection, ex: Meyer Collection

GII-8 Eagle Historical Flask

National Bitters – Fuss Collection

Bryant’s Stomach Bitters – Meyer Collection

Cobalt Blue Old Homestead Bitters – Fuss Collection

GII-66 Historical Flask

‘The Dancing Indian” Cologne – The whitest of white opaque glass, attributed to Stanger glass works; circa 1848-1853. – Gary Katzen Collection

GI-14 Historical Flask ‘The Firecracker’

Corn for the World Historical Flask

Gallon Harrison’s Columbia Ink

W. Wolf Pittsburgh – Ferraro Collection

Jenny Lind Calabash Flask

GIV-3 Eagle JKB Masonic Historical Flask – Fuss Collection

Quart. GI-25 Washington – Classical Bust Portrait Flask

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