I have a Top 10 list of WANTED Bitters Bottles that I have noted below. Please contact me if you have a lead or an example that might interest me. Top prices paid. Thanks!

1) B 226 BROWN’S CELEBRATED INDIAN HERB BITTERS Looking for a great example of a Clear Indian Queen.

2) B 226 BROWN’S CELEBRATED INDIAN HERB BITTERS Looking for a great example of a Aqua Indian Queen.

3) B 32 BARTO’S GREAT GUN BITTERS / READING PA Looking for an Amber, Green or Apricot example of this Figural Canon.

4) N 3 DINGENS NAPOLEON COCKTAIL BITTERS / DINGENS BROTHERS / BUFFALO, N.Y. Looking for an Green example of this figural Banjo Lady’s Leg.

5) C 78 CASSIN’S GRAPE BRANDY BITTERS Looking for a Green or Amber example of this classic Western Bitters.

6) S 81 SEAWORTH BITTERS / CAPE MAY / NEW JERSEY Looking for a Citron Green or Amber example of this classic figural bitters in the form of a Lighthouse.

7) D 102 S T DRAKES PLANTATION BITTERS Looking for a Blue Green or Teal example of the Figural Cabin.

8) J 45 JOHNSON’S CALISAYA BITTERS / BURLINGTON / VT Looking for a Plum example to complete my color run.

9) W 146 DR WONSER’S INDIAN ROOT BITTERS Looking for Yellow Olive, Green and Aqua examples to go with my Amber example.

10) O 46 OLD SACHEM BITTERS AND WIGWAM TONIC Looking for a pontiled Aqua example of this elusive Figural Barrel.




2 Responses to Wanted

  1. Warren Friedrich says:

    The C78 & 79 Cassin’s variants are in my opinion the quintessential western bitters bottle. The C79 mold variant is the earlier of the two and would be considered ER in its rating; as there are only 7 existing examples in any condition, four in an amber coloration, two in yellow olive color and one in yellow green (or lime).

    The C78 is the mold variant that is often seen in various bottle books. Approximately 20 some examples exist in collections presently. The most commonly seen examples are in medium to light greens, followed by various amber hues ;with black glass (either dark green or dark amber) being extremely rare and aqua color variations being very rare with at least four examples known.

  2. Froggy says:

    Interesting post, but it does not say WHO wants these rare Bitters-? Anyway I have an AQUA Wonser’s U.S.A. Indian Root Bitters I will sell….gorgeous deep aqua and near mint.

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