The bottles pictured below are for sale. Please contact me if you are interested.

HF&BH F & B  N.Y. Deep Cherry Puce or Claret, Near Perfect, Circa 1860’s. Deep cherry puce or claret, 6 sided with seal “H.F.& B. – N.Y.” American Early smooth base, applied double taper top. Crude with a crooked 2-ringed neck. Hammered with whittle and with zillions of seedy bubbles. Explodes with color and crudity and looks like stained glass. Attribute this bottle to Holtz & Freystedt with the B standing for Brothers. $3,000.00

BUST OF WASHINGTON – BUST OF TAYLOR (GI-54) Circa 1849-1855 Near Perfect. Rich yellow olive quart, smooth base, applied sloping collar mouth. A shallow 1/4” by 3/16” size chip is off the base at the edge, also some high point wear. Rarely offered in this attractive color and the damage is not critical at all. Glass Works Auction 80. Lot #101. June 2007. $2,200.00 SOLD

LONDON JOCKEY CLUBHOUSE GIN (jockey on horse) Olive Green. Near Perfect. Circa 1840 – 1860. American. Gorgeous killer bottle. Extremely beautiful bottle. Iron pontil. Galaxy of character. Ex: Mike Henness. $4,000.00 SOLD


Father of His Country FlaskTHE FATHER OF HIS COUNTRY / BUST OF WASHINGTON – GENERAL TAYLOR NEVER SURRENDERS (GI-39) Light Apple Green Circa 1848 – 1855 Great Condition. Glass Works Auction 76 $300.00


Liberty Eagle FlaskLIBERTY EAGLE FLASK (GII-61) Willington/Glass, Co. (West Willington, Conn) Medium Forest Green Circa 1860 – 1872 Rare quart size. Great color instead of typical muddy olive. Can easily see through glass. Very minor high point wear on reverse side. Crisp embossing. Near Mint Condition $900.00 SOLD


Snyder's Celebrated Bitter CordialS 136 SNYDER’S // CELEBRATED / BITTER CORDIAL // H. G. LEISENRING & CO / PHILAD. PA Amber, Square, 9 5/8 x 2 3/4, Near Mint, Applied top. Smooth base. Changes fonts from cursive to sans serif, to serif. Small, very shallow 1/8” open bubble. Neck is a little bent. There is just a little dullness around the top, probably due to the foil cover, barely noticeable. Beautiful, odd Bitters square. $400.00 SOLD

Townsends CorkDR. TOWNSEND’S // SARSAPARILLA // ALBANY / N.Y. Dark Yellow Amber Circa 1850’s, Attic Mint. A real early one with lots of great whittle. Truly an attic find. Came out of a barn this with original Sarsaparilla remnants. Hand carved cork. Couple of tiny, shallow open bubbles, no harm. Sand chip pontil. $1,300.00


Washington Taylor Flask (Citron)BUST OF WASHINGTON BUST OF TAYLOR GI-54 Medium Citron Green, Circa 1849-1855, Perfect. Lots and Lots of character. From a private collection in Lancaster, PA. Blaske Collection sticker on base. Gorgeous color. $3,500.00 SOLD


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    I am interested in purchasing the S 136 SNYDER’S // CELEBRATED / BITTER CORDIAL // H. G. LEISENRING & CO / PHILAD. PA for $400.00.

    Please let me know.

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