Who is I & L. M. Hellman of St. Louis, Missouri?


I & L. M. HELLMAN ST. LOUIS MO. example at ‘show and tell’

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I was wondering if you have seen this square before? I am not seeing any others online although I do seem to remember seeing one before. This showed up for ‘show and tell’ at our first meeting of the newly resurrected Hangtown Bottle Necks bottle club last night (we had a total of 6 collectors show up, hopefully the number will grow!). It’s quite a beautiful bottle, such a shame its not embossed Bitters, although my hunch is it contained alcohol and that the company bottled different spirits and that’s why the bottle is not marked with a certain content.

It is embossed I & L. M. HELLMAN – ST. LOUIS. MO

A listing in the St Louis city directory for them in 1868 –

Hellman I. & L.M. (Louis, M. Hellman), importers of wines, brandies and gins, and rectifiers for whisky. 112 Pine st

I also found a reference to L. M. Hellman swearing and allegiance to the U.S. Government and the state of Missouri in 1865, so he must of been a Confederate solider.


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I & L. M. HELLMAN ST. LOUIS MO. example at ‘show and tell’


I & L. M. HELLMAN ST. LOUIS MO. example at ‘show and tell’


What a gorgeous square! I love the shoulder form and pattern. This sure rings a bell with me too. Though I have not seen this square before, I am familiar with the Hellman name. Various Hellman’s are listed in early St. Louis directories including Hellman & Myers (1863) and I & L Hellman (1864-1881) who marketed rye, bourbon and other alcoholic products. Here is what I can offer:

Hellman’s Congress Bitters

"Examples found during the excavation of the riverboat Twilight which sank near Orrick, Missouri in 1865.

The Carlyn Ring and Bill Ham listing in Bitters Bottles Supplement is as follows:


8 3/4 x 2 5/8 (6 7/8) 5/16
Square, Amber, LTC, Applied mouth, 3 sp, Rare
There are two dots under the T of ST and the O of MO.
I. & L.M. Hellman

Similar bottle to I & L. M. HELLMAN ST. LOUIS MO. (subject bottle above)

Daily Missouri Democrat: July 11, 1865

Example was dug in Denver, Colorado. Examples found during the excavation of the riverboat Twilight which sank near Orrick, Missouri in 1865.


Illustration St. Louis – 1860

Isaac and Lewis M. Hellman – St. Louis

I. & L. M. Hellman, (Successors to Hellman & Myers) Commission Merchants, Importers of Wines, Branndies & Gins, Manufacturers Of Domestic Liquors & Champagne Cider. Rectifiers of Whisky. 6 Pine Street, Between Main and Second, St. Louis, Mo.

Hellman, Isaac, (Klyman, Myers & Co.), r. 226 Wash

Hellman I. & L.M. (Louis, M.Hellman), importers of wines, brandies and gins, and rectifiers fo whisky. 112 Pine

Hellman, Louis M.(I. & L.M. Hellman), r. 2040 Clark av.

Hellman, Louis s. (s. Hellman & Bro), r. 115 n. 13th

Hellman, Sampson (s. Hellman & Bro), r. 115 n. 13th


Listing for Isaac Hellman and his Tonic Bitters – House Documents by United States Congress. – 1865 & 1866


Isaac Hellman listing. – The Federal Reporter, Volume 161 by United States. Court of Claims, James Wells Goodwin, Peyton Boyle, Robert Desty – 1980




HELLMAN’S CONGRESS BITTERS detail – Meyer Collection


HELLMAN’S CONGRESS BITTERS detail – Meyer Collection

One of the greater mysteries to me is a listing in Bitters Bottles by Carlyn Ring and W.C. Ham under P 100 PINEAPPLE, L….The best tonic Brown’s Iron Bitters. There is the side note, “Also known is a paneled bottle embossed I. & L. M. Helman.” What did Carlyn and Bill mean? I have sent an email to Bill.


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