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August 2013 – Antique Bottle & Glass Photo Gallery

Good Pitkin Morning – Tom Marshall I thought I would take a moment to group some of the really remarkable photographs that have been posted on Early American Glass and Bottle Collectors on facebook this past month. The composition, lighting, … Continue reading

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The handled Foerster’s Teutonic Bitters – Chicago

Foerster’s Teutonic Bitters | Chicago 06 July 2013 (R•101514) I was recently able to add a long sought after, extremely rare, Foerster’s Teutonic Bitters to my collection. As one of only two handled bitters brands that exist, the Foerster’s from Chicago, … Continue reading

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Pictures of the Week 12-22-12

This is the third weekly round-up of some really nice photography from various facebook and other glass web sites.  Make sure you visit the Fresh Peach Gallery which represents the best of the best pictures from 2012. P H O … Continue reading

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Bennett & Carroll – Figural Barrel Series

 BENNETT & CARROL(L)  PITTSBURG(H) Earlier this year I did a comprehensive series on most of the great figural barrels. I knew I had missed a few odd ones such as the Bennett & Carrol barrel (note spelling of Carrol missing … Continue reading

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Tom Marshall Gallery – Form & Composition

I first starting noticing pictures posted by Tom Marshall earlier this month on a couple of the facebook bottle and glass sites. I immediately tagged Tom for closer look as the pieces he was displaying and photographing were breathtaking. Tom’s … Continue reading

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Some historical glass pictures from the Philadelphia Museum Of Art

Sandor Fuss visited me at Peach Ridge recently in Houston and said he was headed east during the following week for business. Sandor, like myself, builds glass adventures around business trips and in this instance, he was planning on visiting … Continue reading

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The SAXE Collection – Glass International Auction 24

The SAXE Collection – Glass International Auction 24 07 March 2012 When I was at the Baltimore Antique Bottle Show this past weekend I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful fellow named John E De Caro (Medford, New Jersey) with … Continue reading

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Who did this display?.. or it could only be from?

Of course it is from the New England bottle power duo Jeff and Holly Noordsy. Always the best bottles and the best visual displays to catch your attention! Look at this great still life photograph. Read: Pictures at an Exhibition … Continue reading

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Jeff Burkhardt (Froggy) posted this comment in regards to the PRG Impressive Whiskey and Bourbon Bottle Photography at ABA Auction 54 post. from Froggy: Here’s a link to You will see some of the most incredible bottle & glass photography … Continue reading

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A couple of Petite Chestnuts

Ferd, good to see you at Keene – brief as always it seems, but bottles, bottles, bottles. Find the e-mail below which I sent back in May but appears to have slipped through your “net”.  In case you did see … Continue reading

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