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21 May 2019 | Monday

More interesting inclusions for Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. Most of the Proctor examples are from the Joe Gourd collection.

O 98.8 L … Superior Oxford Club Orange Bitters, Artificially Colored, (signed) Baird – Daniels Co. Distillers, (embossed) BAIRD – DANIELS COMPANY, GIN DISTILLERS, CONTENTS 1/5 GALLON
Round, 12, Neck seal and stopper, Pale aqua, LTCR
Distillery at Warehouse Point, Conn., Office in New York City

R 10.7 RANNEY’S GOLDEN GATE BITTERS, Established 1861, The H. S. Lincoln Co., Sole Proprietors of Ranney’s Golden Gate Bitters, H. S. Lincoln, L. W. Munroe, Newton Highlands, Mass., Dec 23, 1897

Trade Cards
R 145.7 PROCTOR’S VEGETABLE RESTORATIVE BITTERS Long, single-sided cards. Sailing and ship paintings and cottage paintings. Series No. 37, An Efficient Tonic, PROCTOR’S Vegetable Restorative Bitters.
Postal Card
R 145.7 THE VEGETABLE RESTORATIVE BITTERS cure Jaundice, Headache, Loss of Appetite, Drowsiness, Weakness of the Stomach, Indigestion and all kindred complaints. Prepared and Sold by BENJ. PROCTOR, Apothecary, No. 6 Healey’s Arcade, Lynn (Mass.) 1c postal card (Scott UX5) mailed from Lynn, Mass., On Jun. 7 (1880)

20 May 2019 | Monday

Working with bitters ephemera specialist Joe Gourd to ensure his unlisted material is included in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2 (BBS2). Still in his vast “B” section. Basically, I check to see if the piece has been previously included in Bitters Bottles or the Supplement, or if Bill Ham has already included it in the BBS2 draft which I am working with. I then arrange the art and send the proposed new listing to Biil to review. He will then give it a number, place it in his latest draft and index. Here are a few from yesterday.

Trade Card
B 235.5 BROWN’S TONIC BITTERS, S.A. Brown, 387 Shawmut Avenue, Boston

Trade Card
B 234.5 BROWN’S SARSAPARILLA BITTERS, The greatest known Appetizer and Blood Purifier. Price 75 cts. per bottle. Prepared by G. W. Brown, Apothecary, Warren, Me.

Trade card
B 214.3 BRIGHT’S SURE KIDNEY AND LIVER BITTERS, A Sure Cure for Bright’s Disease, Reading Hop Bitters Co., Reading, Michigan, See B 214.3 and R 14.5 BBs2.

Print Advertisement
B 216.5 BROOKS TONIC AND LAXATIVE BITTERS, (Ivory Brooks M.D. portrait) Every bottle has the portrait and signature of Ivory Brooks, M.D. on the label. None genuine without. Manufactured by The Brooks Medicine Co., Springville, Me.

Here are a few other new listings from Joe’s collection:

Trade Cards
B 79.5  BERGER’S STOMACH BITTERS, Front illustration of girl with school books and girl descending steps with pets. Reverse stamped Henry Berger’s Cough Balsam, Henry Berger’s Magic Balm, Henry Berger’s Stomach Bitters and Henry Berger’s Blueing.
B 146.7 L … DR. BONKER’S PEPSIN MAGEN=BITTERS, (copy in German) Dr. Bonker Medicine Co., Chicago, Ill. No bottle known. See B 146.5, B 146.7 and B147 in Bitters Bottles and B 146.5 and B 146.7 Bitters Bottles Supplement.
B 163.9 L . . . BOTANIC BITTER COMPOUND. Prepared and Sold Wholesale and Retail, by Dr. S. N. Gould, West Randolph, Vermont, Price 50 cents per box. One box will make 3 qts of Bitters. Can be prepared in whisky, cider, domestic wine, brandy or alcohol.
Trade Card
B 243.5  DR. BUCHAN’S ENGLISH TONIC BITTERS, You should get a Bottle of Dr. Buchan’s English Tonic Stomach Bitters, Locke Chemical Co., Sole Proprietors, Boston, – Mass. Front: Woman in Pilgrim hat promoting Dr. Buchan’s Comp. Sepia Powder.
Advertisement Tag
B 267.5 BURGUNDY WINE BITTERS, Try Burgundy Wine Bitters The Great Invigorator & Tonic

19 May 2019 | Sunday

Here is an updated BBs2 listing for Celery and Chamomile Bitters that took a little detective work. I had trouble reading the bottom part of the label which had a “D. NAS” and “SOUTH AB…” I posted PRG Facebook and Keith Bellew and Brandon DeWolfe pointed me to Charles D. Nash in Abington, Massachusetts. From there, it was easy to research and confirm.

C 107 L … Celery And Chamomile Bitters
Chas. D. Nash Apothecary, Washington St., South Abington, Mass.
A True Tonic and Invigorator for Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Headache, Ague, Colic …
10 x 2 ¾
Square, Amber, LTCR, 3 sp

New Caroni Bitters letterhead listing in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2.

C 57 CARONI BITTERS, Best Tonic and Appetizer (labeled bottle illustration). The Only Genuine Invaluable for Cocktails. Oct. C. Blache & Co., Importers, Offices: 78 & 80 Broad Street, New York, April 22nd, 1913

18 May 2019 | Saturday

Updated Golden Fruit Bitters listing in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. Example from the Ben Swanson collection.

Puzzle Trade Card
G 63.7 GOLDEN FRUIT BITTERS, The Golden Fruit Bitters cures Indigestion, General Debility, Loss of Appetite… The Golden Fruit Bitters at the nearest Drug Store for 75 cts. Fruit Bitters Company, Baltimore and New York, Wholesale Agents: H. Haswell & Co., Wholesale Druggists, Montreal, Eight concentric circles and optical illusion.
Newspaper advertisement: Ottawa Daily Citizen, Monday, February 18, 1884

Excellent example of a CALIFORNIA FIG BITTERS – CALIFORNIA EXTRACT OF FIG CO. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. (with original front and back labels, contents), R/H C 15.

17 May 2019 | Friday

Really neat brochure cover from Ben Swanson with new listing in BBS2. I found the newspaper clipping for support information.

G 64.1 GOLDEN SEAL BITTERS, Facts For the Million, Dr. Peter W. Schmidt, Called Dr. Pete. His Enormous Practice! His Great Medicines! Golden Seal Bitters and Lung Food for Consumption. The Peoples Hope when Sick. 12-page brochure.
Newspaper advertisement: Golden Seal Bitters, Golden Seal Bitters Co., Holland City, Michigan, Sold by all druggists – The Americus Ledger, Friday, April 24, 1885

15 May 2019 | Wednesday

Posting from Baltimore. This next fine piece is from the Ben Swanson collection. This broadside advertisement contains two unlisted Morton’s bitters and is headed for Bitters Bottles Supplement 2.

Small Broadside
M 139.3 MORTON’S CELEBRATED STOUGHTON, WINE & STOMACH BITTERS, Which are too well known to require comment, as to the excellence of the article. Manufactured by Walter D. Morton, No. 36 West Madison street. Chicago, Ill. Morton’s Golden Aromatic Bitters is also represented.
Small Broadside
M 139.5 MORTON’S GOLDEN AROMATIC BITTERS, Manufactured by Walter D. Morton, No. 36 West Madison street. Chicago, Ill. Morton’s Celebrated Stoughton Wine & Stomach Bitters is also represented.

14 May 2019 | Tuesday

Here is a label from Joe Gourd for Buffalo Stomach Bitters that I have not seen before. The new listing in BBS2:

B 250.5 L . . . BUFFALO STOMACH BITTERS, Registered Buffalo Strengthening (Buffalo illustration) Invigorating Stomach Bitters, Steinhardt Bros. & Co., New York, Sole Proprietors Steinhart Brothers & Co., Importers and Wholesale Liquor Dealers, Nos. 299 and 301 Patchen Avenue, Corner Chauncey Street, Brooklyn, N.Y.; 121 and 123 Hudson Street, Corner North Moore. Company founded in 1872 by Lewis Steinhart, the firm becoming Steinhart Brothers in 1878 and in 1887 the firm became Steinhardt Brothers & Co., the individual members being Lewis Steinhart, M. Steinhart, H. Steinhart, D.G. Steinhart and A. Strasser

While researching the Buffalo Bitters above, I came across these other unrelated and unlisted Buffalo Bitters.

Newspaper Advertisement
B 249.6 BUFFALO STOMACH BITTERS, The Buffalo Drug Store, A. Rasure & Co., Proprietors, Myton Block, fourth door west of the land office, Garden City, Kansas
The Daily Sentinel (Garden City, Kansas), Friday, March 19, 1886

Newspaper Advertisement
B 249.7 BUFFALO BITTERS, Geo. H. Smith & Co. Wholesale Dealers in Wines, Liquors, Tobacco, Cigars, Choice Kentucky Bourbon Whiskies, Proprietors Buffalo Bitters, 121 Fourth St., opp Market House, Kansas City
Fort Scott Daily Monitor (Fort Scott, Kansas), Tuesday, May 10, 1870

13 May 2019 | Monday

Interesting folding risqué trade card from the Joe Gourd collection. Now noted in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2.

Trade Card
B 273.7. DR. BURT’S PHILIPPINO LIVER AND KIDNEY BITTERS, Try A Little – Dr. Burt’s Wild Cherry Pepsin, Dam-i-ana Invigorator, Philippino Liver and Kidney Bitters. Adolph Tonic Co., New Philadelphia, Ohio. Risqué novelty folding card

Another card I haven not seen before from the Ben Swanson collection.

Trade Card
P 121.3 PONTIAC ROOT AND HERB BITTERS, The Great System Purifier for Stomach, Liver, Kidney and Blood. Good For Trade Card. Indian rowing canoe illustration. Contains not over 5% Alcohol. Prepared Only By Pontiac Root & Herb Co., 28 North Broad Street, Atlanta, Georgia. A Large One Dollar Bottle of Pontiac Root & Herb Bitters for This Card and 65c. Take to Coursey & Munn’s Drug Store, 29 Marietta Street and get full quart bottle, sufficient for a good Spring course.

12 May 2019 | Sunday

We had a little trouble identifying this next piece from the Ben Swanson collection. This Hercules Tonic Bitters advertisement is headed for Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. The following newspaper advertisement filled in the missing pieces.

Paper Advertisement
H 99.5 HERCULES TONIC BITTERS, Hercules Tonic Bitters! For Dyspepsia, Indigestion, and Disorders of the Stomach and Blood. Hercules Cordial! (Illustration Hercules with Golden Apple of the Hesperides and club, Copyright Secured) Reverse blank. Over stamped in red, Crowell & Miller, Successors to (illegible), Druggists, 155 Main Street, Norwich, Conn.

Newspaper Advertisement
H 99.5 SOMETHING NEW! HERCULES REMEDIES, TONIC DE HERCULES. HERCULES CORDIAL (Illustration Hercules with Golden Apple of the Hesperides and club, Copyright Secured) Hercules Manufacturing Co. 21 Chapel St., Providence, R.I.
Hartford Courant, Thursday, June 24, 1880

I like the juxtaposition of the tranquil sky-blue glass and the rusted metal closure on this Globe fruit jar. When you add the swirls, you have this outstanding piece submitted by Pat Mahon.

11 May 2019 | Saturday

10 May 2019 | Friday

More material for Bitters Bottles Supplement 2.

Advertising Envelope
B 111.3 BITTER ELIXIR OF IRON (Billboard Envelope) One of the Best Tonics Know (sic) is the Bitter Elixir of Iron Prepared by Stewart & Reay, Cor. Hanover & Camden Streets.
Stewart & Reay (James V’D. Stewart and Dr. Henry S. Reay) Apothecaries, southwest corner of Hanover and Camden streets, The Baltimore Sun, March 12, 1867

09 May 2019 | Thursday

A nice Redington & Hostetter & Co. postal cover from the Ben Swanson collection showing Hostetter’s branch office in San Francisco in the 1860s. The Redington drug house was one of the largest on the Pacific Coast. Read more on Hostetter.

08 May 2019 | Wednesday

More material from the advanced collection of bitters ephemera from Joe Gourd. All new listings in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2.

Trade Card
A 143.2 AYER’S AGUE CURE, (Log cabin, swamp alligator and frogs illustration) Ayer’s Ague Cure is a purely Vegetable Bitter Warranted to Cure Fever and Ague and all Malarial Disorders. Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass.

L 48.5 LAUBER’S GERMAN KRAUTER BITTERS, Carl F. Lauber, Importer and Dealer in Wines, Liquors, Etc., Established 1880, No. 24 North 9th St., Philadelphia., May 12, 1910. Krauter means Herbs in German. Letterhead also references that Lauber is the Manufacturer of Aromatic Cocktail Bitters and Orange Bitters.
Aromatic Cocktail Bitters, See Carl F. Lauber Letterhead, s2L 48.5
Orange Bitters, See , Carl F. Lauber Letterhead, s2L 48.5
A 86.5 L . . . AROMATIC BITTERS, An Exquisite Tonic Appetiser (sic) Either Plain or Mixed with Wines, Spirits or Minerals. Manufactured & Bottled By Desnoes & Geddes Ltd., 29-35 Orange St, Kingston, Jamaica

07 May 2019 | Tuesday

New American Stomach Bitters reference in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2.

Newspaper Advertisement
A 53.5 AMERICAN STOMACH BITTERS, King of all Bitters, Prepared by American Stomach Bitters Co., General Office, Buffalo, N.Y. This bitters is protected by Trade-Mark and signature of the Originator, Emil DeHeyers (illegible signature), Illustration of round, applied seal, labeled bottle.
Possibly related to A 54, American Stomach Bitters, Rochester, N.Y.
Buffalo Courier, Sunday, March 2, 1902

Trade Card
A 53.7 AMERICAN STOMACH BITTERS, Gerbrauche American Stomach Bitters, Koenig Der Medizinen., German to English Translation: Use American Stomach Bitters, King of Medicines.
Possibly related to A 54, American Stomach Bitters, Rochester, N.Y.

Aunt Charity’s Bitters reference in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. The advertisement is from the bitters ephemera collection of Joe Gourd.

Almanac Advertisement
A 137 AUNT CHARITY’S BITTERS, Prepared by Hough & Shelton, Proprietors, Corner Main & Beaver Sts., Bridgeport, Ct., Price 50 Cents, 1865

Unlisted Alburger’s German Bitters reference in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. The advertisement is from the bitters ephemera collection of Joe Gourd.

Print Advertisement
A 24.5 ALBURGER’S GERMAN BITTERS, A. ALBURGER, M.D., Proprietor of Alburger’s German Bitters, Depot: S.E. Cor. Third and Thompson, Sts., Philadelphia, PA.
1/4 page horizontal advertisement in Philadelphia City Directory, 1876

A. Alburger advertisement

06 May 2019 | Monday

New Excelsior Stomach Bitters reference in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. The trade card is from the collection of Ben Swanson.

Trade Card
E 65.8 EXCELSIOR STOMACH BITTERS, Butter-Cup. Use Excelsior Stomach Bitters, They Beat the World for a Tonic, Prepared by Devine & Coughlin, Augusta, Maine. Copyright by M.C. Penniman (Reverse – blank)
Devine & Coughlin (James E. Devine and John Coughlin) druggists, Water, west of Kennebec bridge, Augusta, Maine, Augusta City Directory, 1888

Pierce’s Peptonized Stomach Bitters reference in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. The tpiece is from the collection of Ben Swanson.

P 96.5 PIERCE’S PEPTONIZED STOMACH BITTERS, An Elegant Preparation for Dyspepsia, Indigestion…, Prepared by Heller Chemical Co., Chicago, Ill.
4-panel leaflet on paper. Each panel measures 3.4 x 6 inches.
The Heller Chemical Co. advertised themselves as the Largest and Cheapest Wholesale and Retail Drug House in the World. In 1900, they produced an advertising book with 144 large pages with 1,500 illustrations that gave cut-rate prices on more than 5,000 articles. The Farmers Advocate, Friday, February 22, 1901

05 May 2019 | Sunday (Cinco de Mayo)

Post update: Dr. Petzold’s Genuine German Bitters

New Hooper’s Tonic Bitters reference in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. The trade card is from the collection of Ben Swanson.

Trade or Calling Card
H 170.3 DR. HOOPER’S CALIFORNIA TONIC BITTERS MANUF’G CO., The Best Tonic in the World. Purely Vegetable. Manufactured at Sanborn, N.Y. Presented by … J. H. Schmeck, Sec’y. Orders Promptly Attended To.

New William’s Royal Crown Remedy And Bitters reference in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. The piece is from the collection of Ben Swanson.

W 120.4  WILLIAMS ROYAL CROWN REMEDY AND BITTERS, Price: $1 A Bottle, Six For $5, Manufactured by Isaac William Company, 268 Dundas St., London, Ont. For Sale By All Druggists, 16 page brochure

04 May 2019 | Saturday

New listing in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2 submitted by Frank Wicker.

L 39.5 LASH’S (l > s) BITTERS (s >l) // f // NATURAL / TONIC LAXATIVE // f //
The middle word “LIVER” has been peened out. On opposite side, the last two letters of NATURES (ES) have been peened out and replaced with ”AL” to read NATURAL
9 3/8 x 2 ¾ (7 ¼)
Square, Amber, LTCR, Tooled Lip, Rare

New Magador Bitters listings in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. The trade card is from the collection of Ben Swanson

Newspaper Advertisement
M 6.3 MAGADOR AROMATIC BITTERS, Absolutely Vegetable, Delicious to Taste. Sold by all druggists and others. Magador Aromatic Bitters Co., 1537 Pacific Ave., (Tacoma, Washington) – The Tacoma Times, Saturday, November 5, 1910

Trade Card
M 6.4 MAGADOR BITTERS, (Risque Dancer) It’s Delicious! Magador Bitters Cures All Stomach, Kidney and Liver Troubles. At Druggists, Bars and Others, Manufactured at Tacoma, Wash.

Ben Swanson recently picked up this super-cool oversized Bohemia Bitters trade card off eBay. Joe Gourd then provided images of his stock Bohemia Bitters trade cards. The source is a labeled bottle reference B 136 in Bitters Bottles. The new trade card listing is:

Advertising Trade Cards
B 136 BOHEMIA BITTERS, A Palatable Tonic, A Pleasant Laxative, W. J. Van Schuyver & Co. Inc. Portland, Oregon. Sole Distributors. Oversized vertical card with labeled bottle pictured on front. Reverse blank. Bohemia Bitters nature/floral stock trade cards exist with reverse copy reading essentially the same as above.

03 May 2019 | Friday

Ferdinand, saw your post (23 April 19) about Beacon Bitters and thought you might like to see this crate for their primary product.


We find the bottle you pictured from time to time in privies in Galveston…mostly in the areas that used to make up the red light district. Dug one last Sunday as a matter of fact. They may have bottled their bitters in them, but I’ve only ever found the one size and it fits perfectly in the crate for their Gonorrhea remedy.

By the way, dug a light yellow green L&W Hostetter’s (unfortunately with a small crack) and a nice intact Bavarian Bitters in Galveston on Sunday. Will shoot you some photos of them once I get them cleaned up.

Best Regards,

Brandon DeWolfe, P.E.

Working with some outstanding images from the great Ben Swanson collection of medical ephemera. In this case it is for unlisted bitters material. The new listings in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2 are as follows:

Mechanical Trade Card
T 3.2 TALLMAN’S BITTERS, A Pint Bottle of Tallman’s Bitters Made From Hops, Yellow Dock, Burdock, Wild Cherry, Dandelion, Prickly Ash, Buchu and Mandrake. For 35 Cts. A True Tonic (Black Americana on reverse)
Newspaper Advertisement
T 3.2 All Pimples Removed From Face by Using Tallman’s Bitters, Only 35 Cents Per Pint Bottle, For Sale by All Grocers.
The News (Patterson, New Jersey), Tuesday, March 15, 1892

J 20.7 JANNEY’S OLD DOMINION TONIC BITTERS, Janney & Co., Dealers in Drugs, Paints and Oils, No. 145 King Street, Alexandria, Va. (Samuel H. Janney & Marlon H. Janney)
Newspaper Advertisement: Janney’s Old Dominion Tonic Bitters, In quart bottles, at one dollar each, Janney & Co. – Alexandria Gazette, Saturday, November 14, 1874

Advertising Trade Card
R 14.5 READING HOP BITTERS CO., Ask for Improved Hop Bitters. Put up by Reading Hop Bitters Co., Reading, Michigan (Put up in round bottles. Probably German Hop Bitters, Dr. C.D. Warner, Reading, Michigan. (see G 25 numbers)

02 May 2019 | Thursday

Hi Ferdinand, my name is Gustavo Maisonnave, I’m writing you from Aigua in Uruguay. I am 66, System Engineer, now retired in my farm. www.mpescador.com. Today I was taking stones from a very old “Tapera” (houses constructed using stones in the inner country). Suddenly I found a broken piece of glass with a seal, “Bitter Puyastier” Searching through Internet found your article & e-mail. … regards, Gustavo

Read: Where is the Bitter Puyastier from?

Working with some outstanding images from the great Ben Swanson collection of medical ephemera. In this case it is for unlisted bitters material. The new listings in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2 are as follows:

Advertising Trade Card
D 71.5 DICKINSON’S PERUVIAN IRON BITTERS, (Boy holding tail and running after pig) Dickinson’s Peruvian Bitters gives you Appetite and Refreshing Sleep; surely prevents Chills and Fevers, and almost always cures Dyspepsia.

Advertising Trade Card
G 1 G. A. R. BITTERS, (Mule with advertising blanket) I Don’t Take G.A.R. Bitters, Don’t be a Mule, G.A.R. Bitters Is the Greatest Home Remedy Known, Granger Manufacturing Co., Waukesha, Wisconsin
Newspaper Advertisement: G.A.R. Bitters made by A.L. Granger, a soldier in the 10th Wisconsin to face the disease and heat of the South during the Civil War. $1.00 per Bottle
The Post Crescent, Friday, July 26, 1907

Advertising Trade Card
H 56.3 HARTLEY’S PURE TONIC BITTERS, Try Hartley’s Pure Tonic Bitters for the Malaria and Indigestion. Presented by Hoffman & Gottchalk, Berne & Linn Grove, Indiana Probably related to Hartley’s Peruvian Bark Bitters, Muncie, Indiana (see H54.5, BBs2)

01 May 2019 | Wednesday

Working with some outstanding images from the great Ben Swanson collection of medical ephemera. In this case it is for unlisted bitters material. The new listings in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2 are as follows:

Advertising Envelope
O 60 DR. OLLIN’S GOLDEN BITTERS, Don’t fail to use Dr. Ollin’s Golden Bitters, A. F. Fish, New Bedford, Mass., Proprietor of McDonald’s Iatropon. Anson F. Fish, Wholesale Pedler, 222 County Kempton, New Bedford, Massachusetts
New Bedford, Massachusetts, City Directory, 1867

Advertising Envelope
R 29.7 REGNAULT’S EUREKA BITTERS, Granger & Co., Wholesale Grocers, Titusville, PA., Sole Agents for Regnault’s Eureka Bitters
Newspaper advertisement: Granger & Co., Sole Agents in the United States for Regnault’s Eureka Bitters
The Titusville Herald (Pennsylvania), Saturday, June 12, 1869

Advertising Envelope
B 18.7  BARBER’S FAMILY BITTER’S, Barber Medicine Co., 904 East 19th St. Kansas City, Missouri Barber’s Family Bitters for Medicinal Use. Pleasant to Take, Sure to Cure, Perfectly Safe in Action., Barber Medicine Co., Retail Druggists, James E. Barber, Manager, 900 E. 19th
Kansas City, Missouri Directory, 1896 -1898. Company listed as late as 1941 selling Veterinary Remedies.

About Ferdinand Meyer V

Ferdinand Meyer V is a native of Baltimore, Maryland and has a BFA in Fine Art and Graphic Design from the Kansas City Art Institute and School of Design. Ferdinand is the founding Principal of FMG Design, a nationally recognized design consultation firm. Ferdinand is a passionate collector of American historical glass specializing in bitters bottles, color runs and related classic figural bottles. He is married to Elizabeth Jane Meyer and lives in Houston, Texas with their daughter and three wonderful grandchildren. The Meyers are also very involved in Quarter Horses, antiques and early United States postage stamps. Ferdinand is the past 6-year President of the Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors and is one of the founding members of the FOHBC Virtual Museum.
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