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Peaches on CrateThis site is presented and hosted by Ferdinand and Elizabeth Meyer. We hope to share our passion for collecting and dealing in Early American Antique Bottles and Glass. Please contact us for any information and or bottle and glass news for post consideration. I am also looking for guest authors as I shift to the Virtual Museum project. Thanks!

The September October 2018 issue of Bottles and Extras mailed to members!

Vol. 29 No. 5 | September – October 2018 | No. 239 (Mailed 15 August) Features: When a Digging Permission becomes a Golf Outing Jeff Mihalik, No Fizz Less Bizz! Ken Previtali, W.C. Peacock: The Whiskey Man who made Waikiki Jack Sullivan, Walter Smith was bitten early by the collecting bug Bill Baab, Prized Midwestern Flasks Mark Vuono, Ebner Brothers Steve Abbott, Vignettes: Shards of Wisdom, History’s Corner, Washington-Taylor Flasks from River Bridge Paul Vincent, Holey Holey Hoely Bill Baab, Lost & Found, Virtual Museum News, Member Photo Gallery and smooch more! Become a FOHBC Member and get BOTTLES and EXTRAS

Goldheim Bitters featured in Bottles and Extras

The July | August 2018 issue of Bottles and Extras has a super article on the extremely rare, Goldheim Celebrated Swiss Stomach Bitters from Baltimore. The article was written by Susan Helen Adler. This is a pretty tough-to-get Baltimore bitters square.

FOHBC 2018 Cleveland National Souvenir Program

2019 FOHBC 50th Anniversary National Antique Bottle Convention | Augusta, Georgia | Info & Contract Packet Online

Per FOHBC convention guidelines, we are posting the first online draft of the 2019 Augusta National Info & Contract Packet. We do this one week before the current year national which of course is the 2018 Cleveland National which starts a week from today. You can reserve tables and advertising space as of today. First come – first served. Packets will be available in Cleveland.  See Packet

July August 2018 issue of Bottles and Extras mailed 14 June 2018

Features: The Arcade Hotel Shoofly Steve Abbott 16 The Rat Steve Abbott 18 A Look Into Cleveland Elizabeth Lacy 22 From Goldheim’s Bitters to Phillip Lobe & Son, Three Generations of a Jewish family in the Liquor Business Susan Helen Adler 28 Digging in Ohio Eric McGuire 38 Zack Baer Interview Jeff Mihalik 43 History of Killing Worms: McLane Zack Baer 43 Obsessed with Arkansas Saloons James Childers 50 Vignettes: Shards of Wisdom History’s CornerReview: New Mexico soda bottler’s life is detailed in historical book Bill Baab 10 Review: New Mexico Hutchinsons not just another book Bill Baab 11 Review: Collectors won’t believe numbers of ‘Show Me’ State’s bottles, jugs Bill Baab 12 Augusta Brewing Company’s Flagship Beers: Belles of Georgia, Carolina, Florida Bill Baab 13 Sealed with a Kiss British bottle Reviewb 42 Lost & Found 60 Virtual Museum News 63 Member Photo Gallery 64 Departments: Table of Contents 1 FOHBC Officer Listing 2016-2018 2 President’s Message 3 FOHBC News, From and For Our Members 6 Classified Ads & Ad Rate Info 66 Membership Directory 67 FOHBC Show-Biz, Show Calendar Listings 68 Membership Application 72 SUBSCRIBE

RENO announced for the 2020 National Antique Bottle Show & Expo

After an extensive search, negotiations, presentations and FOHBC board approval, Reno has be selected as the location for the FOHBC 2020 National Antique Bottle Show & Expo. The event will be held at the Grand Sierra Resort & Casino. Richard Siri will act as Show Chair. Team Reno at this point will also include Warren Friedrich, Eric McGuire and Ferdinand Meyer V. Essentially the same team as the very successful 2016 Sacramento National.

Golden Gate Historical Bottle Society and Sale

The 52nd GGHBS show and sale of April 14 is now history. Beautiful Spring weather greeted all attendees who made the trip to Antioch, California. Attendance held steady as it has for many years at this show. The usual mix of bottles were presented for sale but, as usual, very few newly dug bottles made their way to the tables. This is a trend I have noticed for a number of years now and one that will probably not reverse.

Moses Atwood – Atwood’s Jaundice Bitters – Georgetown, Massachusetts

I was going through some material the other day that I gathered for the recent Dr. Henry Baxter’s Mandrake Bitters post which referenced the Atwood’s Jaundice Bitters bottle. You see, both bottle shapes are similar. I was curious, who was Moses Atwood? It turns out that there were two primary Moses Atwoods operating about the same time in New England. Both were in medicine and started out in New Hampshire. This was confusing at first and I wanted to sort it out.

Dr. Henry Baxter’s Mandrake Bitters – Vermont

I’ve had a Dr. Baxter’s Mandrake Bitters tucked away in my collection for many years. The bottle is from Burlington, Vermont and is kind of cool because it has 12 sides! It is pretty common though so it doesn’t get much attention. I like it anyway and it remains a favorite.

Minerva Bitters – Aussie or American?

I’ve had a folder on my laptop set within my ‘t0-do’ list for some time for Minerva Bitters. The bottle is extremely rare. I can account for only two examples. My example is pictured above. The other was dug in Australia 40 years ago or so. It sure looks like an American bottle but there is strong evidence that it is from Australia around 1899. What do you think?

An extremely rare Newman’s Golden Fruit Bitters

An extremely rare Newman’s Golden Fruit Bitters sold on the recent Glass Works Auctions | Auction 119 that closed last Monday night. I’ve only seen the example above with the Carlyn Ring collection sticker. The example that sold looks to be a more ‘golden’ color (pictured below). Could be just the photography though.

Looking at some French Bitters

A really cool French Bitters (pictured above) put out by Morse & Williams showed up on the Glass Works Auctions | Auction 119 that closed this past Monday night. I wasn’t familiar with the bottle and see that it is rated ‘extremely rare’ in Bitters Bottles. The listing even notes “dug near Torch Lake, Michigan“. So I wonder, is this a second example? Where is the bottle from? Who is Morse & Williams UPDATED

A nice labeled Hindu Tonic Stomach Bitters

In the current Glass Works Auctions, Auction 119 there is an excellent example of a labeled Hindu Tonic Stomach Bitters prepared by liquor dealers Williams & Newman of Chicago, Illinois. The bottle appears to be unlisted. The example is clear with a fluted neck like a Dr. Loew’s Stomach Bitters. The bottle has some nice tax stamps and an image of the Minots Ledge Light or Cohasset Massachusetts Lighthouse on the front label. More on that later.

Roger’s Specific Bitters – Moundsville, West Virginia

It’s alway nice to hear from bitters trade card, advertising and ephemera collector Joe Gourd up Chi-town way. Quite often he includes some rare paper items that I have not seen before. In this case a reference to Roger’s Specific Bitters. This brand appears to be unlisted. I am not aware of any bottles. The bitters was invented by Dr. Timothy Ross Rogers.

Connecticut Yankees’ sodas documented in new book

After penning a number of articles about 19th century soda water manufacturers and their bottles of his home state in Antique Bottle & Glass Collector magazine, William G. (Bill) Beckett decided to share his knowledge in a book. He self-published “Early Connecticut Soda Proprietors & Their Bottles” earlier this year and the writer purchased a copy, mainly because there is an Augusta, Georgia connection to one of those Yankee soda water manufacturers. Uriah Clinton, of Woodbridge, Connecticut, was the father of Henry Clinton, who established his “Model Soda Water Establishment of the South” in Augusta in the late 1870s. My story about Henry appeared in the January 2018 issue of Antique Bottle & Glass Collector. 

On January 15, 2018 The Journey begins to view 85 years of Western Brewer Journals!

The Western Brewer Journals from 1876 to 1880 will be available on the American Breweriana Association website on January 15, 2018. This resource would not be available without the Beer Institute in Washington, D.C. allowing us to archive their rare collection of the Western Brewer Journals. I want to thank Sandra Castro at the Beer Institute, ABA members Tim Bowers, John Dutcher, Dave Hayden, Bob Pirie, Darrell Smith, Jeff Scholz and Rich Wagner for all their help. Special thanks goes to the ABA members that made a contribution to the Western Brewer Journals to make this historic resource available to ABA members. Want a preview? Click Here to view Volume 1 from 1880.
Posted by Richard Kramerich (ABA Member)

Second Annual South Lake Tahoe, Back Yard Show & Sale

For this event, show goers were treated to fresh, pine scented, morning air, towering trees and sparkling, azure-blue skies in one of the most majestic high country destinations that California has to offer: George & Judy Klingler’s back yard! This show was a big hit in its first year and we were all very gratified to see such a great turn-out this year. After doing their homework, the Klinglers were able to find a weekend that fit pretty well into the western region show-scape. Our gracious and experienced hosts were completely prepared for the early arrival of dealers and collectors. Coffee, fresh fruit and pastries were tastefully presented amongst Judy’s wonderfully arranged, fresh cut flowers in collector jars and vases of all shapes and sizes. My faves were the lavender and golden mixed Iris’ in the battery jar. Gorgeous!

Herkules Bitters – Now in Three Sizes

In bitters collecting, we have the Herkules Bitter. Note the use of a “k” in Herkules and the absence of an “s” in Bitter. I added a quart example from the Stuart Elman collection to my collection back in 2002. I had not thought about this bottle in years until I saw three different sizes show up in a recent American Bottle Auctions Auction #64. The middle size is unlisted. Each is represented in this post. Pretty amazing that the concoction was 40% alcohol.

Panama Bitters – Meeting of the Atlantic & Pacific

Recently I watched a neat documentary on the Panama Canal on Netflix (Panama Canal: Prized Possession). A few days later I found a bitters advertisement for Panama Bitters and liked the momentary connection. To start off, I lead with the art card above labeled, “Meeting of the Atlantic & Pacific, The Kiss of the Oceans, 1915“. Pretty sensual.

Dr. Jaffe’s Celebrated Cinchona Bitters Trademark Letter

I came across this 1880 Dr. Jaffe’s Celebrated Cinchona Bitters advertisement above while searching for support material for another post. The brand was advertised, using pretty much the same small advertisement up until 1883 in Sacramento, California. A quick search led me to this letter from Wm. Price & Co. from the California Secretary of State’s Office, “Old Series Trademark No. 0234. Just so cool. William Price and Co. were the sole manufacturers and proprietors. They filed for the Cinchona Bitters trademark in Sacramento, California on 12 September 1872. I am not aware of any bottles.

Dr. Van Dyke’s Holland Bitters and the Headless Man

My friend Gary Beatty forwarded the above picture and email below of possibly an unlisted variant of a Dr. Van Dyke’s Holland Bitters bottle from St. Louis, Missouri. I am not familiar with this superb example though I am familiar with other Van Dyke bottles. I guess the bigger question here might be, “why is that guy on their logo without a head?”

Dr. Maton’s Celebrated Stomach Bitters

I decided to pull the trigger on the damaged Dr. Maton’s Celebrated Stomach Bitters on eBay as it is just so darn rare and I have only seen one other example. It is pictured above. Not in pristine shape and described as “Here’s a rare 1870s bitters bottle from Lancaster, Pa….unfortunately, it was broken at some point in the past and glued back together. However, the bottle actually displays pretty decent from a couple sides so I thought someone might want it.”

Two incredibly tall G. N. Morison Wholesale Druggist Ads

I’ve written about George Noble Morison of New Orleans before, specifically his extremely rare G. N. Morison’s Invigorating Bitters. Here are two really interesting vertical advertisements from Morison who was a wholesale druggist in the 1850s and 1860s. If you click and enlarge the ads, there are some fascinating items that he advertises as being in stock. His warehouse must have really been something. Here is what specifically caught my eye…

Dr. Herrick’s Standard Family Medicine

Within this post is reference to two early bitters from 1846 and 1847 that seem to be unlisted. The Strengthening Bitters and Vegetable Tonic Bitters (probably the same bitters with flexible names) are from a Dr. Herrick who is probably Dr. Lewis R. Herrick of Albany, New York. Dr. Herrick was born in Malden, New York on March 10, 1816 and was a noted physician of his day. Dr. Herrick, a patent medicine man, acquired considerable fame, and a large fortune in that business. His Sugar Coated Vegetable Pills and Dr. Herrick’s Kid Strengthening Plasters had a world-wide reputation, at least according to advertising and write-ups on the man. He called himself “The great Healer of Mankind!”

Now Two Tally-Ho Bitters

The phrase tally-ho is a largely a British phrase, which originated from the activity of foxhunting, and other forms of hunting with hounds, shouted when a rider or follower sees the fox. Today the term has evolved to have other meanings, most of which relate to ‘pointing out’ or ‘spotting’ a ‘target’. For example, it is sometimes used as slang in air traffic control to verify a radar contact has been visually confirmed.

Mississippi Valley Bitters or Yazoo Valley Bitters?

I found this bright yellow, 1867 St. Louis City Directory advertisement above listing a Mississippi Valley Bitters, Fish Bitters, Hostetter’s Bitters and Drake’s Bitters. I certainly know about the last three listings. The Mississippi Valley Bitters is new to me. Could it be related to the Yazoo Valley Bitters that was made in Vicksburg, Mississippi by Fulton M. McRae?

Dr. Brunon’s Bitters – To Hotel Keepers, Restaurants, Druggists, Grocers and the Public

A simple post here for an 1859 bitters advertisement I found the other day in The Ottawa Free Trader. Dr. Brunon’s Bitters would cure just about anything out there. The bitters sold for 50 cents per bottle, $5 per dozen, $2.50 per gallon and you could get extra Bitters for bar-rooms, by the gallon or barrel at the low price of $1.25 per gallon. I wonder how they shipped the barrels?

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