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Old Dr. Townsend’s Daisy Vases, more common than you think

OLD DR. TOWNSEND’S CELEBRATED STOMACH BITTERS 11 April 2013 (R•052914) “The wife said they had gotten it out of a rural school in Alabama, where it was being used as a flower vase” Ferdinand: About a month and a half … Continue reading

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Mailbox Letters – February 2013

Haven’t emptied out the mailbox until this morning. Here are a few incoming pieces. Let me know if you have any info or are interested. 5-Log Drake’s Find Hello Ferdinand, On Thursday, myself and a few buddies were relic hunting … Continue reading

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Art Glass from the Dr. Gary and Arlette Johnson Collection

If you hurry quick, you can catch the ending tonight of Heckler Auction 102 where you will find a gorgeous assembly of art glass from the Gary and Arlette Johnson Collection. I was able to see some of these pieces … Continue reading

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Rare Hyacinth Vases with Mike Jordan

(see video) F O H B C    D I S P L A Y    S E R I E S Rare Hyacinth Vases with Mike Jordan Ocala, Florida Here is the next in the series of expanded coverage … Continue reading

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Why are glass balls on Early American Glass pieces?

I will be the first to tell you, I am out of my area of specialization in many cases when I post about glass but still very willing to learn from some of the glass authorities who continually post great … Continue reading

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Some Beautiful Carnival Glass Pieces

My experiece with Carnival Glass is limited based on just owning a few insulators that caught my eye over the years. I pictured my PYREX CD 233 to the left. The color is quite nice. I did a Peachridge post … Continue reading

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Jeffrey S. Evans – Some Great Early American Glass Pieces

I wanted to make sure everyone had Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates on their radar. I’ve been noticing some past and upcoming auctions with some fine glass pieces. Jeffrey was kind enough to send me pictures of some stand-out glass … Continue reading

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