A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words Gallery

I felt like I needed to create a space on the Menu Bar above to house some of my favorite pictures that you all post. This Gallery will be updated and evolve just like any gallery. Please keep all the good photography coming. I have really seen a dramatic upswing in the quality of bottle and glass photography led by veterans and followed by others who appreciate their glass a desire to capture a moment.


Some of my Clarke’s Vegetable Sherry Wine Bitters bottles. Taken earlier today. They are all different. – Ferdinand Meyer V


Picked up a really nice “soulful” 12 inch Stoddard pan. Love this one! – Michael George

5 blue “demijohns” in the afternoon light. They are pretty in their own way – Aprill Collection

This has to be one of the most impressive and beautiful pics of an insulator I have ever seen – Red Guerre

Glass Fishing Floats in the Snow

Sunburst Sunrise – photo John April

Gorgeous Swirled Flasks and Bottles – photo Woody Douglas

Puce Glass Trio – photo Michael George

Mini Glob Display – photo Jeff and Holly Noordsy

Three Fruit Jars in Blue – photo Charles Aprill

Connecticut Glass in Sunlight

Anna pottery pig flask with rare map. American, circa 1870-1875 – photo Cowan’s Auctions

Three submarines and a skull poison – photograph by Daniel Palmer – Elsecar Heritage Center

Texas Antique Shop

Reconstructed Early American Glass Picture and Witch Ball

Lone Insulator – Shaun Kotlarsky

Bottle Window – Charles Flint

Orange Insulators

Hair Bottles – Pam Selenak

Keef Mason Sculpture

Eli got a nice collection from Howard and Linda Banks with the Insulators for Kids program!!

Utah Bottles at Sunset – Utah Antique Bottle Cliche

Fruit Jar Reflections – Mike Holzwarth

Orange and Cranberry colored Inks – John April

Reno Bottle Collection – photo Dale Sanders

Three Amber Bitters Bottles – photo Michael George

Baltimore Star Ink in Blue – John April

Pitkin Flask from Westchester Show – photo Dana Charlton – Zarro

Sarsaparilla Grouping – photo Michael George

Dr. Atherton’s Dew Drop Bitters – photo Greg Bair

Some colorful sodas to start the day! – photo Cody Zeleny

Tom Doligale Schnapps Display

Western Green – Dale Mlasko

Fruit Juice in the Morning – Jeff (froggy) Burkhardt

Hi Ferdinand, For the Fourth of July holiday I have attached a picture of some red, white and blue glass attributed to the Boston and Sandwich Glass Factory. The small kerosene lamp to the left has a font with swirled latticinio red, white and blue canes. The glass bell has individual red, white and blue swirled canes in the handle. Next to the bell is a small free blown scent bottle in milk glass with blue and red pulled loop marbrie decoration. The large lamp is a solar lamp with a red, white and blue marbrie decorated base with a cobalt bead of glass around the bottom edge. It has a patriotic shield cut on the shade, circa 1850-60. Last is a blown wide mouth bottle in milk glass with red and blue marbrie decoration. This bottle was probably used as a tea caddy. It came from the family of Benjamin Haines, a prominent member of the Sandwich glassworks. Happy Fourth! – Rob Girouard

Having some fun with the camera in the bottle room and wanted to share a photo. Demijohns sure make a handsome display and provide the biggest bang for the buck in the bottle collecting world! Gene Ainsworth

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  1. Charles Aprill says:

    Now that is nice. Looking at these things makes you feel good. Thanks for the pictures.

  2. Warren Friedrich says:

    Certainly a nice gallery of pictures. I really like Jeff’s trio of unusually colored Old Homestead Wild Cherry Bitters!

  3. dale says:

    Outstanding ! The multitude of photographs presented here in the Fresh Peach Gallery are awe inspiring !

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