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Gary Katzen Milk Glass Collection

Gary Katzen Milk Glass Collection 30 May 2013 Read Part 2: Why White? or How the %$#@! did you choose that Category? I first met Gary Katzen online, a year ago June when he sent me some incredible pictures of milk … Continue reading

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Quite a lineup of Railroad Flasks

The McKearin Historical Flask Group V – Railroad Flasks Ferdinand, Got close to 60 of the railroad flasks on my new shelves now. With over 125 of them, hard to figure how I am going to display/setup. My wife is … Continue reading

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What are all these Wormwood Bitters?

WORMWOOD – Artemisia absinthium 28 May 2013 I was tracking down some Turner Brothers information when I was directed to a full page Turner Brothers advertisement in the 1856 San Francisco City Directory and the half-page, blue, McMillan & Kester advertisement in a later 1871 … Continue reading

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A ‘short’ Turner Brothers New York figural barrel

Ferdinand Here are three barrels that I have. The one on the left is an Old Sachem which is open pontiled. The other two are both Turner Brothers New York barrels. The one Turner Brothers barrel is shorter, approximately the … Continue reading

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Aromatic Schiedam Schnapps – Udolpho Wolfe

AROMATIC SCHIEDAM SCHNAPPS UDOLPHO WOLFE 26 May 2013 I have to admit, many times when I write something about a brand or bottle is not because I know something, it is because I want to learn more and I am … Continue reading

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Jacob Youngblood and the Bernhard Soda Water Apparatus

Hello Sir, my name is Daniel and I have been collecting bottles for a few years now. I have recently acquired a very nice blob top bottle that is greenish and says YOUNG.BLOOD (see above) in big lettering around the … Continue reading

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Mrs. S. A. Allen’s Worlds Hair Restorer Display…and some more

Hi. Ferdinand – I received an e-mail from a gentleman from Spain recently wanting to sell a Mrs Allen’s Hair Restorer advertising display (see above). I have attached a photo of this rare item. If anybody is interested in purchasing … Continue reading

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Color Measurement – Latest from Michael Seeliger

Michael Seeliger (Brooklyn, Wisconsin) has been periodically updating me with his progress on his work for a color spectrophotometer for use in determining the color for a particular bottle. This is really cutting edge work for our hobby. I included one … Continue reading

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The Grecian Bend and Carey’s Grecian Bend Bitters

The Grecian Bend and CAREY’S GRECIAN BEND BITTERS 22 May 2013 (R•051414) (R•040815) illustrations often show a woman with a large bustle and a very small parasol, bending forward Have you ever wondered why the famous and extremely rare, Carey’s Grecian … Continue reading

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Royal Italian Bitters by A.M.F. Gianelli – Montreal

R O Y A L   I T A L I A N   B I T T E R S Angelo M. F. Gianelli 21 May 2013 (R•010714) (R•052914) Tonight, I wanted to spend a little time looking at … Continue reading

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