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Incredible and Rare Western Flask – “Fleckenstein & Mayer, (monogram), Portland, O.”

Incredible and Rare Western Flask “Fleckenstein & Mayer, (monogram), Portland, O.” 30 March 2013 (R•010915) Stopping my eyes suddenly on eBay was a listing reading “Incredible and Rare Western Flask”. Well that’s a teaser enough. Then I see pictures (all … Continue reading

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The Forbes Windows – Gallery of Light and Color

My BBB (Best Bottle Friend) Jerry Forbes (Carmel, California) flooded my inbox this afternoon with some simply outstanding pictures of his latest bottle additions from the Baltimore Bottle Show. Read: Balto 2013 – Crab Cakes, Bottles and my Mother – … Continue reading

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Legendary Barto’s Great Gun Bitters added to Fuss Collection

Hi Ferdinand, It was great to catch up with you in Baltimore. I look forward to my next visit to Peachridge in April! Attached are a few phone pics of my new green Barto’s Great Gun Bitters from the Ring … Continue reading

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Fire Grenades – Great Form and Color for Collectors

The grenade was thrown at the base of the fire so the glass would smash and release the chemicals – putting out the fire. Recently I have written and posted about collectible antique Glass Paperweights, Target Balls, Marbles, Witch Balls, Fly Traps, Glass Fishing Floats, Lightning … Continue reading

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Watching these Wormser Bros SF Belly-Buttons

I am keeping a close eye on this extraordinary Wormser Bros. San Francisco barrel on Jeff Wichmann’s American Bottle Auctions Auction 53. There are actually two (2) Wormser’s which I have pictured below with ABA’s descriptions. Check those belly-buttons out! Wormser … Continue reading

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