Bennett & Carroll – Figural Barrel Series


Earlier this year I did a comprehensive series on most of the great figural barrels. I knew I had missed a few odd ones such as the Bennett & Carrol barrel (note spelling of Carrol missing an ‘L’, and the alternate earlier spelling of ‘Pittsburg’). At the time I could not find much information and certainly could not find a good image. John Pastor with American Glass Gallery has a wonderful example in his Auction #9 that ends tonight. The description is as follows:

Lot #131: Bennett & Carrol / 120 Wood St / Pittsburg” Figural Whiskey Bottle, America, probably a Pittsburgh district glasshouse, 1855 – 1860. Brilliant yellowish golden, or light honey amber, barrel form, applied square collared mouth – iron pontil scar, ht. 9 ¼”, very near mint; (a little minor roughness along the back edge of the square collared mouth, otherwise pristine perfect). A beautiful example of this very rare whiskey barrel, bright, crisp and nicely whittled. Note; we have added an additional photo taken on a bright, slightly overcast sunny day to show the beautiful yellowish and honey tones evident in this particular example.

Note this other example of a Bennett & Carroll flattened chestnut form that was sold in Heckler 98 Auction. Very similar pieces of glass. Unfortunately I can not find any other information on Bennett & Carroll so I welcome any new information that can be provided.

Bennett & Carroll flattened chestnut (note spelling of Carroll) – Heckler 98 Auction

Bennett & Carrol figural whiskey bottle – American Glass Gallery Auction #9 (Studio illumination)

Bennett & Carrol figural whiskey bottle – American Glass Gallery Auction #9 (window illumination)


“BENNETT & CARROL / 120 WOOD ST. / PITTSBURG”, (Denzin, BEN-31), Pennsylvania, ca. 1855 – 1870, medium yellowish amber barrel, 9 1/2”h, smooth base, applied square collar mouth, perfect condition. A rarely offered barrel, and it’s a good one having nice glass whittle a bold impression and almost no trace of wear! A Pittsburgh classic! Ex. Robert Pattridge Collection. – Glass Works Auctions | Auction 98

Bennett & Carrol figural whiskey bottle – American Glass Gallery Auction #9 (mouth detail)

Bennett & Carrol figural whiskey bottle – American Glass Gallery Auction #9 (pontil base detail)

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