May 2014 – Antique Bottle & Glass Photo Gallery


Apple-Touch-IconAHere we go with the May 2014 group of pictures culled from a few of the web and Facebook sites that we all like. My favorite is the picture above from Chip Cable. What a great picture! Chip titles it Some nice colors on a bright spring day”.

May 2014 – Antique Bottle & Glass 

P H O T O    G A L L E R Y

01 June 2014


I didn’t post this earlier due to my inability to photograph flasks with Mike Brauser‘s skill. I’ve given up for the time being. So here is what I bought at the Dover NH. show. The first of what I hope to be a color run of these flasks. – Woody Douglas


Here is some more Spring color! – James Viguerie


Some LG CO basemarked flasks – Keith Bellew


A few of my favorite local sodas, and my ink collection. cheers! – James Leubner


Just pickling up this page and dusting the shelfs. – Dave Olson


Diamond in the Rough – Lou Holis


Bought a small flask collection today. There were a few good ones in the mix. – Chris Rowell


My window pane gallery presents……A bottle full of niddy noddy. – Alan Adams


With a sliver of sunlight… Another rush home, grabbed a few utilities, and snapped a picture. Nothing special, just showing off the crudity and texture of this early primitive glass! – Michael George


Need a little assistance on rarity to help me in my pricing. I have dug and seen a number of Patent type whiskeys over the years with Dyottville Glass Works embossed on the base, some pontiled and some not. I cannot recall seeing one in this light blue green or aquamarine color, as all have been shades of olive, green and amber. Here is a pair of Dyottvilles, the amber is strongly embossed on the base, the aqua is not. Please advise as to rarity of the aqua and value range. Thanks in advance. – Mike Newman


Had my scrolls displayed in the bottle cabinet, and I figured I would send along the two best pictures of the bunch. The yellow amber quart I just aquired. Its from the Beadle collection and It really goes well with the other colors in my color run. – Cody Zeleny


Finally got some shelves put up in the window! Just wish I had a bigger window now.  I think I picked some nice ones to put up though…..!!  Clayton Johnson


Here are some of my New Orleans pontiled sodas. I will start posting individual pictures over the next week.  James Viguerie


Here is a handled chestnut lot I picked up at hecklers live auction yesterday. I wasn’t planning on go after this lot.. But I really like the one with the AMBROSIAL seal – Keith Bellew


Western demijohns in unusual colors.  Dale Santos


Purchased a nice group today including a nice pontiled Florida water bottle!  Evan Belanger


Just sharing a small group of Wisharts Pine Tree Tar Cordial bottles  Frank Wicker


This is a Wykoff & Cos Union Bluing that I have. It, like many of my other bottles, needs to be cleaned. Does anyone know a way of cleaning bottles that doesn’t require expensive equipment, doesn’t hurt the value of the bottle, has a low risk of damaging the bottle, and can clean even inside the bottle?  Adam Doughty

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