June 2014 – Antique Bottle & Glass Photo Gallery


Apple-Touch-IconAHere we go with the June 2014 group of pictures (my favorites) culled from a few of the web and Facebook sites. Top honor is from Mike Newman which is pictured above. Mike captions it, “Harrison Ink – Just added the smallest size to my grouping that now stands at four sizes. Wondering what sizes I am missing.” What a powerful picture!

June 2014 – Antique Bottle & Glass 

P H O T O    G A L L E R Y

01 July 2014


I have seen a few of these roped corner DR. WHEELER’S TONIC SHERRY WINE BITTERS in aqua… but aqua can also offer some diverse colors! Here is a BLUISH aqua vs. a GREENISH aqua. I believe these to be a Lyndeborough NH bottles, and both are typical colors. This is one of the BEST Lyndeborough bottles in my opinion! – Michael George


3 months ago had only the Halls bitters guess you can say I’m having a barrels of fun now, that Turner Brothers is a honker. – Lou Holis

GI37three flasks2_Newman

Thought you might like these photos. The quart GI-37 came out of the recent Heckler auction. Provenance is McKearin and Vanderbilt. Hope you are well. Call me next time you are coming to Augusta. – Mike Newman


Get your 3 Squares a Day – Dale Malasko


Smooth base whittled Townsend’s bought at the Saratoga show. Anybody else get something there? – Alex Caiola


“Hey Ferdinand, Here is a photo of three 1860s western bitters. They are in puce and left to right, Byrne & Castree Salutaris Bitters, S.F.; Rosenbaum’s Bitters, N.B. Jacobs & Co. San Francisco; E. Wideman & J. Chappaz (Alpine Stomach Bitters, Marysville, Cal.) I have green counterparts to each except the E. Wideman & J. Chappaz – Dale Mlasko


After some of the responses to yesterdays bad cell phone picture. I thought I’d post a couple good pictures of my Keach and Gardner & brown color runs”. – Chris Rowell. Read: “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”


Guys, Well I’m back from Washington/Oregon and we had a great time. Alice and I spent a lot of time with the Taylors and it was fantastic. Some interesting finds. I will share the teal Drake information here other stuff will come later. Guys, I’d like to write it up for an article in Bottles and Extras later if that is OK with you. First…Ferd’s Drakes measured 31 38, Second Jeff’s Drakes measured 30 37. When I measured the two teals that Bill had they were at night and it was dark to get a great reading on the standards. The two results we tabulated and I checked what Ferd and Jeff had the next day. Believe it or not Bill’s measured 30 37 and 32 38. We placed them in the window to compare colors. You will agree that they are two different colors. Since I have seen all of these I have to agree. See for yourself. In other words Jeff’s is exactly like the light teal one Bill has and Ferd’s is very very close to the other one. I’d like to have all 4 together sometime to see for myself. Here are the pictures and data: First two are Bills data, next Jeff last Ferd. – Michael Seeliger


Three beauties that Jerry Forbes picked up at the Santa Rosa, CA show this past weekend. Congrats! – Jerry Forbes

Sandwich 67 a

My Visit to the Sandwich Glass Museum – Sandor P. Fuss


Kitchen Window – Aaron Hanshew


A beautiful day for a wedding! – Kristie Nichols Zieler


Nice little early group fresh out of the privy. Jadwin’s Honesdale,Pa. Subduing Liniment, Worm Syrup, and Pectoralis….  Jeffrey N. Hunter


I just got a quart amber High Rock from Cindy Suter to go with my green pint. It’s a beauty and Cindy was wonderful to deal with. – Charles Flint


Story of how this collection is being built, it seems. Everything comes in groups. Latest, and most fascinating to me is that I’ve actually had the opportunity to acquire a small number of late Persian ewers. I had simply presumed that these, particularly the 17th and 18th century ones, would already be locked into the collections of museums and fancy-dance glass collectors (rather than bottle collectors) and hence utterly inaccessible. These three recent additions, to my mind are all all 19th century, based on similarities to others in the collection. I have to wonder if the one on the right is Persian or simply Middle Eastern. A bit odd, as well, to one who is accustomed only to adding utilitarian glass to his shelves. Delightful, and odd. http://www.saddleflasks.com/home-page/galleries/ewers/ – Phil Culhane


A member from my web site posted this. His 12 year old daughter made this for him for Fathers day. — The (DUMP CAKE) now that’s funny. depending on who you are that is.   Ricky Weiner


I like bubbles. What can I say, I am’s what I am’s.  Woody Douglas


Man Cave  Woody Douglas

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