An unlisted Indian Queen Bitters?


An unlisted Indian Queen Bitters?

by James Viguerie

13 February 2014 (R•040819)

OK, maybe it is listed. This ebay listing might be Ring & Ham I 21 in Bitters Bottles, or a slight variation of it. Too bad it is not an unlisted figural variation. This one looks like it is from Pittston, Pennsylvania and not Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania as is noted in I 21 (see below).

The listing may want to be updated in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2.

I 21  L … Indian Queen Bitters
// I // CAP. 21 3/4 OZ // c //
Metropole Drug Company, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Pittston, Pennsylvania
Round, Clear, ABM
Tonics Were Cocktails, Metropole Drug Co. – Oil, Paint and Drug Reporter, 1921

I did a quick check on the Metropole Drug Company. They had some trouble with the law in 1921. It seems they exceeded the allowed alcohol level being that Prohibition was in effect. I wonder what the level was…?


Tonics Were Cocktails – Oil, Paint and Drug Reporter, 1921

Their legal problems did not stop them from submitting a couple of patents a few years later. They had patent 151,279 for a General tonic on November 20, 1923.


Metropole Drug Company, General Tonic patent 151,279 – United States Patent Office, 1923

And patent 180,243 for a Tonic on February 26, 1924


General Tonic patent 180,243, Metropole Drug Company – Index of Patents Issued From the United States Patent Office, 1924


Detail of cork. Notice the Indian wrapper piece. – ebay

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