Photographs and Images of People Drinking – Part II

Photographs and Images of People Drinking – Part II

PART II of a Series

19 August 2012

Apple-Touch-IconAIt is time to open the second gallery of vintage drinking pictures as the first galley filled to volume. This is a continuation of Photographs of People Drinking – Part I). If you have any candidates for inclusion, please forward. Thanks.

Drinking Gallery

Old School Party (ca. 1900) – A cigar smoking man poses with a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of beer. –Image by © DaZo Vintage Stock Photos/

Civil War drinking – ca 1864

Drinking Buddies – Jeff Wichmann says that this is a young Dennis Fox in the middle

Woman drinking from a whiskey bottle.

Union Soldiers pictured playing cards and drinking “Old Red Eye”

Three Men Seated with a Wine Bottle, Paper, & Glass – Tintype Photo – An interesting tintype with three men seated at a table. The man on the left is holding a piece of paper. The man at the center has his hand on what appears to be a wine bottle with a circular label. The man at the right has his hand on a drinking glass. This tintype was found in Elmira, N. Y. – eBay (imajgin)

Bottling and labeling wine bottles – submitted by Dennis Humphrey

Circa. 1905– A beer drinking group pauses the party for a photo. –Image by © DaZo Vintage Stock

Sunday Morning – after a long night of drinking and whoring in a gold rush town

For you fruit jar fans, a photo of cases of Ball jars confiscated as “bootleg paraphernalia” during Prohibition.
Photo from the Library of Congress

Sutler’s Tent – Petersburg – A sutler is a civilian merchant who sells provisions to an army in the field, in camp or in quarters. The sutler sold wares from the back of a wagon or a temporary tent, allowing them to travel along with an army or to remote military outposts. Sutler’s wagons were associated with the military while chuck wagons served a similar purpose for civilian wagon trains and outposts.

Photo of cases of Ball jars confiscated as “bootleg paraphernalia” during Prohibition.
Photo from the Library of Congress

Mining operation showing miners working, eating within view of cabins and flumes, Hunker Creek, 1899. A little coffee after a hard night of whisky. – University of Washington

Public Drinking

Confederate soldiers at their campsite play poker, while drinking and smoking between battles.

Drinking Beer – France, circa 1910 – image Corbis

The Civil War – Between the Battles, with two slaves serving them. – PBS

“Throughout the Civil War, coffee was as prevalent on the battlefields as it is in offices today. In fact, the Union army was fueled by the stuff to the point that, if there was no time to boil water, the Boys in Blue would chew on whole beans as they marched. And at night, Union campsites were dotted with tiny fires, each boiling a pot of coffee like a million miniature Starbucks. Beyond caffeine cravings, Union troops loved their coffee because it was, literally, the best thing on the menu.” – Library of Congress

Great photograph of women drinking

Four miners in a cabin eating dinner by candlelight, probably Yukon Territory, ca. 1898. – University of Washington

1874 Whisky War Ohio – Ladies Siege Drinking Saloon

Circa. 1900– A group of young adults drinking alcohol from a jug. –Image by © DaZo Vintage Stock

Three Women Swilling Whiskey – “We Don’t Care if We Never Come Back!”. Studio tintype photo with painted backdrop showing a cannon. Original tintype photo measures 2-3/8 by 3-3/8 inches. – eBay

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