Photographs and Images of People Drinking – Part VI


Confederate soldier poses with a liquor bottle (Hostetters?) and glass. Note Richmond Depot issue Army shoes. Probably a novelty photo. From the Estate of Capt. Plunkett, Army of North Virginia.

Photographs and Images of People Drinking – Part VI

PART VI of a Series

10 August 2013

Presenting the Sixth Gallery of vintage pictures of “People Drinking” This is a continuation of:

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Apple-Touch-IconAIt’s time again to post some pictures that have piled up in my digital drinking file. I like studying these pictures. If you have any candidates for inclusion in future galleries, please forward. Thanks.

People | Drinking Gallery VI


Two society girls working it after church I guess

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A nice glass of milk being served to these miners. I wonder what they are thinking?


Photo postcard of men smoking and drinking around the picnic table at mom’s house?


Two men smoking long china pipes and drinking beer. Dog looks pretty content too.


Photograph of young men with bottles drinking

Original cabinet photo showing a handsome young wine or beer merchant with bottles of wine or beer. There are two different types of bottles sitting on the table.

Three gentleman, a fiddle and a Drake’s Plantation Bitters

ca. 1860-90, [tintype portrait of of either a young photographer, pharmacist, or chemist with a scale, various bottles and chemicals. Another person in the foreground is turned away from the camera, admiring photos displayed in the case]


Actress Maureen O’Sullivan drinking milk on a movie set


Drinking from the Fountain of Youth portrait photograph


Whiskey, beer, wine, cigars…bliss. Notice the jug in the odd position.


Welcoming in the day


Like Father – Like Son


Three gentlemen drinking beer. I wonder what brand? Hard to tell.


Drinking chimpanzee (or early man) talking a milk break


Happy Hour special drinks have been around for some time.


Edwardian people taking tea in the open


c1905 photo an oasis in the Badlands. Oglala man (Red Hawk) on horse drinking.


“Fertility” Henry and Nicolas Etiévant Evreinov (France), 1929.

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