Where is the Bitter Puyastier from?

BitterPuyastierDetailWhere is the Bitter Puyastier from?

21 June 2014 (R•042919)

Apple-Touch-IconADavid Jackson sent me a picture of him holding a Bitter Puyastier and said, “Hi Ferdinand, Do you have any info on this bottle? I have one in amber and have seen it in green. Not much info on the web. Best Regards and will see you in Lexington, David Jackson”. David has a collection of really great seal bottles so I can see why this bottle might interest him. Read: David Jackson and his Applied Seal Bottles


Applied seal, Bitter Puyastier in an amber lady’s leg form – David Jackson Collection

At first, some indications pointed to a French bitters by Barthelemy Puyastier later sold in Montevideo, Uruguay and Buenos Aires, Argentina as I find some patents and listings in various periodicals from the 1878 to 1910. The 1878 registration for Bitter Puyastier by Mateo Petit was at the Paris Universal Exposition.

The bitters is not listed in Ring and Ham and probably should be included in Bitters Bottles Supplement 2. Kind of ironic to be looking at France, Uruguay and Argentina as I watch the first round of the FIFA World Cup from Brazil.

Here is an advertisement submitted by Paul Sebastian Palmer. Bernasconi & Co. in Buenos Aires is referenced as one of  the agents. The second is Serè & Cia,, Montevideo.

The new listing for the forthcoming Bitters Bottles Supplement 2:

12 1/4
Round with applied seal, amber, Applied ring mouth
A group of these old bottles was found at an old factory site in Uruguay. Manufacture style and the bottles found with it at the location suggest turn of the century or later time period. Neck is somewhat of a short lady’s leg shape.
Probably from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Select Timeline:

1878: Bitter Puyastier registration by Mateo Petit  Paris Universal Exposition of 1878
1885: French patents for Bitter Puyastier

Photgraph of a drawing at an open exhibition in Prado, Montevideo, Uruguay – 1880 – 1905 period estimate


1878 Mateo Petit Bitter Puyastier listing – (Uruguay) Apuntes estadísticos: (población, comercio, hacienda) para la Exposición Universal de París


1885 French Patents for Bitter Puyastier – Bulletin officiel de la propriété industrielle et commerciale


Patents for Bitter Puyastier in Argentina and Uruguay – Patentes de invención concedidas, denegadas, desistidas y transferidas – MR 16,893, September 15, 1906


Bitter Puyastier (Barthelemy Puyastier, Havre) mentioned – Bollettino Ufficiale. Nuova Serie, 1908


Caras Caretas (Montevideo, Uruguay) mentions Bitter Puyastier within, 1892 (see further below)


Bitter Puyastier – Boletín Oficial de la República Argentina. 1910 1ra sección (August 19, 1910)


Poor image but mention of Bitter Puyastier in 1892 issue of Caras Caretas in Montevideo, Uruguay.

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