Catawba Bitters labeled lady’s leg from New Haven


Catawba Bitters labeled lady’s leg from New Haven

26 August 2014

Apple-Touch-IconADavid Jackson (Read: David Jackson and his Applied Seal Bottles) posted these three pretty nice pictures of a Catawba Bitters green lady’s leg figural bottle with a label from Merrick & Moore Wholesale Druggists at 192 State Street, New Haven Connecticut. Not familiar with this one.

What is interesting here is that noted bottle authority, Dr. Richard Cannon once said in an article called SACHEM AND SHOSHONEES regarding  Old Sachems Bitters and Wigwam Tonic, “Apparently George Hunnewell was not the same person as John L. or Joseph W. Hunnewell of Boston who began to put out Hunnewell’s Tolu Anodyne and Universal Cough Remedy in the 1840s. We know that William Goodrich was the proprietor and was located at 145 Water Street. Old Sachem Bitters & Wigwam Tonic was advertised in April, 1859. I do not know how early the product appeared, but probably earlier that 1859. Merrick and Moore Company was in control of the brand when they appeared in the New Haven, Conn. City Directories from 1864-1867. Mr. Merrick resided in several of the local hotels during this period.”

I can not substantiate this connection and find it a bit odd. My research does find a Merrick & Moore (William Merrick & Lucius C. Moore), wholesale druggists and patent medicines, at 192 State in the 1866-1867 Benham’s New Haven Directory and Annual Advertiser. These two guys grew up in New Haven, and were obviously acquaintances as they “clerked” at a number of places until they joined up in late 1850s and 1860s. Their company is only listed for two years. No mention of the Old Sachems.

Anyway, an unlisted bottle that now will have a listing by Bill Ham in the Ring and Ham Bitters Bottles Supplement 2 book.

M 73.7  L . . . Merrick & Moore Catawba Bitters,Wholesale Druggists, 192 State Street, New Haven Conn.
Round-lady’s leg, Green, LTCR, Applied mouth
Benham’s New Haven Directory and Annual Advertiser, 1866-1867

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Catawba Bitters lady’s leg bottle, New Haven, Connecticut – David Jackson


Catawba Bitters lady’s leg bottle, New Haven, Connecticut – David Jackson

Select Timeline:

1831: William Merrick born about 1831 in North Branford, New Haven, Connecticut. Parents: Elizur Merrick (1803-1848) and (Lorinda Chidsey) 1805-1873.
1849: William Merrick marries Adeline Rebecca Brockett on 24 October 1849.
1850: William and Adeline Merrick, age 19, farmer and wife – United States Federal Census
1855-60: Lucius C. Moore, clerk, 54 State and 28 State – New Haven City Directory
1860: William Merrick, age 29, peddler – United States Federal Census
1861-63: Lucius C. Moore, clerk, 149 State (see below) – New Haven City Directory
1863: William Merrick, 149 state – New Haven City Directory
1866-67: Merrick & Moore (William Merrick & Lucius C. Moore), wholesale druggists and patent medicines, &c., 192 State – Benham’s New Haven Directory and Annual Advertiser
1868: Lucius C. Moore, druggist, 139 Main Street – New Haven City Directory
1870: William Merrick, Liquor Dealer living in Brooklyn Ward 10, Kings, New York, wife: Adeline Rebecca Brockett born 6 May 1831 in North Haven, Connecticut, Children: Elizur W. Merrick, B: 1851, Frank M. Merrick B: 1854, William A Merrick B: 1857, Jonathan R. Merrick B: 1858 and Lewis Merrick B: 1864 United States Federal Census
1874: William Merrick died on 30 June 1874 in North Branford, New Haven, Connecticut.

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