David Jackson and his Applied Seal Bottles


09 December 2012

Apple-Touch-IconAI really like it when I see David Jackson posting pictures from his collection. Recently David has been primarily posting pictures of his applied seal bottles over at Bottle Collectors on facebook.

David and Jo Jackson are fixtures at most of the mid-Atlantic bottle shows and represent a power couple in bottle collecting. I thought the Jackson’s were primarily collecting Casper Co. Carolina whiskey cylinders and go withs. It seems that somewhere down the road recently they expanded into applied seals. I thought it would be nice to group and look at a few of their pictures.

I also like their facebook profile Christmas picture above. What a great picture! Elizabeth and I should do one with our six dogs. That would be something as our dogs range in size from a miniature Dachshund to a Great Pyrenees.

David also recently posted on facebook:

“Please help me with my applied seal collection. Paying super prices for super bottles!”

The Casper Co. PURE OLD NORTH CAROLINA CORN WHISKEY grouping – David Jackson

There is an additional method of embossed labeling which was used in the 17th century and continued into the 19th century. That method involves the use of a slug or glob of molten glass added to the outside of the bottle. After the bottle is formed, but still hot, a hot glass slug is placed on the side of the bottle, usually on the shoulder or high on the side, and then formed flat against the bottle with a tool, that is inscribed with letters or a symbol. This produces a round or oval glass form, attached to the bottle, with the desired words or symbol permanently visible. These embossed slugs are referred to as seals or applied seals. The application of the seal is permanent to the bottle and cannot be removed without damaging the bottle.

American Applied Glass Seal Bottles by Dale Murschell

T.H & CO – PHILADA 341 WALNUT ST. whiskey seal – David Jackson

Gorgeous grouping of applied sealed cylinder whiskies in a window – David Jackson

M & J. S. PERRINE / PHILA PA seal (predecessor maker of J.S. PERRINE’S APPLE GINGER figural log cabin with embossed apple) – David Jackson

Swirls in NEAL’S AMBROSIA WHISKEY bottles – David Jackson

Feerless Pure Rye applied seal – David Jackson

NEALS AMBROSIA WHISKEY in cobalt blue. Look what Santa brought Me. I know I was a very bad boy this year and I still got a nice present!!! – David Jackson

Another (see above) M & J. S. PERRINE / PHILA PA applied seal. Notice the addition of horizontal 37 N. FRONT ST address and partial label. Predecessor maker of J.S. PERRINE’S APPLE GINGER figural log cabin with embossed apple – David Jackson

These are all Casper whiskey items. The mini jug is sitting on a 1/2 pint square 4 cities is a Merry Christmas Casper Roanoke, Va. – David Jackson

Exteerior shot M & J. S. PERRINE applied seal – David Jackson

E.P. MIDDLETON PHILADA applied seal – David Jackson

PAUL JONES BOURBON / LOUISVILLE, KY applied seal in green – David Jackson

PAUL JONES BOURBON / LOUISVILLE KY applied seal in red amber – David Jackson

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