Royal Italian Bitters by A.M.F. Gianelli – Montreal


Royal / Italian Bitters” Bottle, America, possibly Canadian, 1860-1880. Tall, cylindrical hock wine form, grape amethyst, applied square collared mouth – smooth base, ht. 13 3/4 inches. R/H #R-111 Great condition, beautiful color, strong embossing. – Norman C. Heckler Auctions

R O Y A L   I T A L I A N  


Angelo M. F. Gianelli

21 May 2013 (R•010714) (R•052914)

Angelo M. F. Gianelli

Apple-Touch-IconATonight, I wanted to spend a little time looking at a great Canadian brand called Royal Italian Bitters put out by Angelo M. F. Gianelli in Montreal. Mr. Gianelli, born in Genoa Italy in 1832, was the Canadian Consul to Italy and was the proprietor of The Cosmopolitan, a first class hotel restaurant at 12 Place d’Armes. His advertising boasted serving over 500 daily and he once catered a Supper at the Hall for the Prince of Wales (see Bill of Fare below).

He business operated as A. M. F. Gianelli & Co.. Commission Merchants. His warehouse was at 158 Fortification Lane. His office was at 12 Place D’Armes, which was the location of his restaurant. You can almost imagine stacks of his bitters on display in his windows of the restaurant.

These bottles are gorgeous and come in beautiful shades of puce, amethyst and rose. A must for any serious bitters collector. FYI – There is a spectacular example in the current American Glass Gallery Auction 10 that ends tomorrow night.

The Carlyn Ring and W.C. Ham listing in Bitters Bottles is as follows:

R 111  ROYAL ITALIAN BITTERS, Circa 1875 – 1890
ROYAL ( au ) / ITALIAN BITTERS ( au ) / REGISTERED (au) / motif-shield, crown,
spears & drapery / TRADEMARK ( ad ) / A.M.F. GIANELLI ( ad) / GENOVA // c //
13 1/4 – 13 3/4 x 2 3/4
Round, Amethyst and Puce, ARM, applied mouth, Scarce
Prepared and sold wholesale by the proprietor, A.M.F. Gianelli, 26 Hospital Street, also 12 Place d’Armes, Montreal.

Royal Italian Bitters advertisementThe Ottawa Times, October 15, 1867

R 111 (Royal Italian)

Royal Italian Bitters – Meyer Collection


Royal Italian Bitters embossing detail motif-shield, crown,
spears & drapery – Meyer Collection


Profile: Angelo M. F. Gianelli – The Canadian album: Men of Canada; or, Success by example, in religion, patriotism, business, law, medicine, education and agriculture; containing portraits of some of Canada’s chief business men, statesmen, farmers, men of the learned professions, and others. Also, an authentic sketch of their lives. – John Castell Hopkins, W. J. Hunter – 1895


A.M.F. Gianelli, Proprietor. From the Tourist Guide to the City of Montreal – 1869


Royal / Italian Bitters / Registered / (motif of crown, shield, spears and drapery) / Trade Mark / A.M.F. Gianelli / Genova”, Canada, 1880 – 1890. Beautiful, light to medium pink amethyst, tall tapered cylinder form, applied square collared mouth – smooth base, ht. 13 3/8”, near mint; (professionally cleaned to original luster, a 3/8” onionskin-thin open bubble at the mold seam). R/H #R111. Outstanding color, a very light, pretty example! An extremely attractive, beautiful example with plenty of pink tones, light and bright. There is an almost colorless swath of glass to the left, below the shield. – American Glass Gallery Auction 10


Bill of Fare – Supper at the Ball in Honour of the Visit of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, to Montreal (…). A.M.F. Gianelli and A. Moulin – 1860 (McCord Museum)


Royal Italian Bitters – (potlidboy)


Gianelli Patent for the Cure of Rheumatism – Canadian Patent Office Record, Volume 33, Part 1 – 1905


Partially labelled Royal Italian Bitters, A.M.F. Gainelli Geneva. Found it in an attic of a very old Northern Vermont Farmhouse.- Crane Collection


The same as above, labeled Royal Italian Bitters in Window Overlooking Historic Barn and Silo. – Annie Crane Note: Bottle put to auction at American Glass Gallery Auction #12


Labeled Royal Italian Bitters (see above wind shot). Bottle put to auction at American Glass Gallery Auction #12


Labeled Royal Italian Bitters (see above). American Glass Gallery Auction #12


Labeled Royal Italian Bitters (see above). American Glass Gallery Auction #12

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