Gary Katzen Milk Glass Collection


Gary Katzen (center) – Baltimore Bottle Show 2012

Gary Katzen Milk Glass Collection

30 May 2013

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Apple-Touch-IconAI first met Gary Katzen online, a year ago June when he sent me some incredible pictures of milk glass bottles on his shelves (see further below). He was asking if I might be interested in one of his Bunker Hill Monument colognes as he heard I had a color run.


I immediately took an ‘online’  liking to Gary as he seemed extremely knowledgeable, personable and passionate about milk glass. He next teased me with a killer picture of a ‘Dancing Indian‘ cologne pictured above from his collection. He noted it as being the whitest of white opaque glass and attributed the piece to Stanger glass works; circa 1848-1853. Wow, what a piece!