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An exquisite Lediard’s Morning Call square

  An exquisite Lediard’s Morning Call square 05 February 2016 Charles Lediard has again been on my mind recently for a number of reasons. First of all, I came across some new material and information and updated the Charles Lediard and … Continue reading

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Charles Flint Glass Blowing Images

Charles Flint posted some really great pictures last week of early glass blowing techniques. I have nested these together and archived. Hope you enjoy. Thanks Charles! Read More: Boys in Glass Houses – Taking on the Mannerisms of Men Read More: Glass … Continue reading

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XR Cobalt Blue Ribbed Grape Lighting Rod Ball

Look at this incredible cobalt blue example of a National Ribbed Grape Lightning Rod Ball! Incoming this AM from Ron and Ann Krupa. Thanks! Hi: I noticed in your lightning ball grape grouping (there was) no reference to the cobalt … Continue reading

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Extremely Rare Burgoon Ball aquired by Jeff Burkhardt

  Good Morning Ferdinand! There are few LRBS (Lightning Rod Balls) on my want list, but high-up on that list is the extremely rare BURGOON. I have the cobalt but the amber and SCA (Sun Colored Amthysist) have eluded me…until … Continue reading

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