Log Cabin Series – Old Cabin Bitters




Pictured on top: “Old Cabin / Bitters” Figural Bottle, America, 1860-1880. In the form of a rectangular two story log cabin, red amber, applied sloping collared mouth – smooth base, ht. 9 1/8 inches. R/H #O19 Great looking bottle, strongly embossed, beautiful brilliant medium color. Rare. Price Realized: $4,680 – Norman C. Heckler & Company

Log Cabin Series – Old Cabin Bitters 

John H. Garnhart | St. Louis and James B. Kelly | New York

21 February 2013


Apple-Touch-IconAA couple of months ago I did a post on Kelly’s Old Cabin Bitters (pictured above) which is the slightly younger brother of the Old Cabin Bitters. Virtually identical bottles, with the Old Cabin Bitters missing the word ‘KELLY’S’.

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CARNHART & KELLY ST. LOUIS Mo. 9″ Applied top, smooth base. A nice example with some decent overall crudity, this is the first example we’ve seen or sold. Found in a Midwestern fort, we’re told this is a rare St. Louis bottle. An interesting one it is, it has arched panels with embossing on the two ends. For the St. Louis collector, this has most of it’s crudity around the shoulder. About Mint, here’s a rare and pretty bottle. – American Bottle Auctions (December 2003)

The Old Cabin Bitters and Kelly’s Old Cabin Bitters are products of John H. Garnhart of St. Louis and James B. Kelly of New York. Look at this great square pictured above with both partners names. Fantastic.

The Carlyn Ring and W.C. Ham listing in Bitters Bottles is as follows:

O 19  OLD CABIN BITTERS, Circa 1863 – 1875
// s // f / OLD CABIN / BITTERS // PATENTED ( au ) / 1863 // f /
OLD CABIN / BITTERS // PATENTED ( au ) / 1863 //
9 1/4 x 3 1/2 x 2 3/4 (5 1/4)
Rectangular cabin, Amber , LTC, Applied mouth, Rare, Similar to Kelly’s
Design patent No. 3,926, dated March 22, 1870 by John H. Garnhart

OLD CABIN BITTERS in a red amber color – Meyer Collection


“OLD CABIN / BITTERS – PATENTED / 1863”, (O-19), American, ca. 1865 – 1875, amber cabin bottle, 9 1/4”h, smooth base, applied mouth. A tiny flake is off the top outer edge of the lip. Also a few areas of outside wear and inside stain. Considerably harder to find than it’s Kelly’s embossed brother! Ex. Judge MacKenzie Collection. – Glass Works Auctions – Auction #96 (Part 2)


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