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Oh I miss Baltimore – Wichmann ABA 53

I have already written a post on Jeff Wichmann’s American Bottle Auctions | Auction 53 (see Nice Romaine’s Crimean Bitters in ABA Auction #53) but as I sat on the plane yesterday from Charlotte to Washington and looked closer at the … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Bottle Clubs 45th Annual Show on 10 September!

Hello Ferdinand, I thought you might want to add a post about the Los Angeles Show to your website. This is our 45th annual show. Los Angeles has held a bottle show every year for nearly a half century. The … Continue reading

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“Fuss Proof”

ABA Auction #53 HOPATKONG WHISKEY J.C. HESS & CO PHILA. 10” With applied band and smooth base. These interesting whiskeys are one of the few that come in cobalt blue. This example came from the Sandor Fuss collection. Sandor is … Continue reading

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Gold Rush Squares

More Than Meets Your Eye In from Rick Simi… I was wondering if you might want to post this article on your site. I posted this back in 2010 for the Western Bitters News. Maybe the collectors on the east might get a … Continue reading

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Downieville Antique Bottles & Collectibles Show

“A bottle collectors paradise!” A bottle collectors paradise! Coming to Downieville, CA on Saturday, September 10, 2011 is the annual antique bottles and collectibles show “Bottlemania! A Blast of Glass from the Past”. The show is being held in the … Continue reading

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Sneaking in some digging before Hurricane Irene

Expert digger Chris Rowell and buddy in action in my hometown Baltimore… Ferd, We got out Wednesday for a dig since we figured the weekend was going to be shot due to Irene. We started out on the east side … Continue reading

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Nice Romaine’s Crimean Bitters in ABA Auction #53

Nice Romaine’s Crimean Bitters in ABA Auction #53 27 August 2011 (R•111114, post clean-up and supplemental images) “it has been a long hot summer here, the rain has been as sparse as the good bottles”. I have really been waiting … Continue reading

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Reno Expo Bowling Tournament Plan

Ferdinand, Please post this and see if we get any interest. Among the many things to do at the Grand Sierra Resort Hotel is Bowling. They have a 50-lane bowling alley. I think a lot of people may be staying over Sunday … Continue reading

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American Antique Medicines – Bottle Guide

Read Jim Schmidt’s post at CIVIL WAR MEDICINE (AND WRITING) “When I first started collecting medicines I looked for price guides but could only find books [which were] very generic and not very reliable or books [that] mostly covered high … Continue reading

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An Earthquake, Irene, Tornado & Spontaneous Combustion

Our Biggest Fear! What a wild week after a crazy weather summer! Wikipedia states that the 2011 Virginia earthquake was a magnitude 5.8 Mw intraplate earthquake that occurred in the Piedmont region of the U.S. state of Virginia on August 23, … Continue reading

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