Nice Romaine’s Crimean Bitters in ABA Auction #53

Romaine’s Crimean Bitters – American Bottle Auctions

Nice Romaine’s Crimean Bitters in ABA Auction #53

27 August 2011 (R•111114, post clean-up and supplemental images)

“it has been a long hot summer here, the rain has been as sparse as the good bottles”.

Apple-Touch-IconAI have really been waiting for the next American Bottle Auctions, Auction #53. Well the bottles are posted and, as usual, there are some really great examples of a wide variety. Jeff Wichmann (read about Jeff) has an amazing ability to put together groupings of bottles in his auctions. The write-ups and descriptions are second to none. I can tell you, it has been a long hot summer here, the rain has been as sparse as the good bottles. Starting to feel my blood moving again. Way to go Jeff!

What caught my eye first in this auction was Catalog Lot 79 which is pictured at the top of the post.

The Carlyn Ring and W.C. Ham listing in Bitters Bottles is as follows:

R 86 ROMAINE’S CRIMEAN BITTERS, Circa 1863 – 1880,
At bottom of panel: ROMAINE’S // CRIMEAN // BITTERS // PATENT 1863 // Mid-panel: W. CHILTON & CO /// sp // sp // sp //
L… Romaine’s Crimean Bitters W. Chilton & Co., Depot Marble Store, 22 Walker Street, New York
10 x 3  x 1 1/2 (6 3/8)
Square, Amber, LTC, Applied mouth, 4 sp, Edges are columned, Rare, This is the older bottle.

The American Bottle Auctions Description:

ROMAINE’S CRIMEAN BITTERS PATENT 1863 with applied top. R-87 Very Rare. Here’s a bitters that we just received before going to press. We are very happy we were able to include it, as items like this do not turn up everyday. First off, we bet our bottom dollar this bottle was never in the ground. This is one of those examples that is so amazingly perfect, there is almost nothing to talk about in the way of condition except that it is like the day it was made. This came from a family who said it had been with them as long as they could remember. I originally saw two pictures of it and it was unclear to me what the final color would be. As I hold it in the light I can now obviously see there is a great deal of olive in the glass. We know these come in tobacco but we’d certainly say this goes beyond a mere tobacco. Without hesitation, we’d say this is the finest Romaine’s in existence. If you have a better one, we would love to see it. Grades a 9.9. Check out the drippy top!

“Without hesitation, we’d say this is the finest Romaine’s in existence. If you have a better one, we would love to see it.”

This is an exciting bottle. I have posted my run below with my labeled amethyst example. Quite an exciting brand and bottle.

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R 086 (Romaines_X)

Romaine’s Crimean Bitters color run – Meyer Collection


Romaine’s Crimean Bitters in orange amber – Meyer Collection


Fully labeled Romaine’s Crimean Bitters. Stephen Fletcher (Skinners) found a collection of bottles in a step back cupboard protected by a roll of chicken wire that was tacked to the face of the cupboard (from Jeff Noordsy). This was one of the bottles. – Meyer Collection


Romaine’s Crimean Bitters in bright lemon yellow – Meyer Collection


Romaine’s Crimean Bitters in almost black glass – Meyer Collection

Select Listings:

1817: Washington Chilton born about 1817 n New York.

1850: Washington Chilton, Apothecary, New York – New York, Genealogical Records

1860: James R. Chilton, chemist (age 50), Washington Chilton, chemist (age 38), home in New York – United States Federal Census

1860: Washington Chilton, druggist, wife Elizabeth, home in Monroe, Middlesex, New Jersey – United States Federal Census

1863: Patent 1863 embossed on bottle.

1863: Washington Chilton, bitters, 22 Walker, h N J – Trows New York City Directory

1863: W. Chilton & Co., Romaine’s Crimean Bitters, 22 Walker – Trows New York City Directory

1863-1864: W. Chilton & Co., Manufacturer, 22 Walker, New York – U.S. IRS Tax Assessment


1870: Washington Chilton, chemist, wife Elizabeth, home in Monroe, Middlesex, New Jersey – United States Federal Census

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