Dr. Brunon’s Bitters – To Hotel Keepers, Restaurants, Druggists, Grocers and the Public

Dr. Brunon’s Bitters

To Hotel Keepers, Restaurants, Druggists, Grocers and the Public

15 June 2017 (R•100919)

Dr. Brunon’s Bitters advertisement – The Ottawa Free Trader, Saturday, April 30, 1859

A simple post here for an 1859 bitters advertisement I found the other day in The Ottawa Free Trader. Dr. Brunon’s Bitters would cure just about anything out there. The bitters sold for 50 cents per bottle, $5 per dozen, $2.50 per gallon and you could get extra Bitters for bar-rooms, by the gallon or barrel at the low price of $1.25 per gallon. I wonder how they shipped the barrels?

The bitters is listed as B 239 in Bitters Bottles by Carlyn Ring and Bill Ham.

B 239 DR. BRUNON”S BITTERS K. Cruger, Sole Agent, New York City
New York Daily Times, June 15, 1858. Newspaper advertisement 1859: Eradicates all diseases of the blood, by the bottle or barrel. Newspaper advertisement 1863: One and a half columns of cures.

In Bitters Bottles Supplement 2 an advertising envelope is listed. This envelope is pictured at the top of this post and is from the Ben Swanson collection.

Advertising Envelope
B 239 DR. BRUNON’S BITTERS, K. Cruger 742 Broadway Sole Agent For New York, 1851 Washington three cent stamp canceled New York, date illegible.
See B 239 in Bitters Bottles

Dr. Felix Brunon, from Warsaw, Poland, was a physician, graduating from the University of Pennsylvania. He practiced in the Callowhill District of Philadelphia which has kind of gone away as it was bisected by I-95. His office was at Old York Road and Callowhill Street. Read: Hidden Philadelphia

Philadelphia Circus, 10th and Callowhill Streets. Somewhat nearby to Dr. Brunon but long forgotten too.

Here is a string of ads all centered around 1859 which was the year the bitters first appeared. Brunon’s remedies purportedly cured Dyspepsia, Debility, Biliousness, Liver Complaints, Diarrhea, Heartburn, Jaundice, Blood Diseases, Fever & Ague, Cholera and Summer Complaints, whatever that was.

His goop also cured “Secret Diseases” for Women and Irregularities of Menstruation. Other assertions stated that his bitters cured Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Gleet, Strictures, Affection of the Kidneys and Bladder etc. I find it rather amazing that it could not make a headache go away. I suppose you could chase it with Headache Bitters.

Dr. Brunon even says in some advertisements that he cured over 11,000 patients in 3 years! His bitters was represented by K. Cruger, who was the sole agent the United States. Cruger addressed at 742 Broadway in New York City.

I am not aware of any bottles in collections. Could have been a labeled bitters on an aqua bottle or embossed aqua is my guess. Where are they all?

Dr. Brunon – Treatment without Charge! Secret Diseases! – Public Ledger, Monday, February 2, 1857

Secret Diseases – Dr. Brunon – Public Ledger, Saturday, February 28, 1857

Dr. Brunon’s Bitters – The Portage Sentinel, Thursday, December 9, 1858

Dr.Brunon’s Bitters advertisement – 1859 Albany NY City Directory

Dr. Brunon’s Bitters – The Tennessean, Sunday, February 13, 1859

An Earnest Word to Young Men and Ladies advertisement – The Louisville Daily Courier, Tuesday, May 31, 1859

Dr. Brunon’s Bitters – The Louisville Daily Courier, Friday, July 8, 1859

Dr. Brunon’s Concentrated Remedies for Delicate Diseases advertisement – The Louisville Daily Courier, Friday, May 18, 1860

Select Listings:

1861-64: Felix Brunon, MD., 409 Callowhill (physician), 401 York ave, h 910 Randolph – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania City Directory

1865: Brunon, Felix, University of Pennsylvania Graduates, Saturday, March 11, 1865, Residence Warsaw, Poland

1866: Physicians, Felix Brunon,  401 N 12h – Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaCity Directory

1867-70: Felix Brunon, Physician, 107 Vine – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania City Directory

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