I recently picked up a Summer/Winter GX-15 Pontil Pint Aquamarine Flask


I recently picked up a Summer/Winter GX-15 Pontil Pint Aquamarine Flask

12 February 2015

Apple-Touch-IconAIt seemed like a nice day to do a post on a Summer Winter flask and put the Winter side on the top of the page. I’ve received some e-mails from folks up North where the temperature is approaching zero degrees. Yes it is winter. This e-mail is from Abel Araujo Gouveia Da Silva, up Canada way.


Hi Ferdinand,

I recently picked up a Summer/Winter GX-15 Pontil Pint Aquamarine Flask with very strong embossing. I was checking on what Glass Company made the flask. The McKearin Bottle & Flask book had this flask as unknown maker.


To me it seems very simple. The Washington Taylor flasks were made by the Dyottville Glass Works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Twitchell Philadelphia Pontil soda’s, The Howell & Smith cobalt blue Buffalo Pontil soda’s, The Summer/Winter GX-15, and some of the Washington/Taylor flasks have the exact same shaped tooled top. I believe if someone used a micrometer and checked the tops of these bottles they would find they were made by the same tool. That being the Dyottville Glass Works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I think this puts to rest on what company made the Summer/Winter flasks.






Please let me know what you think.


Abel Araujo Gouveia Da Silva

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