Fleckenstein & Mayer, Damiana Bitters & Persian Sherbet


Fleckenstein & Mayer, Damiana Bitters & Persian Sherbet

09 January 2015

Apple-Touch-IconABen Cameron sent me the two pictures at the top of the post showing some type of a decorative pitcher with FLECKENSTEIN MAYER CO. and PORTLAND, ORE. writing. We have talked and written about Henry Fleckenstein and S. Julius Mayer before.

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Duncan & Miller Glass Company location in Washington, Pennsylvania.

Ben adds that the piece is not pontiled and that a friend told him, “This Victorian pattern glass is called “Button Arches”, and was made by Duncan & Miller Glass Co., ca. 1898. Don’t know about that but it’s a beautiful piece from German merchants in Portland that had a relationship to Damiana Bitters. I like that. The advertisement below is from 1880. We will do a special post on this brand in the near future.


Fleckenstein & Mayer, Portland, Oregon, Sole Agents for Damiana Bitters – Morning Oregonian, Friday, January 16, 1880

The Carlyn Ring and W.C. Ham listing in Bitters Bottles is as follows:

DAMIANA BITTERS // BAJA CALIFORNIA // // s // MANUF’R // LEWIS HESS // // b // 8-pointed star
11 3/4 x 2 3/4 (6 1/2)
Round, LTCR, Aqua, Applied and Tooled lip, 2 and 4 piece mold, Common
Star on base of this brand is 3/4 inch diameter on brand without shoulder lettering the star is 1 1/8 inch
Trade Cards: Principal Office, 317 Broadway, New York. Same company produced Damiana Wafers in pink for men and white for women..

Damiana Bitters – Meyer Collection


Labeled Damiana Bitters at the 2012 Houston Antique Bottle Show – Dan Cowman


Damiana Bitters advertising trade card – Meyer Collection

This post is called Fleckenstein & Mayer, Damiana Bitters & Persian Sherbet. Persian Sherbet you say? Fleckenstein & Mayer advertised this “Cooling and Refreshing Beverage” in 1885 as you can see from the advertisement below.

Persian Sherbet_Morning_Oregonian_Wed__Jul_1__1885_

Persian Sherbet, Fleckenstein & Mayer – Morning Oregonian, Wednesday July 1, 1885

I just like this example of subliminal sherbet advertising. I’m excited for two scoops!


Swift’s Pink Lemonade Sherbet (subliminal advertising ya think?)


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