Texas Tonic Bitters, prepared by Dr. G. A. Foote


Dr. Gerard Alexander “G A” Foote (Courtesy of Brian Gerard Foote)

Texas Tonic Bitters

prepared by Dr. G. A. Foote

McKinney, Texas

30 August 2013 | Ferdinand Meyer V & James Viguerie

Mr. H. C. HERNDON, of the firm of FOOTE & HERNDON, druggists of this place, has presented us with a bottle of Texas Tonic Bitters

Apple-Touch-IconAWith continued research by James Viguerie on Price’s Patent Texas Tonic we now have another reference to a different Texas Tonic Bitters by Dr. G. A. Foote. It is quite odd that in various historical documents that G.A. is referred to as George, Gerald or Gerard. I believe ‘Gerard’ is correct. James has also come across material for a Prindle’s Texas Tonic Bitters. We will look at that later.

Bill Ham, author of Bitters Bottles with Carlyn Ring, has assigned the following number:

T 14.7  TEXAS TONIC BITTERS, Prepared by Dr. G. A. Foote, McKinney, Texas

Death notice in Collin County Democrat, July 24, 1902


Here is another Texas Tonic Bitters. I am not sure of its connection to the others.

Mr. H. C. HERNDON, of the firm of FOOTE & HERNDON, druggists of this place, has presented us with a bottle of Texas Tonic Bitters, prepared by Dr. G. A. FOOTE. It is claimed for these bitters that they are entirely vegetable, and quite useful in the cure of the various diseases peculiar to a southern climate, such as fever and ague, billious or remittent fevers, dyspepsia, also that they are a positive preventive of all malarial diseases. For sale at FOOTE & HERNDON’S.

McKinney Messenger. June 18, 1870, Vol. 15, No. 4.

Foote & Herndon – Dr. G. A. Foote and Mr. H. C. Herndon – Druggist, Corner of Front Row, Collin Co. TX – McKinney Messenger – 1871 – 1872

Attached is a receipt from Foote and Herndon. – James


Receipt for Charles B. Moore from Foote and Herndon Retail Druggists, February 17, 1876 – University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History


Gerard Alexander Foote clipping – Ancestry.com


Dr. Gerard A. Foote 1823-1902 and Wife Annie B. (Simmons) 1829-1914, Photo C-1900 (photo Herbert Rickards)

Death of Dr. G. A. Foote 

He Was a Pioneer Texan and a Surgeon in Confederate Army.

Birth: Sep. 23, 1823, Oakville, Appomattox County, Virginia

Death: Oct. 24, 1902, McKinney, Collin County, Texas

Dr. Gerald (should be George or Gerard) Alexander Foote died at his home in this city at 9:30 tonight. The deceased was born on Sept 28, 1823, in Farqua County, Virginia. He emigrated to Mississippi in 1832, thense to Collin County in 1845. He practiced medicine in McKinney and surrounding country for over twenty years. During the Civil War he was surgeon in the Confederate Army in Col. William Young’s Eleventh Texas cavalry.

At the close of the war he entered the drug business in McKinney and has been in active business ever since, for many years president of the Collin County National Bank until January last. He was a nephew of Senator H.S. Foote of Mississippi. Nov 11, 1847, he married Miss Eliza Jones McGarrah at Old Fort Buckner, in this county. He was married a second time to Miss Corrine Lee of Clarksville, TX, who survives him. He was elected to the Texas Legislature in 1865 and again in 1874. – The Dallas Morning News – 1902-07-17


Death of G. A. Foote – Collin County Democrat, July 24, 1902


Foote was a distant relative of George Washington, his uncle was a Senator from Mississippi and he came from Mississippi to Collin Co., Texas in 1845. G.A. Foote graduated from Centenary College in Mississippi and graduated from Memphis Medical College in 1856.

The Good Shepherd Montessori School has a rich history from the ground up. The school rests on 4 acres in McKinney, Texas, 1.7 acres of which originally belonged to G.A. Foote. Dr. Foote, in a handwritten deed from 1907, generously sold the land for $1.00 to the small community’s church. Included was a written provision for a portion of the land to be used as a school. This gesture showed a vision of the future for McKinney based on Christian principles with a high value placed on education.

The Collin County Bank, McKinney, Texas. Officers: Dr. G. A. FOOTE, President. H.M. MARKHAM, Vice-Presít. W. L. BOYD, Cashier. Partnership composed of the following persons: W. L. BOYD, Dr. G. A. FOOTE, J. W. THROCKMORTON, J. L. WHITE, Geo. A. WILSON, R. M. BOARD, Thos. B. WILSON, H. M. MARKHAM, Mrs. E. EMBERSON, J. A. ASTON, W. A. RHEA, W. J. ASTON, J. C. RHEA, T. C. GOODNER.

Saint John’s Lodge was granted dispensation November 27, 1848 and was chartered January 24, 1850.   There were eight charter members with Harrison G. Hendricks serving as the lodge’s first Worshipful Master.  The other charter members were Samuel Bogart, Langdon C. Searcy, Joseph M. Bounds, T.T. Berry, G.A. Foote, Leonard Searcy, and William Fitzhugh.

Annie B. Simmons Foote – Wife of Dr. George A. Foote 1823-1902 – Moved with her parents to Texas from Georgia in 1846 She met and Married a young Dr. Foote on June 19th 1850 they has 3 children George Jr. 1852-1930 Annie 1855-1918 Mary 1859-1867. Duing the Civil War her husband was Surgeon for the 11th Texas Cav. CSA After the war they Settled in McKinney Texas and lived there until George’s Death in 1902
She lived with her daughter Annie until her death in 1914 at age 75. She is buried beside her husband.


Foote plot at the Pecan Grove Cemetery, McKinney, Texas

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