Looking at some J.T. Gayen Bottles


Jan Tecker Gayen


Apple-Touch-IconAThere is an interesting J.T. Gayen bottle on ebay (see listing) with a title: Caribbean Sea Old J T Gayen Bottle Intl’ waters off Costa Rica 1800s Case Gin. It is nice see this name again. Many of us figural collectors are aware of the J. T. Gayen Altona figural cannon which is pictured below. Let’s looks at a few other Gayen bottles. Super embossings, form and history, all in your hand. Look at that pair of J. T. Gayen, Altona, Castle and Lions Schnapps above! Wish I had better pictures. Actually I could find very few pictures. Please send me your examples for inclusion in this post.

Jan Tecker Gayen is listed as the oldest distiller of Schnapps and other liquor products from Altona, Hamberg, Germany. I am almost certain that he, or more likely his father, is from Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Advertisement for Jan Tecker Gayen, Altona selling Schnapps – The Argus (Melbourne), Tuesday, May 3 1881


J T GAYEN / ALTONA Figural Cannon – Meyer Collection


Listing for J.T. Gayen brig of Altona (Hamburg, Germany) – Christie’s shipping register, maritime compendium and commercial advertiser – 1858


J.T. Gayen Superior Palm Tree Gin, circa 1870 – gin-bottles.com


J.T. Gayen Superior Palm Tree seal, circa 1870 – gin-bottles.com

JT GAYEN_RibbonSeal

J. T. GAYEN Ribbon Seal bottle – Vagn Petersen’s Danish Bottles


J. T. GAYEN Ribbon Seal bottle – Vagn Petersen’s Danish Bottles

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  1. jonshasta says:

    Found a ribbon sealed “shard” and now I have it ID’d. – F. Peters. Thanks Vagn Petersons Danish Bottles and Peachridge!

  2. Bocabottle says:

    Ferd, thank you for running this J.T. Gayen article. The Gayen Cannon is one of my absolute favorites. I have been telling collectors and Jim Hagenbach for years that the Gayen Cannon was made in Germany for the American market. I believe it is a Whiskey?Many use to dsay it was Altona Michigan, or Altoona PA. misspelled. My reasoning on this came about years ago when I started collecting Schnapps and Gins. I got many them from the Australian gold fields. I have many Gayens and tracked him down to Atona outside of Hamburg, Germany. J.T. Gayen exported thousands of bottles of gin & schnapps to the West Indies, Australia, and other parts of the world. It does not in my opinion devalue the bottle either in historical value or monetary. Compare the Gayen to other cannon’s and they will hold their own. Usually crude and great color. That’s my two cents worth. Best regards, Gary Beatty

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