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Could we have a 2016 Mega Expo and a 2020 International Antique Glass Festival?

Hi Ferdinand, I went to the Springfield Insulator show last weekend and was approached by three different high end insulator people about exploring the possibility of the Federation and NIA getting together in the future to collaborate on a national … Continue reading

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Swirls, Whirls, Twists & Twirls

“Swirls, Whirls, Twists & Twirls” D I S P L A Y    S E R I E S Dwayne Anthony won the Most Educational Award at the FOHBC 2012 Reno Expo with his outstanding “Swirls, Whirls, Twists & Twirls” … Continue reading

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Hemingray Fruit Jars and Insulators – History Needs Your Help

NATIONAL INSULATOR ASSOCIATION April 22, 2012 Dear Collector, How would you like to be a part of Hemingray history? After all, many of us love the fruit jars and other products produced by them for their history as well as for … Continue reading

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A Pole Full of Beehives

I saw this posting by James Bancroft on his facebook page of a large pole full of beehives (see below) of 152’s and 154’s. I thought this was pretty neat. A few weeks ago I also saw miles of old … Continue reading

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National Insulator Association Convention and Show

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Dennis Bray’s EC&M Insulators

At the National Insulator Association (NIA) show last month in San Jose, a professional photographer took photos of all the show displays, including Dennis Bray’s EC&M Insulator display. Denny Bray has been kind enough to share some pictures below. The EC&M’s have … Continue reading

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