A Pole Full of Beehives

I saw this posting by James Bancroft on his facebook page of a large pole full of beehives (see below) of 152’s and 154’s.

I thought this was pretty neat. A few weeks ago I also saw miles of old poles and insulators on my drive from Winchester, Virginia to Lurray, Virginia on the scenic Stonewall Jackson Memorial Highway. Beehive is a nickname for primarily CD 145’s.

A style of insulator known as a “Beehive” insulator which were the standard insulator used for telegraph use along U.S. railroads. Beehive insulators were produced from the mid 1880’s to around the 1930’s time period.
 The beehive insulator was produced by the Western Glass Manufacturing Company (1900-1909) in Denver, Colorado, which was reorganized from the Western Flint Glass Company due to some part because of bad quality control.
The majority of W.G.M.CO. beehive insulators were used along railroads scattered around the Colorado area and some surrounding states.

Most W.G.M.CO. insulators have a distinct purple color from years of exposure to the sun. These insulators were made from glass which contained manganese, a decolorizing agent used to produce clear glass. The more manganese in a glass batch and the longer the insulator was exposed to the sun the darker the insulator got, sometimes to a purple blackglass.

This got me thinking about my small collection of insulators and specifically Beehives. I reposted the pole picture from James and some other outstanding CD 145’s to spark our memories of the poles that used to hold this wonderful glass.

Large pole full of beehives, 152's and 154's - James Bancroft

Looking at the show calendar I see a major insulator show coming up in Connecticut on 25 March 2012 (Sunday) in Enfield, Connecticut. This is the Yankee Polecat Insulator Club, Antique Insulator, Bottle & Collectibles Show, (8:00 am to 12:00 pm) at the American Legion Hall, 566 Enfield Street (US Route 5), Enfield, Connecticut (Exit 49 off I-91). Bottles, Railroadiana, Telephone & Telegraph Collectibles, Lightning Rod Equipment, Free Admission. Info: John Rajpolt, rajpolt@earthlink.net

See link for National Insulator Association Convention and Show at bottom of post.

Insulators in Peach Ridge Office - Meyer Collection

Insulator Rows - Meyer Collection

An unusual and beautiful Beehive (CD 145) in a shade of Apple Green - circa 1900

CD 145, H. G. CO., Yellow Amber

CD 145, W. G. M. CO., Purple

CD 145 HGCO K mould in a blazing fizzy bubbly orange amber - Chris McClelland

National Insulator Association Convention and Show

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