Restorative Bitters – Charles H. Ring


Restorative Bitters – Charles H. Ring

05 December 2014


Apple-Touch-IconACruising mid 1800 newspapers in New York City for Bryant’s Stomach Bitters, I came across an 1850 advertisement for what appears to an unlisted Restorative Bitters by Charles H. Ring. Mr. Ring or Dr. Ring as he was referred to, was a druggist who was born in New York around 1818. He had an apothecary and drug store, first at 644 Broadway in 1840, selling things like Ring’s Verbena Cream, which was a tooth paste and his Elixir of Life. He is mentioned in bankruptcy documents in 1841 and resurfaces in 1848 at 192 Broadway in New York City selling Ring’s Cough Candy, Ring’s Compound Syrup and other drug store items. He seems to leave the druggist profession around 1860 and retire as a farmer in Cornwall, New York.

The Restorative Bitters was for disorders of the stomach, liver, nervous system and bowels. He said his bitters had been used for a number of years previously in the 1850 advertisement. He said it did not contain mercury nor any other metallic preparations. Thank goodness.

Select Listings for Charles H. Ring

1818: birth abt 1818, Charles H. Ring, New York, father Robert E. Ring

1840: Ring’s Verbena Cream advertisement, C. H. Ring, 644 Broadway (see below)


Ring’s Verbena Cream advertisement, C. H. Ring, 644 Broadway

1841: Letter to Dr. C. H. Ring advertisement (see below), 644 Broadway, NY – The Remembrance


Letter to Dr. C. H. Ring advertisement, 644 Broadway, NY – The Remembrance, 1841

1842: Charles H. Ring, Druggist, 53 Fulton – The New York City Directory

1843: Charles H. Ring, Druggist, New York – An alphabetical list of applicants for the benefit of the Bankrupt Act, in the Southern District of New-York

1848: Charles H. Ring, Druggist, 192 Broadway, h. 96 Spring – The New York City Directory

1850: Charles H. Ring, druggist, age 32, wife Evelina J., daughter, Sarah C. and son Charles H., New York Ward 8 District 1, New York – United States Federal Census

1850: Restorative Bitters advertisement (see below), Charles H. Ring, 192 Broadway, New York – The Evening Post, Saturday, May 4, 1850


Restorative Bitters advertisement, Charles H. Ring, 192 Broadway, New York – The Evening Post, Saturday, May 4, 1850

1852: Charles H. Ring, Druggist, 192 Broadway & asst. alderman, 8th W, h. 96 Spring – The Directory of the City of New York City

1855: Charles H. Ring, druggist, age 37, wife Evelina I., New York City, Ward 8 (children, Sarah, Laura and Robert) – New York State Census

1856: Various Charles H. Ring advertisements for products (see below) in the New York Times


Various Charles H. Ring advertisements for products in the New York Times, 1856

1860: Charles H. Ring, druggist, age 42, wife Evelina, home Cornwall, Orange, New York – United States Federal Census

1865: Charles H. Ring, boarding house, age 47, wife Evelina, home Cornwall, Orange, New York (children, Sarah C., Laura V and Robert B – New York State Census

1870: Charlers H. Ring, agriculture, Cornwall, Orange, New York – New York State Census

1875: Charles H. Ring, age 56, wife Evelina I., home Cornwall, Orange, New York (children, Ella, and Robert B – New York State Census

1880: Charles H. Ring, age 63, wife Evelina, home Cornwall, Orange, New York – United States Federal Census

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