Bottle News from the Big Sky Country


Bottle News from the Big Sky Country

30 November 2014

Apple-Touch-IconAAlways like to hear from James Campiglia up in Bozeman, Montana aka Big Sky Country. He and his digging buddies with Outhouse Patrol have it covered or uncovered in this case. James takes a moment to bring us up to speed.

"Going digging tomorrow in an 1869 camp. Still can’t find a thing, but only spent about three days there. The trash pit just had cans and some bones. I am researching a lot, have some maps and now own a drone. We will fly around and image from the sky now and can run over on other property too if needed. Long as the hunters don’t shoot us down! Found tiny pieces of a Drakes Plantation Bitters in a yellow-green coloration. Found a nice military button with an eagle. I do plan to get an article together for you this time with some nice pictures. James


P.S #1: Ferd, Just wanted to show you the Brady’s Family Bitters, cleaned up. The Whiskey is a nice McCully Pittsburgh bottle from an 1869 hole. Dug the rest of the hole