J. Grosman & Sons not J. Grossman & Sons


Two different Hutchinson Soda bottles made by J. Grosman in Marshall, Texas – Cole Collection

J. Grosman & Sons not J. Grossman & Sons

New Orleans, Louisiana – Marshall, Texas and Dallas, Texas

25 July 2014

Ferdinand, enjoyed seeing you again at the Houston show, especially enjoyed the fish bitters in your display. I have attached two pictures pertaining to J. Grosman who was located in Marshall, Texas. Can this be the same J. Grossman & Son that you talked about in your last post? Hope you can come by here some day to see my collection. Thanks,

David Cole

Apple-Touch-IconAAn interesting question. What strikes me immediately is the spelling of “Grosman” in this instance of J. Grosman & Sons from Marshall, Texas. David is referring to the post titled “An unlisted Old Hickory Celebrated Stomach Bitters” from New Orleans put out by Simon Herrmann and Jacob Grossman. Note the second “s” in “Grossman” here. So I would think we are talking about a different person and company.

The letterhead below also references a “M. Grosman” (Moses) and an “H. Grosman” (Hiram). Jacob Grossman’s sons were named Adolph and Louis.


J. Grosman & Sons, Manufacturers of Druggist’s and Grocer’s Specialities, Marshall, Texas letterhead – Cole Collection

As you can see from the letterhead above, J. Grosman & Sons (Moses and Hiram Grosman) were manufacturers of druggist’s and grocer’s specialities in Marshall, Texas. The letterhead is dated 1902. They also say on the letterhead, “The Texas Soda Fountain Supply House”.

In 1905, the American Bottler announced that: “J. Grossman & Son Mfg. Co., manufacturers of soda water apparatus, are having a two story and basement building, 100 x 135 feet, costing $16,730, erected in Dallas, Texas to which city they are removing their business from Marshall, Texas.” Note the spelling of Grossman here with two “S’s”. Probably an often re-occuring error with the spelling of the last name.

The advertisement below is from 1906 in Dallas, Texas. The Grosman spelling is correct here. In a 1909 advertisement, the renamed “The Grosman Company”, had expanded and were manufacturing soda fountains, billiard and pool tables and store fixtures in Dallas. Later in 1920, they would be called The Grosman Fountain Company.


J. Grosman & Sons, Dallas, Texas advertisement – 1906 Dallas City Directory

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