Aya Pana Bitters – Manufactured by J. Chauvet – New Orleans


Aya Pana Bitters – Manufactured by J. Chauvet – New Orleans

30 July 2014

Apple-Touch-IconAHere is an extremely rare bitters that came to my attention after talking with Courtney Frioux of New Orleans at the Houston Bottle Show a week ago Saturday. The Aya Pana Bitters, manufactured by J. Chauvet in New Orleans, dates to 1859 based on the newspaper advertisement below from The Courier in New Orleans on 04 September 1860.

Jonte Chauvet was a distiller at 73 Old Levee, in New Orleans according to an 1861 New Orleans city directory. During the Civil War, he served with the Confederate forces as a Sergeant Major, 3 Regiment, European Brigade (Garde Francaise), Louisiana Militia.

He disappears for a number or years and next shows up in 1870 working at G. W. Dunbar & Son (George W. Dunbar and George H. Dunbar) who were wholesale dealers in foreign and domestic cordials and syrups. There is also a Gentile Chauvet who is listed as a distiller at G. W. Dunbar & Son in 1876. Can’t figure that one out.

Ayapana, in case you are curious, is a tropical American perennial herb. The leaves, at least of Ayapana triplinervis, are commonly used medicinally.

Bottle pictures are from Courtney Frioux

Aya Pana Bitters Manufactured by J. Chauvet – The Courier (New Orleans) – September 4, 1860


Metallic pontil on the Aya Pana Bitters – Frioux Collection

The Carlyn Ring and W. C. Ham listing in Bitters Bottles is as follows:

A 141 AYA. PANA. BITTERS / BY CHAUVET // NEW ORLEANS // f // f // f //
9 3/4 x 2 3/4 (7 1/4) 3/8
Square, Aqua, LTC, Metallic pontil mark, Extremely rare
J. Chauvet was a distiller in 1861-67

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