Pow! Gun Bottles


POW!! Gun Bottles

31 July 2014

Apple-Touch-IconAThere have been some pretty cool figural antique glass pistol and gun revolvers on the internet lately. I remember my father having a few of these bottles in a glass bowfront along with vintage glass clam shell bottles, little flasks and other drinking collectibles and treasures he had picked up over the years. I thought I would nest a few of these gun images. A word of wisdom. If you see any antique glass gun examples at the Lexington National Antique Bottle Show this weekend, and your mode of transportation is flying, do not take back in you carry-on luggage unless you want to be on CNN. POW!!


Why not. Made south of the border, down Mexico way, the Tequila Guns are beautifully realised glass bottles, filled with high-quality tequila. You even get a pair of shot glasses and a display stand. Put your hands up … if you want one. – Guns.com


Hello I found a bottle that is shaped like a revolver hand gun. It is about 4 inches long and 2 inches tall and 1 inch wide. It is missing the cap. I found it under the floorboards of a shed that I tore down. Please email me back if you have any info on something like this. Thanks – Digger Odell


Very rare William Foust Glen Rock PA Whiskey Pistola – ebay


JACK HEARN 561 PARK AVE. EAST OAKLAND, CAL. SAMPLE WHISKEY. This is the second example we have seen of this whiskey giveaway. Apparently the bar was run by a fella named Hearn. – American Bottle Auctions


Avast ye landlubber! It’s not actually an antique pirate pistol. It’s a beautiful bottle of booze, and terrific gift at just under $50. – Guns.com


Gun Shaped Spirits Bottle, Size of an actual Hand Gun, Created by Sancho Designs, Holds about 300ml – ebay


Ted Noten created two pieces in a provocative seven-part series titled“Necessities for a Woman”. The Chanel001 gun conceals Chanel lip gloss, an antique hairpin, a 18k gold toothpick, a perfume bottle with an 18k gold mechanism, a 50 gram 24k gold bar, a USB stick, and a Viagra pill. The Dior001 gun packed with accoutrements, including Dior lip gloss, an antique hairpin, an arsenal of pharmaceuticals, a USB stick with “secret information,” and a 100-gram sterling silver bar. – EscapeStyle.com

About Ferdinand Meyer V

Ferdinand Meyer V is a native of Baltimore, Maryland and has a BFA in Fine Art and Graphic Design from the Kansas City Art Institute and School of Design. Ferdinand is the founding Principal of FMG Design, a nationally recognized design consultation firm. Ferdinand is a passionate collector of American historical glass specializing in bitters bottles, color runs and related classic figural bottles. He is married to Elizabeth Jane Meyer and lives in Houston, Texas with their daughter and three wonderful grandchildren. The Meyers are also very involved in Quarter Horses, antiques and early United States postage stamps. Ferdinand is the past 6-year President of the Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors and is one of the founding members of the FOHBC Virtual Museum.
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