Gouley’s Vegetable Bitters – Baltimore


Louis H. Gouley portrait by an unknown artist, estimated to have been painted between 1820 and 1830, when Louis Gouley lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. [Original image, courtesy of George Lewis, Severna Park, Maryland. Repaired version by Michael Tormey.]

Gouley’s Vegetable Bitters – Baltimore

Louis Gouley’s Vegetable Medicinal Store


02 May 2014 (R•121814) (R•041815)

Apple-Touch-IconAYep, had to be a Frenchman with that name. I was looking thru some older Baltimore City Directories and was reminded of an advertisement for Louis Gouley’s Vegetable Medicinal Store. It says he made a Gouley’s Vegetable Bitters as you can see in the yellow advertisement below from an 1842 Directory! I also remember a super, Gouley’s Fountain of Health bottle from a past Heckler action. That is also pictured further below.