Greene’s Lupuline Bitters – Watertown, N.Y.


Labeled Greene’s Lupuline Bitters – Gordon Myers

Greene’s Lupuline Bitters – Watertown, N.Y.

The Great Regulator of the Stomach, Liver and Kidney

17 November 2013

Apple-Touch-IconAOver on the facebook Bottle Collectors page, Gordon Myers posted a really nice example of a labeled Greene’s Lupuline Bitters from Watertown, New York. I wasn’t familiar with this bottle and feel it is unlisted in the Ring and Ham Bitters Bottles books. There is however, a listing for a Anti Bilious or Tonic Bitters by C. F. Greene in Rome, New York. The same Greene.


8 1/4 x 3 1/8 x 2 1/8 (6 1/2) 3/8
Rectaungular, Amber, NSC, Applied mouth, Very rare

First of all, Lupulin is the glandular powder separated from the strobiles of the Humulus lupulus (hops) plant. It has sedative effects on the body and mind and stimulates sleep. This powder is separated by beating or rubbing the strobiles of hops, and then sifting them. The sifting is necessary to remove the broken bracts and other vegetable parts. About 10 per cent of lupulin is thus obtained from the dried hops. The powder is bright brownish-yellow and become resinous. Lupulin is chemically related to THC. Lupulin has the odor and common taste of hop.

The earliest I can find a C. F. Greene listing is 1863 in Rome, New York. Greene was a wholesale and retail druggist. The Anti-Bilious or Tonic Bitters was produced in Rome. In 1891, Greene shows up in Watertown selling patent medicines. The labeled Greene’s Lupuline Bitters was produced after this date. In 1905, it is C. F. Greene & Son in Watertown.


C. F. Greene Wholesale and Retail Druggist, No 38 Dominick St, Rome, N. Y. – Roman Citizen, 1866

Representative Timeline Events

1863: Druggists, C. F. Greene, 38 Dominick, Rome, NY, Directory Listing

1866: Newspaper advertisement, C. F. Greene Wholesale and Retail Druggist, No 38 Dominick St, Rome, N. Y. – Roman Citizen, 1866

1885: C. F. Greene, Rome (NY) City Directory

1891: C F Greene, patent medicines, h 23 Coffeen, Watertown City Directory

1905, 1906: Proprietary MedicinesC F Greene & Son, 132 Park av, Watertown City Directory

1908: Dr. C. R. F. Greene, Physician and Surgeon, 1025 Park, h do, Peekskill, NY Directory (could be related)


Base of Greene’s Lupuline Bitters – Gordon Myers


Real label of Greene’s Lupuline Bitters – Gordon Myers

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