‘Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle of Rum’ Bottles On Bayou?


A few of grandpa’s Rum Bottles

‘Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum’ Bottles On Bayou?

25 October 2013


Apple-Touch-IconAI thought I would lead off today with a very interesting e-mail I received from a fellow Houstonian who has uncovered some bottle history I was unaware of. If you recall, I did a series earlier in the year based on my desire to find out more about the ground beneath me in downtown Houston.

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I have some interesting bottle stories to share with you.

My grandfather worked for the city of Houston as an inspector back in the 60’s. He passed away in the 90’s. In a closet in his house was a couple of old milk crates filled with old bottles and an article from the Houston Chronicle dated June, 19, 1966 (just months after I was born). The title of the article is, “Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum’ Bottles On Bayou?”. I will try to send a picture of the bottles and article. On that same page of the paper is an article involving plans to build a recreaction park south of the dome called “Astroland”.


Houston Astrodome or simply the Astrodome, is the world’s first multi-purpose, domed sports stadium, located in Houston, Texas, It opened in 1965 as Harris County Domed Stadium and was nicknamed the “Eighth Wonder of the World”.

I am an Arborist in Houston, Texas and own my own tree service. My wife and I work together and are able to stop at estate and garage sales randomly while traveling between jobs. Well, back in the 90’s when I received grandpa’s rum bottle collection, I purchased a bottles price list book. Last week my wife and I saw an estate sale and decided to take a look. My old bottle book finally paid off. We found a bottle collection! Believe it or not we were on the second day of the sale and at 25 percent off we purchased 2 beautiful Pineapple N.Y. Bitters (both olive). I was shocked to see the bottles in the first place but to see a piece of tape with $12 on each of them almost made me cry.

My now antique bottle loving Peruvian wife is expecting a baby boy in December. We don’t make much money with our small tree service so we are counting this as a real blessing for this winter.


Gary and Paola


‘Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle of Rum’ Bottles On Bayou?Houston Chronicle dated June, 19, 1966


Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle of Rum’ Bottles On Bayou?Houston Chronicle dated June, 19, 1966


Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle of Rum’ Bottles On Bayou? – Houston Chronicle dated June, 19, 1966


Two olive green Pineapple Bitters

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