A little on HOBOKEN DE BIE & Co.

Apple-Touch-IconACruising around the net the other day, I came across the picture below of the workers posing for a photo at the Hoboken de Bie & Co. gin distillery in Rotterdam that I thought was pretty cool. Looking for the source, I see that it was used as a recent image by NPR (National Public Radio) on a piece on gin. Brian Shultis, once I posted the picture on PRG Facebook, sent me a picture of a HOBOKEN DE BIE & Co. bottle as this was the brand initials on the gin barrels.


HOBOKEN DE BIE & Co. Crock – minibottlelibrary.com

A little on HOBOKEN DE BIE & Co.

08 September 2013
HobokendeBie&Co. gin distillery in Rotterdam

Workers pose for a photo at the Hoboken de Bie & Co. gin distillery in Rotterdam, Netherlands, circa 1900. By the end of the 19th century, cocktail culture had helped make gin a more respectable spirit.


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‘The Book Of Gin’ Distills A Spirited History

Unlike a good martini, the story of gin isn’t smooth; it’s long, complex, sordid and, as Richard Barnett has discovered, it makes for tantalizing material. Barnett’s newly published The Book of Gin traces the liquor’s life, from its beginnings in alchemy to its current popularity among boutique distillers.

by NPR Staff




HOBOKEN DE BIE & Co ” LA CATEDRAL ” ROTTERDAM, circa 1895, St. Laurens Church in Rotterdam – dating from 1409 AD – www.gin-bottles.com


Approx. 6.25″ tall, HOBOKEN DE BIE & Co bottle with seal reading HdB&C, circa 1870 – www.gin-bottles.com


Large Dutch “case gin” bottle marked A VAN HOBOKEN & Co. / ROTTERDAM and with maker’s seal, 1800s. – auction.sedwickcoins.com


A Van Hoboken &Co Rotterdam bottle – photobucket.com

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