Thomas W. Dyott Portraits…painted, printed and embossed


Thomas W. Dyott Portraits…painted, printed and embossed

12 May 2013

After the Singing along at Dyottville Glass Works post I was really pleased to see a number of follow-up posts by Eric Richter and Paul Joseph Goodwin sharing bottles with the embossed T. W. Dyott portrait. Eric even provided the image of the wonderful portrait painting above. I find it quite remarkable that Dr. Dyott would put his portrait on the opposite side of Benjamin Franklin.

Thomas W. Dyott


The same Dyott portrait image on a Dyottville $10 promissory note issued by Dr Dyott’s Manual Labor Bank.

Apparently the Dyott portrait occurs on other Philadelphia Kensington Glass Works flasks, the GI-94 (pint), GI-95 (pint), GI-96 (quart) and the oddball GI-98 (pint) made by a different glass house in the midwest. Read Only Five Flasks by Kevin A. Sives.



Dyott portrait occurs on other flasks, the GI-94, GI-95, GI-96 and GI-98. – Kevin A. Sives.

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Franklin – Dyott Portrait Flask, Kensington Glass Works, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1820-1840. Aquamarine, sheared mouth – pontil scar, pint; (minor high point wear on busts). GI-94 A beautiful early flask with great mold impression. – Norman C. Heckler


This GI-94 Franklin – Dyott Portrait Flask is an absolute mind blower in chocolate brown. I don’t know who has ownership, but it’s so crisp you can see how Dyott looked when he was in his mid 40’s, this being made mid 1820’s and his being born in 1780. – Eric Richter


Keeping on topic, Here’s my GI-96 Franklin-Dyott Quart Flask, Portrait of Franklin “Benjamin Franklin” Portrait Of Dyott “T.W. Dyott MD” Edge inscriptions, “Eripuit Coelo Fulmen. Sceptrum Que Typannis” ( latin translated, “He snatches from the sky the thunderbolt, and the sceptre from tyrants.”) “Kensington Glass Works Philadelphia” Medium Aquamarine, Pontil 1825-1835 – Paul Joseph Goodwin


Franklin and Dyott portrait flask, aqua flat sided flask marked on shoulder Kensington Glass Works Philadelphia and second indistinct inscription with shoulder length portrait of Franklin and inscription above Benjamin Franklin, reverse with bust length portrait and inscription above T.W. Dyott, fire polished lip and snap pontil; 8″high. – Cowan’s Auctions

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