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W O R K I N G   D O G S

13 January 2013 (R•082215) (R•111116)

Apple-Touch-IconAMany of us antique bottle and glass collectors have dogs as pets and consider them family members. We certainly do here at Peachridge. Coco, my running mate and Weimaraner, is as my feet as I write this while Sadie is by the fireplace keeping warm. Cooper, our Great Pyrenees is out front, probably chasing passing cars. Buster our Miniature Dachshund is playing with his ball. Their life is relatively easy compared to some of these working dogs who delivered milk and supplies, pulled wagons and starred in movies. A fun post no doubt. This post is a spin-off the of historic Grocery Store post of a few days ago.


Victorian era Trade Card with dog pulling girl on cart.


Photo postcard from 1910, of a little boy posed in a dog cart.


Photo reads “Coasting on Dogmobile” Trip From Shelton to Nome, Alaska, July _8, 1912 – Wheeler Photo


More images from Shelton to Nome, Alaska – July 1912 – Wheeler Photo


Silent film star Mary Pickford – Dog with dog cart in the movie Pollyanna.


Photographic postcard showing the horse drawn delivery cart with ‘W. Snook and Son Bakers Grocers Mealman Whitechurch” on side. A dog is lying under the cart.

Dog-Driven Teacart

Dog cart mobile tea delivery, Brussels, with three dog team.


La Laitiere Flamande, Bruxelles, 1906 – Flemish Dog Cart Milk Cart & Milk Maid – Vintage Travel Post Cards Cover & Reverse with Belgian (Belgique – Belgie) postal stamp & postmarks – Grande Tour of Europe Collection. Edit. V.G., Bruxelles


Sister gets a ride on dog cart as her brother and pet dog pose


Dutch Dog Cart – Morning Milk Delivery in Holland – 1920s Magazine Photo

Milk Vendor Selling from Dog Cart

Daily rounds delivering milk.


Italian man with dog and cart cart for WWi supplies, circa 1917


Tinted Postcard of a Flemish milk maid with a dog cart and a milk inspector checking out the milk. Caption 145. Milk Inspector, Brussels,.


Dog cart with milk canisters. Large terrier is probably a guard dog.

Dog-drawn Cart

Dog resting next to card reading “BROODenKLEINGOEDBAKKERIJ”


Netherlands Dog Cart – looks like some type of beverage, probably tea in the cart.


Shirley Temple


Red Cross Service Dog


Yes, I know this is not a dog but still a great picture.


An article I wrote many many years ago about the bottles of Canada’s Yukon and Northwest Territories (just east of Alaska), with the greatest dog/bottle photo in the history of the world. Dana Charlton-Zarro, Jim Eifler, I’m sure you will love the photo… and the article… Saddle Flasks by Phil Culhane

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  1. Dana Charlton-Zarro says:

    Great coverage, but those poor doggies! My favorite photo is “Coasting on Dogmobile”, with runner-up “W. Snook & Son Bakers” (dog resting under the wagon). In these photos, the dogs are not working at all! Woof-Woof!

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